The ProecutorTapes

How far will Beth Mason go to taint court proceedings against so-called 'bully-bloggers'? THIS FAR.

What's even hotter than the weather we're having in Hoboken?

The court room tapes of Hoboken Prosecutor/candidate for Bergen County Freeholder representing Beth Mason Civic League employee Matt Calicchio against a renowned Mason critic/ political blogger. The hearing date was July 16, 2012. 

GA is not posting the audio because (I was told) it will be presented in another court case. 

Folks, these tapes are hot- in many ways, and in one exchange between Matt Calicchio and the Judge, connect more dots between Councilwoman Beth Mason and her role in engaging political operative 'bullies' to file complaints against those who criticize her online.

  1. May 9, 2012-- Councilwoman Beth Mason donated $1,000 to a Democratic Freeholder candidate (Bergen County) serving as Hoboken's Municipal Prosecutor at the time of the Mason donation.
  2. May 16, 2012-- Hoboken Prosecutor represents Mason Civic League, Inc. employee Matt Calicchio in a harassment complaint against a renowned Mason critic and blogger.  The Hoboken Prosecutor does not disclose Hoboken Councilwoman Mason's $1,000 donation nor request a change of venue for the case.  Case goes to mediation. 
  3. July 11, 2012- Beth Mason makes the following "statement" to the Hoboken City Council: "First of all I'd like to make a statement that Mr. Brice is on the verge of some legal action, and the Council would make sure  it's appropriately handled." 
  4. July 16, 2012-- The Prosecutor's second court appearance representing Mason Civic League Inc. employee Matt Calicchio against the renowned Mason critic and blogger. She does request a change of venue this time. On Tape Number 3 this exchange: 
Judge: (to Calicchio) When you're in public, you can expect your photograph to be taken, if you're at a meeting or doing something at a public meeting Mr Calicchio, you can't stop someone from taking your photograph at a public meeting...

Calicchio: I also pointed out if I may a c-c-c-c-c-civil suit is going to Mr. Brice tomorrow... 

Judge: That's your business, sir and it will not be filed here...

Calicchio S-s-Superior... 

Judge: Well, wherever, it's not Hoboken. We don't do civil matters.
5.  July 26, 2012-- Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi file a defamation lawsuit in Hudson County s-s-Superior Court against 22 Hoboken bloggers including the  person Zur was prosecuting for Caliccchio--  just as Beth Mason and Matt Calicchio promised on July 11 and July 16, 2012, respectively.
Folks, the above occurred in public venues, and it is all in the public domain: Council meeting videos are available online (U-Stream) and the audio-tapes from Hoboken Municipal Court can be OPRAed.

The tapes themselves are shocking as the Prosecutor's presentation is a litany of familiar 'Masonista' talking points about the Defendant.  GA was amused by the judge; professional and right on the money about the political nature of the proceedings.

Now, it's abundantly clear that Mason's bullies are hijacking the Ramos campaign, using it as an excuse to revive it's fishy vendetta against bloggers; a re-run of the BoE 'Zimmer-bloggers' fiasco.  I would urge Ruben to take back his campaign, and for all to remember that 2013 is not 2012.  

We are ready this time.


  1. GA

    You need to depose Zur in the Blogger lawsuit.

    Mason gave Zur money to come down hard on the same guy who turns out to be a defendant in the Blogger lawsuit. I'll bet the ranch Zur was told about the coming blogger lawsuit and why a conviction in the Calicchio case would be useful. Watch Zur throw Mason under the bus to save her own skin.

    Depose Zur.

    1. Man, that is explosive. Huge Dem donor buys off prosecutor in blogger case to put the fix in on another blogger case with 22 defendants! Once that gets out every recipient of Mason cash - individual politicians, PACs, candidates committees, organizations, will come under scrutiny. Beth and Ricky's dough will be radioactive. Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly or some other FOX asshole would drool for that story. It's made for TV.

  2. Plea$e $top connecting the dot$, M$. Grafik$ Avenger????

    When you connect the dot$, they are like little, tiny bullets with which Counte$$ is being $hot in the Fa$e???? Counte$$ is like the Gabrielle Giffords of dot-connecting????


  3. My whole sense of law and order is out the window thanks to what goes on in this town. But isn't this a textbook ethics violation? Taking a political donation from the employer of an alleged 'victim' and berating the employer's political enemy in court -without any disclosure?

    Is that ok too?

    Keep it simple for me - what is still illegal?

  4. what is still legal?? in Hudson......its a blatant free for all. Again and I have said this before.....been going on for years, decades and no one is held accountable. Nothing on the voting inconsistencies with the joke "vote early vote often" and then a crazy spike in votes within an hour in union city is another joke that changed a county election?? Nothing on this Hoboken city hall email theft that high officials had access to??? How could this be??? gotta be moles going straight to the top...

  5. First thing we gotta do, is get the moles.


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