Chaos in Camp Occhipinti

A friend who's involved in Hudson County politics told me, "This is the dirtiest election I've ever seen."

Wow, that's impressive. 

GA can tell you this: 'Old Guard' tongues are wagging, rumors are flying, and Occhipinti's campaign is in chaos.

Some would believe this is all happening according to plan.  Ruben's.  Call it engineered-chaos.  A plan to wreck Tim's campaign by distracting the candidate and sabotaging the campaign from within.

Is it true?   
(1) What might be distracting the candidate?    No idea, but One Hoboken's Communications Director has become Tim's roommate.

(2) The Peyton Letter was so ill-conceived it seems the work of a saboteur-- who wrote it?   GA hears it was a collaboration between One Hoboken's Communications Director and Timmy released directly to the media without authorization from the campaign manager or candidates.

(3) Is anything in particular causing infighting between members of the campaign and/or candidates?  Some members of the campaign believe that Timmy has gone 'rogue'-- collaborating with his roomie Communications Director and issuing unauthorized letters to the media.  Raia and Cryan are furious about the Peyton Letter.

(4) Are there suspicions that someone from Ruben's camp is a 'mole' trying to sabotage the campaign from within?  Yes.

Coincidence?  Maybe.  Or else...

Who knows?

The Peyton Letter strikes GA as sabotage from within- the letter is that awful and damaging to the campaign. Of course, Timmy thought it was magnificent, and that's why he's the City Council Dumbinatrix.  The big horny doofus may or may not know better, but why wouldn't One Hoboken's Communications Director?

That's a red flag, to me.

In any case, GA believes any plan (if there is one) to distract Timmy and disrupt One Hoboken's campaign is about stopping  Frank Raia from becoming the all-powerful 5th vote.

Because the animus between Ramos and Raia is that deep.

In the mean time, both camps savage Ravi Bhalla thinking he's the one they can beat.

I don't.


  1. What's that thing in the bed?

  2. Just wanted to correct Grafix Avenger on the Peyton letter. That was a Team Mason One Hoboken effort with Jamie, Timmy, and us gals.

    Like my bow?

    "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt

  3. I heard from a campaign insider that the letter was a Cryan collaboration. The campaign insider also agreed the letter was a disaster and that not everyone with their name on that campaign was told in advance of its release, but s/he will not speak publicly about it.

    1. I've heard that as well, but it seems some 'on the inside' have an interest in diffusing the blame, directing it away from where it belongs. Which is part of this puzzle.

      Some in the Occhipinti camp while not 'moles', are working both sides of the street, so to speak.

    2. My source isn't playing both sides. But s/he may be being lied to. S/He isn't someone who is inner circle insider, despite his/her name being attached to the campaign publicly.

    3. It is chaotic. Someone tied to Beth Mason and supposed to be supporting Timmy has been spinning hard to protect the Comm Director and threw Cryan under the bus. Lotta backstabbing going on. I doubt this guy has told Tim's peeps he's doing double duty for Ramos. Why collect one paycheck when you can get two?

  4. that mole is real sexy. is she available? these are my pick up lines:"do you like your earthworms with dirt or without?" " man you look hot in that filthy hole"


  5. As to the Manning letter, who is kidding who? NO ONE in that camp wants to take the fall for that bag of crap. Was it Timmay completely rogue with the guacaMOLE loving Spongetta (as in main squeeze) Communications Director? I highly doubt it. Was it Raia, or done with his knowledge? Not likely, not his style at all. Did Cryan know - has to be a yes on that one. The guy is way in over his head and has distinguished himself as one of the worst political campaign directors in the State of NJ, let alone Hudson County , in one short year (think Nazi truck). Did that fishy little tuna chum have anything thing to do with it? 99.99 percent certain. It has all the hall marks of his snark, thinks he is soooooo effign smart and funny and eff you to the Mayor (and I hear he is screaming like a stuffed pig that he "knew" nothing about it. Protesting way too much. The sad thing is to see Raia actually coming apart at the seams. He has only himself to blame for putting this wreck of human flotsam together as a "slate" and then finding himself shipwrecked as he seems to have no control over this crew. As that other, new web site asked - how is it that Frank has the skill and judgment to make millions in business, but fails so miserably in politics, especially lately. Who knows if the truth will ever be found out regarding the letter's authorship, but the Manning letter will always be remembered as one of the biggest political stunt FAILS, and I mean EPIC FAILS, in Hoboken politics.

    1. The letter is funny and we did it tongue in cheek. The Mason One Hoboken Team is filled with humanitarianism starting with Frank and Beth.

      Timmy is the kindest, warmest human being I've met. He has the warmest bed I've ever slept in and I'm not just saying that because his other girlfriend left them that way the day after she moved out and I moved in.

      I really mean it.

      "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt"

  6. I love how Dawn just stays out of it and lets these 2 fool run wild. TIM AND RUBEN think that having the project vote will set the win.

  7. Tim's the debauchery candidate. Booze! Girls! Parade! More booze! More girls! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  8. Assuming she really is running his campaign's communications efforts and she is behind that laughably stupid letter, Tim truly has found his intellectual equal. The bottom of the barrel has truly been scraped clean.

  9. Sabotage from inside the campaign, who'd a thunk it. Who's playing both sides?

  10. When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

  11. Timmy for BestialityOctober 4, 2013 at 9:23 PM

    I'm with Timmy, cuz Timmy's like me.
    Make sex with aardvarks legal. We need Tmmy!

  12. I guess that the douche bag, village idiot doofus persona that TIMMAY has projected at the CC meetings is actually true, no acting. Very sad. Keep hearing that all is not well between Spongetta, TIMMAY and the Raia/Mason slate. And I heard, again, that the scaly little fish dropping did have a hand in the Manning letter.

    1. You heard that too? Yes, he certainly did. The Weehawken tuna is up to his gills in the Manning letter, but wants Cryan to take the fall.


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