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Sometimes GA is late to the buffet table.  Well, it happened again.

This Monday, a new blog called  'Hangin' on the Vine'  hit Hudson County, and it's got people talking.  I've received emails like this:   
such great dish - delicious

this is a fascinating blog - I hope it continues - any idea who?

I don't know where it came from... but who ever it is is or was on the inside... 
So I checked it out and... HOLY MOLEY.   Hangin' on the Vine  serves some serious deep dish.   HOTV appears to cover all 12 municipalities of Hudson County so whomever is writing it, well...  he or she's been around and knows where bodies are buried (so to speak).

Take this excerpt:

Holy guacaMOLE!

Renting out the Multi-Service Center for communions and birthday parties?  What about bar-mitzvahs?

Is it too late to file an ethnic-cleansing lawsuit for denying bar-mitzvah boys and girls cash-under-the-table rentals of the Multi-Service Center?  And what about bris's?  Huh?   Was the Multi-Service Center ever rented for cash by someone with a name like Gluck, Aaronson or Goldberg for their kid's circumcision?  It's plain wrong for a City Director to deny my people (the Jews) the benefits of illegal cash-under-the-table rentals of City property.

 GA is going to call attorney Louis Zayas right now.

Another excerpt:

Oh dear!

Garcia's wages are being garnished to pay a $15,000 judgment against him- a case where the "fucking buffoon" testified FOR him!

Now, Frank, a City Council candidate on the One Hoboken slate, is facing a lawsuit by Paul Swibinski?   Well, GA doesn't know the circumstances, so will leave that alone.

Besides, Frank has his hands full with the devastation to his campaign, wrought by a twister out of  camp Ramos.

Well, GA is looking forward to the next installment of Hangin' on the Vine.  

Welcome to the cyber-hood, Mr. or Ms. Vine!


  1. It's Hudson 'Hangins'......."Two Thumbs Up"

  2. How can one join the blogspot? When I went online and clicked it says you need to be invited. Is this the wrong link? What's the deal? What's the point of a blogspot no one can access?

    1. You must have gotten the link wrong. It's:

      You can also click on the links in the above post.

  3. OMG another one !

    Dick do something, sue someone, pay someone...remember if Mamma isn't happy nobody is happy !!!!

  4. As damaging as this blog appears to be to corrupt politicians in Hudson County, none of what's written there is new information. Any possibility that this is a setup to gather blog poster's info?

    We are less than one month out to the election and it will be interesting to see if the old guard camps will use the dirty-bombs of each others' not-so-secret pasts to destroy each other or, if as has happened in previous elections, they will refrain from such tactics because as much as they seem to despise each other, they revile good governance, honest politicians and those they perceive to be outsiders, which is now most of the city.

    1. Don't agree about it beg a trick. And this is coming from someone who should be paranoid.

    2. I don't believe so, Oracle dear.

      The only info that can be obtained is an IP address. Unless someone identifies himself/herself by name, there is no way to obtain an person's ID from that.

      To obtain a name from an anonymous post, one would have to subpoena the ISP- a protracted legal process that gets you past November and would in all probability yield bupkis. Ask Mr. and Mrs. SLAPP Suit Plaintiffs what happened with their Google and AOL subpoenas. You'll need a proctoscope to find them.

  5. Good to know and I'll look forward to reading more on the Vine


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