Jessica Coco's Plight Makes the News

photos taken 10/05/13: Carmelo Garcia-approved speech at the HHA: Ramos=GOOD, SaveTheProjects=BAD

The harassment of HHA tenant Jessica Coco can be traced back to when she began posting flyers on the walls of her building.  This is the flyer Coco posted on behalf of her tenants group 'Save the Projects'.

Every day Ms. Coco would post flyers in the HHA mailroom; every day the flyers would come down.  Like the starting pistol at a racetrack, the flyers unleashed beasts from the shadows to prey on this frail and chronically-ill woman, because the views expressed were not "approved" by management.

Perhaps if Ms. Coco had been posting Ruben Ramos flyers instead of advocating against  Carmelo Garcia's Vision 20-20 redevelopment scheme, things would have been very different. 

Had Ms. Coco been posting Ruben Ramos posters, you can bet her car would not have been repeatedly vandalized, her apartment would not have been repeatedly illegally entered, her Yahoo email account would not have been hacked, she would not have received a death threat from her hacked email account, the police would not have roughly interrogated her,  she would not have been served with an eviction 'statement' to sign admitting she had been posting "lying and misleading flyers", she would not have been put through hoops to sign a lease, HHA poll workers would not have tried to stop her from voting,  and HHA attorney Charles Daglian would not have served her with a "Cease and Desist" notice with a counterfeit flyer attached.

HHA attorney Charles Daglian aids and abets the illegal eviction of Ms. Coco
In addition to the criminal acts against Coco, her inconvenient speech has triggered a campaign of dirty tricks.  One was the appearance of counterfeit flyers emblazoned with the NAACP logo.  GA was told Carmelo Garcia and local NAACP Chapter President Eugene Drayton went to the Hoboken police together to file a copyright infringement complaint against Save The Projects.

Then in one of the numerous illegal entries into her apartment, Ms. Coco found someone had planted a bag of these NAACP flyers.  Presumably to be "found" on a later "inspection" of her home.

Get the picture?

Coco's Save the Projects email account hacking was concurrent with the hijacking of STP's Facebook account.

The Facebook hacker or accomplice(s) posted 'counterfeit' slanderous accusations using the STP ID. This dirty trick set Ms. Coco up for a defamation lawsuit and/or eviction, and provided a lay-up for a Garcia-supporter to make public accusations of slander.  Those accusations against Ms. Coco were performed last week by City Council speaker Debra Morrissette.

Those accusations are categorically false.

GA can state with confidence that Ms. Coco's account was hacked, because my emails to Save the Projects were forwarded to an HHA Tenant Advisory Board leader and to an unknown email address.  Hacked emails were forwarded to one or more of (3) other parties.

Yep, GA knew something STANK when I was contacted by the HHA Tenant Advisory Board leader on an email account few people had.   Ms. Coco NEVER forwarded my emails to this person whom she did not trust nor consider a friend, nor did she ever email this person herself.  Apparently, my emails to STP were forwarded by the hacker to this HHA Tenant Advisory Board member.

GA won't name her because  whomever received hacked emails is a party to the investigation, which I understand has been reported to the authorities. Yes, the hacker was sloppy and left fingerprints throughout cyberspace.

Do you understand how filthy-dirty these attacks on Coco have been?

The lovely Jessica
Well, the brave Ms. Coco appeared to speak at last week's Council Meeting. 

I imagined those seeing her for the first time were as shocked as I'd been; Coco, dark haired and pretty, is underweight.  The stress of her situation has caused her to drop weight she can't spare. The first time I met her, I took her to my home and cooked her a meal- the gal's got to eat.  Easy for  me to say, as I don't live in constant fear of what will happen to me and my property 24/7.

So last Wednesday, Jessica stood up in public to speak bluntly and honestly of some- not all- of the heinous, criminal treatment she's suffered at the HHA simply because she advocates political views against the interests of HHA "management". 

Well, you can read all about it in this weeks Hoboken Reporter. 

GA believes the thugs will attempt another eviction, so I urge the media to stay vigilant for Ms. Coco's sake, and for the sake of other residents who have been terrorized into silence.


  1. That lying sack of shit Garcia told the HR Coco's allegations were "false". In a word he could call off the dogs. He won't. That's why he needs to be FIRED so this abuse stops. He's the worst ED the HHA has ever had. No one has ever mistreated tenants like this, evicting people if they cross him. This ethnic cleansing suit is a joke. FIRE him. He'll serve his one term in Trenton and be gone from here. Bye.

  2. Carmelo Garcia is a good person. We may differ on which Old Guard candidate makes a better corrupt choice but you want a strong totalitarian leader in the HHA.

    You have to keep those peops in line. Just wish he'd do it for Timmy.

    "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt"

  3. A common occurrence when you go against the machine. She needs help, Does anyone have the finances to secure her apartment with security camera's ???? She is likely an easy target because she is doing this alone and I would assume she doesn't have the finances to fight them. A common question from local police: who is them, where is the proof ? No one ever knows who is being paid to do this to these honest tenants through out the years. I worry about her food too,since this looks like an all out assault on her This type of harassment or purping seems unbelievable but true and happens more then you all would think and it has to stop on tenants who go against the machine. Watch, next they will probably spread rumors that she is nuts, which is personal assault, so that no one will believe her. She definitely needs help with personal camera security in her apartment ....god watch over this very brave woman.

    1. Jessica's the bravest person, man or woman, I've had the honor of knowing.

      Yes, you know the drill. They are spreading the vicious lies that she's nuts. Listen to the words of Carmelo loyalist Debra Morrisette at the City Council last week. Note Ms. Coco did not provoke her personally, but was personally disparaged as a slanderer and kook.

      The smears won't work. But they're doing it anyway.

      Yes if anyone could donate a nanny cam, pls contact:


  4. Lots of coverage of Jessica Coco and her fight for the tenants in HHA but not a mention of the fact that the courts overturned last Nov's perfectly valid election on rent control. I hope I'm right in assuming that everyone here who admires Ms. Coco will be voting NO again in Nov. to protect your tenant friends and neighbors.


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