CBS Sports Shit-Cans Occhipinti

HOLY COW!   DOOFUS-Gate is exploding across America!

Betcha this makes all the network and cable political talk shows AND sports news programs this week... and newspapers, and magazines....

Here is what the breaking CBS Sports article said about Tim Occhipinti and Frank Raia's tasteful letter to Peyton Manning:

Occhipinti, presumably out of ideas about how to actually win the election, decided to write an open letter after the Giants' Week 4 loss (because, really, those always work). Not to Eli, but to his brother, Peyton Manning.

And the article goes on to reprint The Peyton Letter in it's mind-numbing entirety for the entire nation to roll its eyes in unison.  If you hear cries from your neighbor's home like this: "SCHMUCK!"  or this: "ASSHOLE!" I'll bet you can figure out WHO they're talking about.

Stay tuned for more reaction from our national media as DOOFUS-Gate continues to spread. By the way...

Anybody notice how QUIET it's been from the Ruben camp? 


  1. Screw you Grafix Avenger! After I prayed for your downfall to Satan the other night, I had the feeling my prayers would be heard. Sure this is bad for Timmy but think about it, national news is good news for the communications person.

    That's me.

    I'm going to be famous!!!

    "Some girls they're so innocent Some girls so corrupt" I hear Hollywood calling me back!
    Bye Timmy!

  2. Is this why Spongetta shut down her twatter, I mean twitter again?

  3. Timmy has brought all of Hoboken together any they all agree he is a jackass.

  4. The CBS Sports article makes it seem as though Occhipinti is Mayor Zimmer's only opponent. The Mason / Raia team is the grift that keeps on giving - they have totally eclipsed Ramos in this news cycle and they still delude themselves into thinking that their money makes them relevant. For some time, they have not been the wealthiest people in town - something they take pretty seriously, but they are by far the most repellent.

  5. I see what he did there. He said "Grift that keeps on giving" because they're grifters and gift and grift are similar.


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