GA PROVES Mason-Hoboken411 COLLUDE on Bhalla Libel Plot

Folks, what did I tell you yesterday?  Does GA have a crystal ball or what 

No, actually.  I don't need one.

Because Beth Mason and her political floperatives have only ONE playbook and it's written in crayon.

Yep, this gang is SO stupid, not only have they doubled down on libeling Ravi Bhalla and his law firm, Florio Perrucci, they've published evidence proving collusion between Mason and Hoboken411 on actionable malice to interfere with Bhalla and Florio's business relations.

That's right.

Any legal recourse that Bhalla and Florio Perrucci choose to take, the determination of malice can be  proven to a judge and/or jury. has become part of any potential claim by Bhalla and/or Florio Perrucci.  A thorough Discovery would include a subpoena for Hoboken411's server, thus exposing the entire cast involve in this conspiracy to libel Bhalla and his firm.  GA imagines the scale-covered author of the libelous claptrap can be dragged out of his fish tank and into court.

Look again.   GA did a "Properties" search on the ONLINE document showing the source location ("Address") of the .pdf file.  It was last "modified' by Hoboken411 on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 8:53:09 AM.

Click on Hoboken411 link and check "Properties"- Klaussen hosting original resolution

Now, Hoboken411 acknowledged an email was sent by Hoboken Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo on Friday afternoon.

GA was told the email contained multiple warnings to all members of the City Council about legal liability to the City and to individual members if the Council hears the resolution at all in public  with a strong recommendation not to hear it at all for the protection of the City.

Thus, Beth Mason and Hoboken411 KNEW the consequences of publishing actionable statements but took the electronic document directly from either Beth Mason or a person working on her behalf, to publicize the libelous document online.

To Florio Perrucci, GA has saved the web page if you have not yet.

Anyone who obtains the Mellissa Longo memorandum GA would be interested in reading it:  Sources remain anonymous.


  1. Do you think you deserve an award for this investigation GA? I'm the one who deserves all the accolades. And the money. Beth give me the money, I can fix this. I mean give me more money. Timmy tell her to give me more money. Frank you are ripping me off!

    I want my money. And a nice condo, something nice not on Jackson Street. Put me up in the Tea Building. You can leave Timmy down here where he'll have to stay anyway.

    Yeah okay this looks like a problem. It ain't mine, I only heard about them plotting it.

    "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt" I'm getting mine!

  2. What a tool. Publishing the electronic one he got directly from Flipper (who else?). When Perry surrenders his server it'll be covered in brackish hudson water and flipper prints.

  3. your usual good detective work, GA! Hoboken should be proud that they have you blogging and flogging.

    1. I would love to take the compliment but that would be like pride in outwitting a head of cabbage. Thanks anyway.

  4. This is not true. The ROB'M ticket will show you all. That's right, ROB'M suckers!

    Vote ROB'M for The Mason One Hoboken Team
    (Raia-Occhipinti-Biancamano-Montgomery Cook.)
    Wait until we get our hands on your money!

    "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt" ROB'M punks, rob them all!

  5. Mason ops are losing their minds over this post. Afraid of what Perry's server might give up?

    1. You would have thought that they learned their lesson with the silly SLAPP suit.


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