Graphic inspired by Jersey City resident DickShepHCNJ's encounter at the City Council
Identify the perp.


  1. While one might suppose a pillow deployed as described for an "aristocratic-azz" would be expectantly gleaming and garish, as are most of these admittedly quite "innocent"-looking line-up cushions (above).

    However, to recall that the incident-pillow had evidently seen quite HEAVY USE under the previously mentioned aristo-azz. As such, the incident pillow most resembled the right-most pillow, a darker, "felt-like" cushion that was heavily-squashed from ongoing mashing under a weighty burden. DickShepHCNJ

    Related to another meeting, here's a YouTube link that includes a video of NBC-NY "News4" coverage of a November, 2008 council meeting wherein then new-Public-Safety-Director Mr. Bergin was being inducted.

    In this video,

    starting at about the .05 second mark, very near the beginning. As the camera pans the council audience, there is a brief glimpse of a dude sitting in the section across the center aisle. A dude in a black sweatshirt, with orange letters which in this snippet aren't quite legible.

    However, as the dude wearing that shirt, and sitting innocuously in that snippet in that spot. To alert that the words on that black-sweat-shirt declared, "HOOTERS" with an accompany "friendly owl" graphic.

    When alerting some pals ahead of time of these intentions of visiting that particular council meeting deploying a "Hooters" sweat-shirt, some thought this would be, "madness." After all, as the video shows, the council chambers were chock-full of large numbers of Hoboken's Finest.

    And while there are the inevitable "bad apples," in any bunch. By and large, nearly unanimously every single officer who approached and/or commented on the "Hooters" shirt. Nearly all of them saw the humor and irony in it, and more than a few were PLEASED that anyone would "call out" the ridiculousness among the PD leadership which looked-the-other-way while some SWAT-commandos ran amok.

    Not to mention, had an equally friendly and respectful conversation with the guy who at the time was the PO union head, Mr. Lombardi, I think Vince Lombardi his full name.'

    Who says "public affairs," and "politics" doesn't rise to the level of high-farce?


  2. PS - in the aforementioned video to be more precise, I am sitting directly in front of the lady who is wearing red-slacks.

    And before the meeting, had a chance to approach and say, "hello," to former Mayor Roberts. It went like this...

    "Hello Mayor Roberts!! Why are you so terrified of your Police Chief, he gets away with ANYTHING he pleases!! (Referring to then PD chief Mr. LaBruno).

    Mayor Roberts, who, based on the fumes emitting while he answered, had apparently indulged some "pre-induction" cocktails, haughtily replied, "the only people I'm afraid of are my parents and GOD!!!"

    By which point a few of his "hangers-on" were bustling him away for the induction ceremonies.

    Has anyone else had the experience of conversing with the former Mayor and being impugned from booze-ingested fumes? DickShepHC.

    Given the "gravity" of the evening's events, not to mention the overall boozing aspects of the entire SWAT-debacles. One might've expected someone participating in the induction might at least hold off on any celebratory boozing 'til AFTER the event? Who knows? DickShepHCNJ

    1. Sure was afraid of the Police Chief. Hired a retired firefighter to be the Public Safety Director and to serve as his muscle to deal with the Chief. The Chief however, done himself in with the happenings in New Orleans and the behavior of his S.W.A.T team and it's Lt. leader. The former football player director did put his muscle on the former fire chief by locking him out of his office for no good reason and tearing down an expensive tempered glass office security partition. It is alleged that he also caused a legal monetary settlement with a city employee for racial remarks. The current Mayor knows the case. Yep, it was Roberts Administration that overspent the budget by $11.2 million and resurfaced over the rotting pilings supporting the soccer field. Thank God he is not the Mayor.

    2. The guy who reportedly received the racial settlement is involved with the city hall email caper - the story is that he received the emails and ratted himself out to Mayor Zimmer in an attempt to save his skin. By the way, he was photographed with the SWAT Hooter girls and it was his credit card that was used to pay for the Police Chief's vacation in New Orleans. By the way, this guy makes over 100K in in his current city job. Hey Shep, he worked in the HC jail once - you should know this guy?

    3. I heard about that - he actually claimed he is so stupid and technology challenged that he doesn't even know how to open up his email account, much less forward or print anything. Sounds like a really dumb defense, but then again he was never known for his intellect.

  3. Ah, the purple pillow, or pillowgate as I affectionaly recall it beign referred to. The tale of the purple pillow is significant from a historical perspective in any discussion of current day poltics and the rise and fall of Betty Boopless and her flock of Flying Monkeys. Dick Shep, I had tears rolling down my eyes reading your spot on recollection of your encounter with the purple pillow. I may perhaps be too profane and blunt for your tastes, but my foul mouth is based upon the advice I received from my instructor in a self-defense class that, if someone is trying to a take your money, you (assuming no guns or knives are involved) need to scream as loud and as hard and as forcefully and foul mouthed as you can to draw attention to the situation. And the goon squad in Hoboken has been nothing short of reaching for the taxpayers money (i.e., my money) for years - 800k in missing quarters anyone? Unpaid restitution from the ex mayor and felon Russo? Bankrupting the City (almost) by trying to block the sale of the Hospital), refusing to bond for the garage which cost 4M, 10 years of ill gotten health benefits for Papa Doc while Baby Doc was head of the finance committee of the council and Cousin Doc was the financial officer for he City, the list goes on.

    But I digress. The purple pillow was the inception of the hatred that Bajardi has thrown at anyone who does not kow tow to Betty Boopless. He only stopped with the plumping of the pillow for the tender derriere of Betty after being eviscerated on the blogs for his efforts at providing comfort to his mistress. Shortly thereafter, the infamous turd in a punchbowl graphic appeared and the weasel with an easel show was born. He is still trotting that thing out years later. When that did not get the traction he wanted, the entire GA as an anti Semite campaign was unleashed. Having that explode in their faces, the next stupid pet trick was to have the police interrogate GA in her home in front of her daughter on a bizarre claim (but no police report ever filed, hhhhmmmmm) that the reference by GA to the Vulcan death grip was a credible threat to Timmay and Betty. After other innumerable stupid tricks, none of which prove to be viable (think the arrest of Ian Sacs and even the recent Nazi Truck as examples, we are left with the pathetic SLAPP suit brought to silence the voices that initially brought about the demise of the purple pillow. I think that the pillow should be donated to the Hoboken Historical Museum as emblematic of a seminal point in the political history of Hoboken. So, to truly understand where all of this venom and bile exploded, it started when that damn purple pillow was trotted out. Thanks, DickShep for reminding us.

  4. "I think that the pillow should be donated to the Hoboken Historical Museum as emblematic of a seminal point in the political history of Hoboken."

    that would be so awesome, HAAA! in fact, i'm sure beth and ricky are getting anchovy boy to meet with the museum to plan a "mason family civic" tribute exhibition. it could include a few of beth's 1990s "power suit" jackets, a replica nazi truck, a video highlight reel of beth's best CC bloopers, maybe some old ELECs (for laughs). am i missing anything? help me out here.

    1. The infamous pajamas. And the easel.

    2. the museum could mount the purple pillow on an easel, next to a chair and a life-size photo of beth's azz.

  5. At the time, and still being largely a non-local "yokel" when it comes to Hoboken's political affairs. When attending that meeting, had done so in expectation of being FAVORABLE/SUPPORTIVE of Ms. Mason. And had no idea who the Lane fellow was. Ms. Mason at the time seemed well-deserving of reform-minded support and encouragement.

    Everyone knows how intentionally lengthy council meetings get drawn out to discourage attendance, had purposefully arrived at that meeting early, with the expectation of having to leave early.

    And at that time, by and large, Ms. Mason still seemed worthy of support and encouragement as a genuine REFORMER.

    It was when the "Pillow Theater" happened, just the entire effect of a constantly reminding, I'm-a-radio/broadcasting-bigshot." Having NOT know the Lane fellow until witnessing his pillow fealty. And asking another attendee who he was, and finding out it was the radio Big Shot.

    And having wondered why this Big Shot would stoop so toadyingly to daintily planting an azz-cushion on some council member's chair. And then to see the coddled council member was the supposed reformer Ms. Beth Mason.

    It was, "hey, aren't these two suppose to be 'of the people,' and not acting in such paltry/toady/Big Shot way?

    And if as some describe, Ms. Beth Mason and the Lane fellow have subsequently revealed themselves as among the foulest of Hoboken's entrenched buncos and boodlers. For this onlooker, most certainly at the instant the Lane fellow deployed the pillow so lovingly and then sought "doggie-head-patting" affirmation from Ms. Mason as she pleasingly noted the deployed azz-pad.

    It was a 180-degree reverse-impression for sure, having attended the meeting expecting to laud Ms. Mason's reform posture. But then alarmingly witnessing this revelatory, "oh, that's how these folks operate, huh?" act of political beggary and bequeathery.

    While seemingly a "minor" bit of pillow-theater. One can only imagine if someone is so willing to emasculate themselves seeking favor from an imperious political patron. What the heck happens in smoke-filled rooms, what kind of toadying chicanery and doggie-patting rewards are casually tossed around like...well...sofa pads?

    To the extent that this Lane fellow seems uneasy being reminded of the pillow episode. What can someone who evidently adores maintaining a high-profile, speaking professionally articulate at numerous council podiums? It's a puzzle why someone seeking such hi-profile as the Lane fellow would expect to "pick-n-choose" what folks notice and shoot the breeze about?

    To the extent the Lane fellow fancies himself a "communications aficionado," wouldn't he agree that there's no such thing as, "bad publicity," as long as his name is spelled correctly? Haven't but just started following these blogs, but by and large, haven't seen too many mis-spellings of the Lane fellow's name?

    1. Mr. Shep, you are a treasure.

      "...the Lane fellow deployed the pillow so lovingly and then sought "doggie-head-patting" affirmation from Ms. Mason as she pleasingly noted the deployed azz-pad."...

      Tears rolling...

      I'd LOVE to hear your observations on our City Council meetings and in particular, the Insane Clown Posse (Councilpersons Mason, Russo, Occhipinti, Castellano) that is, if you could stand watching them. MSV shows the live-stream.

  6. Dick, I remember reading your sane & gentle commentary on It's rough and tumble over there, often for sport rather than for any practical reason. Nice to see you in these parts. The Purple Pillow anecdote is a scream. You absolutely cannot make this stuff up.

  7. if bajardi's lawsuit ever makes it to trial, i'd love to see him cross-examined about the purple pillow incident. is that the action of a mere "concerned citizen", LOL! honestly, it even goes beyond "political operative", more like a creepy handmaiden.

    1. If it ever gets to trial many people will be cross examined and that is why I doubt it will ever go to trial.

    2. do you mean: many people who would not like to be on the stand answering these types of questions, and thus instead pull their funding of the suit?

      or many people of significant influence who don't want to be grilled on these issues and thus might find a way to "persuade" pillow boy and his misses to drop the suit? hmm...

  8. Discovery and depositions happen well before any trial and you can ask so many more questions and seek so much more information.


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