Laura Goes to the Park

Laura commutes between Hoboken's parks

One learns a lot about folks when they run for office.

As everyone knows, appendages that are not used atrophy and fall off.  For example, if you stopped breathing, your nose would fall off.  If you stopped writing your fingers would drop one-by-one.  If you stopped listening, your ears would shrivel and blow away.  And if you stopped walking...  you know.

Is that why we never see Vision for Hoboken's Laura Miani photographed from the waist down?

Here is what she wrote in Patch, republished in this week's Hoboken Reporter Letters section:

The planning and execution of 1600 Park was disgraceful. That project was stalled for two years in the name of public safety, with the sad irony that it is still a dangerous walk. Park Avenue is already in need of repair by the field. Parents must now juggle to get children from Mama Johnson Field, to the High School, to 1600 Park, all with no public transportation options between those locations.
Oh, dear!

Now that we know poor Laura's legs have blackened and shriveled like raisins from inactivity, we are saddened at her degraded physical condition. Had she done what the rest of us do to travel between parks (a forward and backward motion of our leg-appendages called walking) she might still have legs and feet.
Walking does provide other health benefits- not just exercise but burning calories, which we gals have to watch.  Inertia  makes our cabooses big and lumpy. Am I right, ladies?

 So sad! 

Now, I must correct Laura on her statement about "no transportation" between parks.  How long has she lived in Hoboken?

 Doesn't Miani know that know every day TENS* of Hoboken residents travel between parks- and all over Hoboken- on City buses called the HOP

 Oh God, if only Laura knew that before her legs fell off!

Well, for the rest of you out there who CAN be saved... you will have to WALK to a HOP bus stop, then you will have to WALK from where you get off the HOP to your desitination.

Is that too much walking for you?  It might be for Laura.  Perhaps she could have found a taxi from where the HOP let her off to her destination (a park?) while she had legs.

It's not too late for YOU.

Here is a map of the HOP system- and you can read about Hoboken's great public transportation system on the City's web site.  Did you know that there was an interactive map for you to see WHERE the buses were in real time?

Wow, the Zimmer administration has done amazing work.

Speaking of Hoboken's wonderful and convenient HOP system which serves parents like Laura Miani and elderly residents...

Did you know that moron Tim Occhipinti voted against replacing 5 aged HOP buses- which caused a reduction in service for lines used by elderly- THEN Tim voted NO to replace 2 HOP buses destroyed b y Hurricane Sandy!

 It's TRUE.  Tim's 'NO' votes caused a REDUCTION in HOP service to our elderly.

What would Tim Occhipinti RATHER spend the City's money on?  A PARADE.

"NO"on HOP buses because of Tim Occhipinti... Timmy would rather PARTY

* "Hundreds" revised to "tens" as commenters report the decimation of Hoboken's  HOP system by Tim Occhipinti, Beth Mason, Mike Russo and Terry Occhipinti's  "NO" votes on funding new buses to replace those in disrepair and destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.


  1. Frankly it was just Ms Miani's turn to have her name on a negative letter and with not much to be negative about she had to exaggerate and that comes off as dumb and bitchy.

    1. More so, she's revealed she knows NOTHING about the HOP system, which is amazing to me- for someone running for the City Council, a body which votes on funding (or de-funding) the HOP.

      The HOP is used regularly by many in Hoboken, especially the elderly and infirmed.. If Miani doesn't know about it, then the people running her campaign- like John Castellano- should. His mother, Terry Castellano, routinely denies funding replacement for old, broken buses along with Tim Occhipinti.

      Timmy bitches about the cost of a single bus, but the cost of the PARADE could buy 4 or 5 buses, at least. Timmy prefers a one-day party to funding transportation for the elderly.

      People with this level of ignorance about the City's services should not be elected, end of story. As for whining about lack of transportation between parks- above and beyond ignorance about the HOP- is just ridiculous in a City of our size. Walk or bike.

      People who want to drive everywhere in a Mile Square City with a dense population and limited parking should consider moving to the burbs. BoE candidate Brian Murray gives seminars on relocating to the suburbs for those unhappy with city life.

  2. Letters from Miani and Mindak...0-for-2 so far.

  3. You expect campaign letters to be full of spin but geez, her's is nothing more than an elongated whine and complaint about everything. She's "outraged"! And the situation is "disgusting"! Really? What a foul, nasty attitude, who would want to vote for someone like that, it makes no sense. And as with everything out of the Ramos camp, the letter contains absolutely no suggestions about how THEY would do things differently, no mention of their ideas on how they would make things better.

    These guys must be taking reality lessons from Ted Cruz. What a bunch of whiny blowhards, and not even good at it.

  4. I'd like to say proudly, I had nothing to do with Laura Miani's letter. Also, Timmy is proud to oppose the failed Zimmer Administration. This administration refuses to pay for the buses and insists on spreading out capital expenditures for the life of their use which Timmy is against.

    Timmy supports at all times beating down any surplus as fast as possible and forcing a tax increase. So we can blame this administration.

    Vote for Timmy. He's not really all that benevolent and humanitarian when he steals back cake at Bingo or let me move in without even paying his ex for her part of the condo but hey, we're going to stand up for ourselves! Stand up for the looting you believe in!

    "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt" I got mine!

  5. she didn't offer a single policy idea. just a whiny bitch fest.

  6. They pick the wrong battles and will lose the war. 1600 Park a great idea and the funding for new HOP buses was stopped by the council of NO. Notice, Raia is quiet on this subject.....he is the only one in the ballgame......a longshot but still in it.....It's a great game , is it not?

    1. The council of NO also delayed the traffic light and refused to take advantage of free money for road improvements. Ramos, Occhipinti and their tickets and supporters assume that no one knows the true stories behind their lies and spin and even if you didn't witness these things first hand as they unfolded over the past many years, the internet has made much of those events easy to find out about and their lies are then uncovered. But yet they still try

  7. I love the Hops, but in reality the Hops have been mostly nonfunctioning for quite some time (check out @hobokenhop Twitterfeed). I live in NW Hoboken and used to use the Green Hop to go downtown for shopping or business or to get to PATH (1.5 miles away for me). With more and more equipment breakdowns my impression is that whatever vehicle is working is allocated to the Senior Shuttle during the day (which is necessary and a good service to the community). I haven't seen a Green Hop in a long, long time, can't remember if I've spotted a Red Hop within the past few weeks, and occasionally I see a Blue Hop up in my area doing what I assume are the Senior Shuttle runs. I don't know what service is like during rush hour, but I can tell you that when I do come back into Hoboken via the Path around 6 or 6:30ish there is no Hop that I can find to take me to NW, so I take a taxi.

    On top of that the GPS tracking for the vehicles has been buggy since the beginning, sometimes showing vehicles in inaccurate places. Until we get a City Council that is supportive of bonding and improving the Hop system we have to assume that the system right now is pretty much nonexistent for most residents, unless you are a senior citizen. I would love to see the Hop brought back to its original schedule and even expanded to weekend day hours where residents could easily go to other parts of town easily.

    In the meantime, if I have business to do downtown and don't feel like walking 2-1/2 to 3 miles roundtrip (time constraints, weather, anticipation of carrying heavy things, etc.) I take the car. Hate to do it but have to. If I don't have the 30 minutes to walk to the PATH station or the weather is crummy I know I can walk to the ferry in 15 minutes.

    This is not to defend anything that Laura Miani said as I don't know who she is, and she isn't on my list of voting choices.

    1. Hard for the Hops to function well when obstructionists refuse to replace decrepit buses that constantly break down or have been flood damaged w/ new ones that work. Just saying, there is a reason they don't work and Zimmer has tried to replace them so they work better. Not that Ramos, Occhipinti or their slates care who is to blame for blocking that from happening.

    2. Unfortunately the city tried to replace the current HOP buses with new ones that could accommodate the residents far better and within federal standards.

      Timmy Occhipinti joined by Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Michael Russo fought to block it and were successful.

      Terry Castellano obviously truly hates seniors and they all hate Hoboken.
      Timmy is not benevolent or humanitarian. Ask his ex-girlfriend who is out of her condo AND her money.

    3. I hear you, Anon @ 3:10 PM.

      This is all by-design so when things don't 'work' the mayor gets blamed- like Miani is trying to do, if she only knew the HOP existed. Tim Occhipinti and Ramos are banking on collective amnesia about their brand of obstruction and inaction.

      5 new HOP buses to replace broken-down ones and 2 replacements for flood-destroyed HOPs were voted DOWN by Tim.

      Folks must VOTE DOWN THE LINE- for ALL Reform: Bhalla, Mello and Doyle... we've got elect ALL to wrest back control from these hacks. We mustn't lose our Boards to people who don't give a shit about good government- like those who vote down infrastructure repairs and HOP buses.

      May one of the first acts of a Reform majority Council be bonding for HOP buses to get the system back up to capacity- as many as we need.

  8. Yes. Reform has tried to replace the Hop buses but the council of No prevents it. The only hop currently in service is the Red Hop, and that is the Senior Shuttle from 9am until 4pm. Therefore, the rest of town is SOL right now because the blue & green hops are broken (the green has been out since September 12, the blue hop has been on again and off again since then, and the red went offline 2 or 3 times--I'm checking my nixle text messages). The Blue hop has run October 1 and 4th so far this month. The red hop was also out of service Oct 1 & 2nd. Not sure if that means the senior shuttle is shutdown too.

    Council of no ruins lives.

    1. Jeez, I didn't know it was THAT bad. Thanks, snoopy.

      Occhipinti, Mason Russo and Castellano are truly despicable.

      Please VOTE ZIMMER for Mayor and BHALLA- MELLO- DOYLE for Council-At-Large.

    2. As I said previously, the NO gang voted down the replacement of the HOP buses and this terrible condition was know before Hurricane Sandy. It was a wonder they were of some use for transportation of essential personnel during the blackout period.

  9. Laura Mean-annie lives 2 blocks from 1600 Park

    Amputee's are more mobile than this frown about town.

    Where has she been, never heard of her as a parks advocate?

  10. Miani-Cammarano-RamosOctober 13, 2013 at 9:30 PM

    Miani is NOT new to Hoboken politics. Her family gave $1,000 to Peter Cammarano.
    She's consistent.


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