50 Shades of Mason

 Taking pleasure in wrecking a man's livelihood

Have you ever hit a piñata?

You know, those hollow figurines filled with candy and toys you swing at with a bat. Sometimes you really have to pummel it before it breaks.  

Well, GA was waiting for candy to come out of Ravi Bhalla last night.

Perry Belefiore, Beth Mason, Terry Castellano, Mike Russo all took their best shots. BANG!  BAM!  POW!  They swung with such mean-spiritedness, it was clear their objective was not to win votes but to destroy a man.

Worse, the ones swinging hardest seemed to relish the beating. To use the vernacular, they got off on it.  A shrink might call it some kind of replacement-sex. BANG, BANG, BANG- ooooh ahhhhhhh... hit him harder, faster!   GA's no shrink, but the assault was so sadistic and their enjoyment so plain, I suggest they don black rubber lederhosen, laced leather corsets and executioner's masks to the next Council meeting. 50 Shades of Beth Mason.

Mason arrives late

Kids hit a piñata for candy.   Belfiore, Mason and Castellano wanted blood.

But, you know a strange thing happened.  The harder they swung, the smaller they got.  Yep.

By the time Perry Belefiore swung his final epithet (calling Ravi a "bastard") he went POOF and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.  Poor Perry, all that was left in the room was his gorgeous silver mop.  (Either that or he was removed by a policeman for disorderly conduct) In any case, Belfiore vanished with a bang.

Next, Mason and Castellano shrank to 3" tall under the dais. A cockroach passing by high-fived them and said, "nice work."

In short, last night was a salvage operation for 50 Shades of Mason's Ravi-Resolution. It's success as a political operation depends on where you sit.

I'm guessing loyal BDSM fans, bigots and misanthropes enjoyed seeing a good man's reputation and career recklessly trashed in theory, for a political outcome.  

The others thought it was way too much, too personal, too mean and will deliver MORE bodies to the polls for Bhalla.

The piñata kept his candy, and his dignity.

Thank you, Ravi.


  1. Whenever Mike Russo is attacking you, you know that you are doing something right.

  2. Can't imagine these kinds of attacks will sway any independent/undecided voters, just way too obviously vicious and biased. The only people this stuff appeals to are hardcore OGs and other knuckleheads who were never going to vote for Bhalla anyway. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  3. This is no longer about rational election strategy. This is the Old Guard going all-in and attempting to turn a very small minor issue and make something out of nothing.

    Ironically, their crimes and offenses are great and costly with real dollar amounts. Vision 20/20 is the dream they share to score millions on the backs of the poor.

    This is an important moment for Hoboken. It looks like the tide is turning from where the Old Guard attack dogs and deploying a Mason political operation to harm people may in fact be coming undone.

    Congrats to GA for playing a role in showing the light and blowing up that effort.
    This is not only about Ravi Bhalla and his family but many others who the Masonistas with their Russo Crime Syndicate Alliance have harmed in many ways up to this day.

    If on November 5th, the Reform movement gets people out on the street and word out to the voters, a corner may be turned for Hoboken.

    If not, then every individual who doesn't work in some way to bring victory on election day will remember what they allowed to occur.

    Get your friends and family out to vote for Reform on Election Day. Or you may rue the day and what follows.

  4. Given the hateful displays of the OG supporters during the public portion...makes me really want to show up one week and TAKE DOWN Beth, Terry and Mikey. I mean if Perry can racially insult Ravi...why can't I take the mic and call Terry an old bitch, Beth and evil c*nt and Mikey a bedwetting mama's boy? I'll just bring a dunce hat to hand to Timmay

  5. Seems they may have set themselsves up: the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress has four elements: (1) the defendant must act intentionally or recklessly; (2) the defendant's conduct must be extreme and outrageous; and (3) the conduct must be the cause (4) of severe emotional distress. Loyal Reader

  6. Perry Plan B:

    "As Peter took the oath of office, I had this sinking feeling that i didn't have a Plan B," said Hoboken native Perry Belfiore. "For a while now I've felt that I was about to surrender to someone who was not born and raised. That turned out to be Peter. I felt comfortable. But now it's a South African situation where the disorganized majority will be ruled by an organized minority."

    Read more at http://www.politickernj.com/max/31926/mayoral-special-election-zimmer-would-start-strong-battle-tested-base#ixzz2fkFkIMDB

    IMO, he is the most racist vile cretin in Hoboken. I am still in awe of his cluelessness when, after he claimed to be going on "safari in the HHA for votes", he could not comprehend what a racist statement he had made. From losing his bar for not paying taxes to just about any time he gets up at the microphone and blows his special blend of mangled metaphors, malapropisms and thinly veneered racism (all sounding intelligent to the OG because he wraps this bile in some 10 cent words that his pea brain has been able to retain. What exemplified to me his racism that serves as the basis of his attacks last night was the derisive manner in which he referred to Mr. Bhalla as "Raavee Balher.,dripping with sarcasm, with the clear intent to diminish an accomplished individual. Also, the constant reference to Mr. Bhalla getting a "job" at Florio Perrucci. He is a partner. A partner who was important enough to his peers at a well regarded municipal law firm that they dropped any Hoboken business and any future business form Hoboken in the obvious belief that Mr., Bhalla has the skills and abilities (and likely current business and clients) to more than make up for any loss. To derisively equate his position as partner to a mere "job" is meant to convey the message that he is just a house servant not capable of being considered an accomplished attorney. The racially charged perception are further reinforced by the outrageously racist remarks made by Ravi Ravioli on various sites, who's posts are replete with remarks about towels and other slurs with regard to Hindu culture. It is 2013. Hoboken's demographics include a large mixture of cultures and inter cultural and inter faith marriages. Those people are not likely to take kindly to the crude and offensive remarks that were on vivid display last night and which both the Ramos and the Occhipinti teams have been hurling at Mr. Bhalla. It was a pleasure to listen to Mr. Bhalla dissect Beth Mason at the end fo the meeting where he schooled her on the fact that she had "crossed the line". But to that crazy bat shit cunt, the words appeared to go right over her head. I urge everyone that cares about living in Hoboken to get to the poll on election day and vote a straight Zimmer Team and Kids First Team. Promise yourself that you will make sure that at least two of your neighbors get to the polls. Reform can put this thing away, and we must each of us agree to make an effort. I started by getting two of my neighbors to vote that usually did not. I am not up to six, and keep reminding them. Please, everyone who reads this, take the pledge of one getting at least one voting pal to take to your polling place with you.


  8. got a push poll-type robocall yesterday, asked two questions (reply by pressing the appropriate number): 1) what mayoral candidate will you vote for (best part if they mispronounced timmy's last name!) and 2) for CC, would you vote for ravi or raia (no other CC candidates mentioned). sounds like someone wants a quick feel for how the lies are playing out.

    separately, joe mindak rang my buzzer one night last week, at around 7 or 8pm. Introduced himself and asked if he could speak to me. I said I was busy, a response he probably got a lot because the Tigers-Red Sox were on!


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