NBC: Brian Stack Accused of Threatening Federal Agent

Folks, this is a strange one.

Last night NBC broke the story of a December 1 incident between Union City Mayor Brian Stack and an agent for U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement; in a case of he said- he said,  Stack and the federal agent are telling two very different versions.


From NBC's article:

Strange, no?


If a Federal agent's car were parked in Hoboken,do you think anyone would be leaving notes on the windshield?

Imagine, someone in Hoboken leaving a note that said 'The HPD  is watching you' to a federal agent!  Holy cow.

This line was edited out from an later version of NBC's piece:
Former FBI Director Weysun Dun called the mayor and his lawyer's action strange.
I think the word is 'paranoid.'

Video credit: NBC


  1. This fall on NBC:

    The Excuses of Brian

    Each week a powerful NJ politician gets caught doing stupid stuff and then makes unbelievable excuses.

  2. It makes me sick that thugs like Stack hold office.

  3. Odd that Mayor Brian Stack uses the same lawyer that Mayor Anthony Russo used for his corruption trial.


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