Sullivan: NAACP Will Not Endorse Vision 20/20

NAACP concerned that Vision 20/20 will leave "needy people homeless"

In a shocking development in the public debate over an August 2012 concept plan for redevelopment of the HHA called "Vision 20/20",  a local civil rights leader has taken a stance against it.

Eugene Drayton, president of the local chapter of the NAACP tells Al Sullivan he is NOT endorsing Vision 20/20 out of unresolved concerns the redevelopment will leave existing residents homeless.  

Of course, the project's supporters will answer, "Vision 20/20 replaces the existing 806 dwelling units  with well over 1,000 dwelling units."

Ah, but the Devil is in the details.

It is not clear how many of those new units have to go to affordable housing, by law.  It may be as low as 10% or 20%.  Is there anything about that in the developer agreement?  Has anyone seen the developer agreement?  The unspoken selling point by HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia in his pleas for approval is that ALL HHA residents will be the beneficiary of this redevelopment.  Is it true?  Others, and now NAACP Chapter President Eugene Drayton have questions on that point.

How many of those new units will go to market-rate housing?  

Where is the guaranty that no HHA resident will be left homeless?

GA believes that is at the root of Mr. Drayton's concerns, and is valid.

Vision 20/20 may be a great idea, but it's implementation: strong-arming, bullying, name-calling, accusations of "KKK" and "racism" at anyone who asks a question, it's attacks on bloggers who ask questions... the thuggery.... leaves a huge stink in the air which has spread far beyond the blogosphere into the mainstream. And our concerns are now validated by the leader of our local NAACP.  Drayton too has been shut out of the planning process, so much so that he has no idea whether the proposal is a genuine effort to replace dwellings of existing residents, or a  for-profit  scheme to displace needy residents for lucrative market-rate housing.

When a Reformer asks that same question, we are called "racists", "classists", and all manner of lies are spread about us.

Will Drayton be treated the same way?


  1. Hope little Joe doesn't organize a picket line outside his house too.

  2. Typical racist.

  3. This is exactly what the NACCP is worried about:

    And with no plan out there, what is the guarantee something like that doesn't happen?

  4. I thought that the NAACP was one of CG's "partners" in his Vision. What happened? Seems he even excluded his partners from participating int he "Vision". At this point it is clear that in order to properly view CG's vision one needs at least cataract surgery or coke bottle trifocals. Crap, at this point, Helen Keller would have a better shot at reading the damn thing.

    1. Deaf, dumb and CarmeloJuly 20, 2013 at 1:52 PM

      Look even Helen Keller can't get behind a blank piece of paper or a cartoon picture and neither can the NAACP. Obviously the scam is smelled out and we'll see how Carmelo promises others how they will be paid out.

      We're talking millions here. These crooks sell out for a lot less. Shoot, Mike Russo was willing to give FBI informant Solomon Dwek the keys to the city for $5,0000 down and $5,000 later.

      Just make out the check to "Russo for Hoboken."

      Vision Money/Money makes that look like chump change. And it is.

  5. Something is wrong here. I saw Sondra Smythe go before the City Council and call them liars for betraying the black community and she demanded, "We want good stuff." Surely the HHA residents who go to these meetings are true representatives of the community and not political operatives choreographed by Carmelo Garcia creating political theatre at his behest so he'll keep buttering their bread in his oh so special way, right? RIght?

    Why would a concerned citizen and community leader like Sondra Smythe go against the concerns of the local NAACP to shill for Carmelo Garcia? Clearly in all her wisdom she sees something the NAACP doesnt.

    Doesn't Gene Drayton understand that people "want good stuff"? And who better do decide what "good stuff" some loyal sycophants and acolytes are going to get than Carmelo Garcia? He is the king of delivering on the "good stuff" -- to the select few who do his bidding.

  6. Thats the sad part isn't it? only the select few. How will Sondra and all the rest feel when only they get a new unit in the building filled with market rate units? Yay for me or WTF? Will they keep coming to council meetings after they get theirs?

    Do they get that reform is fighting to keep the process fair. Carmelo is using them to get it passed with out anyone asking the questions.

    Are they being used or they know and dont care?

    1. Carmelito's WayJuly 22, 2013 at 11:35 AM

      Carmelo is telling them they will be rewarded for publicly backing his plan with no documentation and they will be taken care of at the right time. They don't care about anyone they just want to believe they will get theirs. If the HHA is jacked they could care less as long as they are the ones who get in on the game.

      They could care less about the rest of Hoboken or the other HHA residents who as Peter Cammarano said about backing him can get in line. Some of these are the very same people who "captain" the $40 a vote-by-mail fraud. They could care less about Hoboken, it's all about being paid off in any scam.

      Vision 20/20 is the biggest scam in Hoboken, maybe in the city's entire history.

  7. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. Let's do the right stuff here - leave race out and help all who qualify within the income limits. The devil is always in the details and we must have facts before a reasoned decision can be made.

    1. No one's ever discussed race- except for Carmelo Garcia, Mike Russo and those who travel with Garcia to public meetings and without him to people's private homes. Everyone who has questioned the proposal gets called a 'racist', a 'classist', or is accused of making terrible statements they never did. Some even get called 'racist' in doctored photoshops.

      Now the NAACP President expresses concerns that the project will leave poor and needy residents homeless, and you ask him to "take race OUT of it"?

      So you suggest the President of the NAACP's local chapter is playing the race card? He is an advocate, that's what he does. He is concerned on behalf of HHA residents he fears will be left homeless. There is no way to spin that.

    2. Beg pardon...I should have been more clear. Eugene is correct in taking this position for their organization. Garcia is playing the 'race card' instead of supplying the details.

  8. Yes, the devil is in the details. If I were Sondra and her friends, I would get a good lawyer to represent THEM! Ya know, trust yet verify.
    You know, no offense Carmelo. Just checking.

  9. I would NEVER hand Carmelo the keys to the bulldozer aimed at MY building before I had an outside person double check the devlish details in the "plan".


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