(No) Sex, Lies, and Audiotape

Well folks, we are all waiting for this transcript which is reportedly "getting around" to find it's way to us.

What transcript?

The one of a secretly recorded conversation by  (GA was told) a person in a powerful, public position who has been taping his conversations with "everyone."

The news of  "secretly recorded conversations" was first broken by Al Sullivan in this week's column, and he called it "straight out political spying." He did not name names.

And no one should, until either the recording or transcript surfaces, or one of the parties goes on the record about the incident.  Because it is explosive.

Well, GA picked up a little more scuttlebutt about this "political spying"- take it for what it's worth until one of the parties involved steps forward.  For the purposes of this post, I'll call the person secretly taping  'Rat' and the guy who got taped, 'Guy'

Here it is.

One day out of the blue,  Rat called Guy and invited him to lunch.  Guy smelled a rat, so invited a mutual friend to join them.  The lunch was secretly taped.

Rat had the tape transcribed.  (Which raises questions whether any of it was cooked...).  Rat's attorney took the transcript into a deposition in a totally unrelated case. Why?  Rat's attorney's motives for using the transcript are a mystery, as  neither Guy nor Rat were involved in his case.  Ooops.  Rat might call this decision a mammoth fuck-up, because rules of evidence require the other side's attorney to get a copy.  

So the 'secret taping' was secret no longer.

All because Rat's attorney thought it was a good idea to 'use' the transcript in an unrelated case, it was unleashed into the wild.  And there is no stopping it now.


  1. I feel I must protest this graphic depiction Grafix Avenger. This is not representative of the rats in our community and is very divisive to all our rats.

    First, where is the rat's Vision 20/20 t-shirt?

    Second, why do you insist on humiliating this Hoboken rat leaving him with nothing but a tape recorder?

    Third why must you Zimmer bloggers spread hate and racism against rats in our community? Are they not like anyone else deserving of "good stuff?"

    Last, your depiction of King Rat carelessly sitting on other members of the Hoboken community is mean and cruel. You owe this rat and all other Vision 20/20 vermin an apology.

    Michael "clueless" Forevers

  2. To sell one down the river (squeal), to put one up the river (jail).
    What a back slapping...I mean...'back stabbing bunch'!

    1. You watch what you say man, that's the Latin King of Hoboken you talkin about.
      He wasn't taping friends, only Zimm people.

      He took care of that Hector turncoat, you remember? Boy got his house rocked after they were done with him. That's when it all started, what they needed to do if Zimm people won't listen.

      He has a vision. Everyone is on board and everyone on board gets paid.
      Why you want to mess with our people? This is none of your business, you yuppie scum don't live here. This is our thing. Sooner you understand it the better.

      King Epic salutes Hoboken's King Rat.

  3. Sure. Every one will get theirs except the HHA residents. Even the yuppies like Branco, Eduardo and Timmy. Great lookin out there Epic.


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