Gutting Occhipinti

Did you read this in Augie Torres' last column:
After the Hoboken municipal election, look for Assemblyman Ruben Ramos to go after Tim Occhipinti's council seat and, unless Frank Raia gets on the City Council in November, look for Raia to then target Michael Russo's council seat. The animosity is getting that bad.
Sources outside of Hoboken are telling GA the same thing.  That Ruben is gunning for Occhipinti. In a big way.

How big?   GA hears that Ramos wants to end Occhipinti's political career.  Well, Timmy is up for re-election in 2015; that's two long years away.  Has Ramos already begun to sow the seeds of Timmy's political downfall?
GA believes the answer is 'YES', and that you have to look no further than the 'One Hoboken' campaign.  

Here's my theory.

Along with Timmy, WHO else's Council seat is up for grabs in 2015?

Wow!   Of the Councilpersons whose terms are expiring, WHO among them is politically radioactive and considered unelectable in Hoboken?  Only one name comes to mind...

Exactly.  The attempted hospital-killer.

So, let's say you are her chief political operative and are looking at 2015, what would you do?

A fish in a drying river would swim to new waters.  Lake Russo?  Perhaps the fish had been diverting  fish food from the river into the lake (like in last year's BoE race), so the lake would welcome the fishy in the future.

Smell something fishy?  I do.

A fish might destroy Tim Occhipinti's political future by wrecking his campaign (with help) for oh, Ruben Ramos and his ally Mike Russo?

Oh c'mon GA, you're imagining things!

Did I imagine the notorious Peyton Letter?  The lame flyer?  The woeful "St. Patty's" Beer Cap button?  No experienced political campaign veteran would have let a single one of those things into the public domain.  Which means they could be getting out on purpose.

Clever fish.  Tapping the river to ply the lake. 

Meanwhile, Raia's chances are dimming, as the damage to his campaign piles up.  Mason's wallet is being tapped while the 'help' undermines the Occhipinti campaign. She is too disconnected from reality to get the double-cross.  Occhipinti is too dopey to figure it out.

That's a theory.  Which is not actionable.

Ruben must be enjoying it all.  Watching Occhipinti gutted (allegedly) by his own people. And Mason footing the bill.


  1. The Ramos' are already mad and ready to get even.

    Occhipinti, Mason and Raia may find that the knife they stuck in Ramos' back cuts both ways.

    1. Ramos people tried every dirty trick to keep Tim out of the race, so it's only natural they would be angry when Tim and Raia did it anyway.

  2. These schmucks deserve each other.

    1. Hoboken deserves better.

  3. If Russo and Raia were to run against each other, any chance they split the born and raised vote and a reform candidate wins? Same question for the 4th with Timmy and Ramos splitting the vote?

    1. Yes and Yes. And they are actually stupid enough to do just that. :)

    2. If they are stupid enough to run a campaign the way these 2 have been run, they are stupid enough to run 3 candidates.

  4. Is the Poopster perhaps running out of mojo? It seems that he is getting really played here. Supporting a slate (with the non existent chance that he breaks off Zimmer supporters for his "pawkin" platform to eke out a seat on the CC) that is actually being undermined by the very folks that he is paying to run the damn thing. It is one thing for Betty Boopless, the ever clueless Haridan of Hudson Street, to get fleeced by floperatives, especially the oily scaly kind that comes up with one harebrained disaster after another. It is another thing for the Poopster to fall for the slimy little chum-bait's games. It kind of makes you wonder just how much since 2009 has Betty actually put into that greedy little beak (or made available to him for "campaign purposes" and if she actually knows in whose hands all that money actually wound up. I would bet that she would be quite surprised at the results of any accounting of those funds, if such an review were ever done.

  5. pretty sure he's robbed her blind. her accountings always been sloppy. a mess. she looks doped up. he's bleeding Pupie the same, as he fucks up left and right and sets the table for Ruben and Russo. somebody close to Mason ought to open her eyes about that one.

  6. Reform needs to work on this soon after 11/5. Any names come to mind for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th?


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