Mason Money, Lawsuits and the Prosecutor

Thanks to Patch commenter 'Dov Aaronson' for bringing up Mason's contribution to Hoboken's former Prosecutor who ran for Freeholder of Bergen County in 2012.  GA had forgotten about that, but  Dov reminded us all about selective prosecution in Hoboken when he posted this:

Good luck getting the cops in this town to lift a finger for you or any of your caballeros... Your supreme leader on her mayoral magic carpet ruined that bridge along time ago. They'll meet with you, maybe take a report and then when you leave they'll wipe their butt with your statement

And this:

can you prove this or is this one of the not stempler vaudeville acts?

So, per Dov's request, I posted this:

Thanks to Dov Aaronson

There are many reasons why a Councilwoman donating to the prosecutor in her jurisdiction smells, but the closer you look at this one, the more it stinks.

Within days of this $1,000 'contribution' the Freeholder candidate/ Hoboken Prosecutor represented Mason employee Matt Calicchio in Hoboken Municipal Court against a prominent critic of Mason. 

Shortly after this 'contribution', GA started getting hits from an Ohio law firm.

Beth Mason announced at a mid-July Council meeting there was a "coming civil suit".  It came in August.  Against 22 Mason critics, including the person the Hoboken prosecutor was prosecuting at the time.

Does it smell bad enough yet?  Stay tuned.   

GA's looked but I haven't found any more Mason contributions to the Freeholder candidate.   But this was interesting... on October 25, 2012, Beth and Ricky Mason dropped $20,000 on the NJ Democratic State Committee. Swish, swish.


On October 8, 2012, the NJ Democratic State Committee dropped $48,848.52 on the former Hoboken Prosecutor's Committee, Bergen County Victory 2012.  Swish, swish.

Swish, swish!


  1. It's incredible how quiet it got after that comment. Dov and his "enjoy the parade" gay-bashing has disappeared, and there's no fun comments from any of the other pop-up posters, even some popular long timers are just silent on the whole Ricciardi thing.

    Anyhow, here's my GUESS as to what happened.
    FLOPERATIVE: Patch is allowing open comments again.
    POLITICIAN: Well don't tell me, call Perry and have him shut it down.
    FLOP: No, not 411, Patch...
    POL: I hate blogs, what can we do.
    FLOP: I can invent a bunch of screen names and insult people for going against Vision 20/20. That should get everyone to say some pretty nasty things that we can object to later.
    POL: that sounds good. Let's do it...

    2 days later...
    POL: How did the Zur contributions come out?
    FLOP: I have no idea.
    POL: (corrupt pol) just called me, he said one more post from you and I'm out of office.
    FLOP: Aw man, I was having so much fun...zimmer pride...Jewish names...I had it made.

    1. Ha! Good one.

      I just went back to look- the commenter calling himself 'Mile Square Poo' pulled the post where he "welcomed" my killing. See, he knows what he did. Too late, saved the web page, got copies and a .pdf. I've contacted the Municipal Prosecutor. The first step is to subpoena AOL.

      These sickos need to focus on beating Zimmer, not bloggers. It's the BoE race all over again. Anyone on the Ramos campaign listening to Finboy is nuts. He is crazed with hatred and completely obsessed with bloggers. He is about to do to Ruben what he did to Move Forward. LOSE.

  2. A whole bottle of Obsession can not cover up the smell.

  3. Did Grafix Avenger say a Mason critic. That would count almost every person in Hoboken.
    Da Horsey must be on that list somewhere.

  4. The silence is deafening because this mess poses some serious problems for the Wicked Witch of Hudson Street and her merry Band of flying monkeys posing as floperatives. Thanks and hats off to that idiot floperative Dov. This is much worse that the issues with that fake charity.

  5. Maybe Patch or some other "mainstream" media will ask Ms. Zur and Betty Boopless some questions about their "relationship". I love how some of that campaign donations came from that Mason shell, Newton Lao Leonard & Locke. Didn't One Eye eviscerate that entity as a sham and front? Where did it get the money to make the donation? Sounds very FISHY in a creepy anchovy way.

  6. So disgusted with Beth. Why do the authorities and the local media let this go?? Why? How does she get away with it? How does she sleep at night?

  7. Beth Mason might technically be human but she appears to lack humanity.

  8. You guys got under carmelo's skin. He's gonna use mason $ to get the bloggers. He don't care about Zimmer. He's got no worries except vision 20 20. You really got under his skin. Maybe he'll be driving the truck this time.

    1. So what? Carmelo has a problem. He needs the people of this town to support 20/20. We don't need him and we certainly won't support a plan he won't show in its entirety to the public. Until he figures that out, 20/20 ain't going nowhere.

    2. what's he going to do, sue us because we said he has too many jobs, or failed to replace generators, or let a meth lab flourish at hha, or hasn't presented a complete V 20/20 plan for discussion? he's got no case.


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