Fulop's Inaugural

GA next to (proud) Mom and Pop Fulop credit: NJ.com
Little cutie sings the National Anthem credit: GA
Are we sure he's old enough to be mayor? credit: GA
The lovely Fulop family credit: GA
Packed to the gills credit: GA
 Political dignitary section: Barabara Buono, Mayor Zimmer, front row credit: GA
GA and ringmaster, Tommy Bertoli credit: GA
What a party it was for Mayor Steve Fulop last night!  

Not much of a party for GA's hair, which looked so nice before I left my house, then it hit the humidity and WHAM!    

Well, no frizzies on Governor Christie and U.S. Senator Bob Menendez!  Did they use hair spray?  No frizzies on the curly locks on Mayor Steve Fulop either; I have to find out how he did it.  I can tell you that Hoboken politico Perry Belefiore shampoos with Fructis by Garnier, and his hair never looks frizzy. God, it's beautiful.

Even Buddy Valastro, better known as TLC's The Cake Boss who was there with a huge red, white and blue cake that shot confetti, was well-coiffed.

Indeed, it was a great event and kudos for all who made it happen, and of course The Ringmaster.  I don't believe Hudson County has seen anything like this, not in a long, long time.

Read nj.com for more about the event, but you won't find anything there about hair management.


  1. Sounds like a great event. Is that you and Mr. Handsome together? You guys look like great friends. This is good for Hoboken-Jersey City relations.

    Mr. Handsome is really handsome. He looks a little like Horsey. Are they cousins?

  2. Glad you had fun and got to go.

    I don't particularly like or trust Fulop, but he is better than the alternative, and I will give him a fair chance before I rush to judgment.

    As for Buddy the Cake Boss- enough is enough already with this guy. When are his 15 minutes over?

    1. To Buddy's credit his factory is in Jersey City, so he's an employer and a taxpayer there. I suppose he could have gone all Hollywood and taken his business out-of-state but in spite of his fame, has not forgotten where he's from. So for that he gets props from me.

  3. A most incongruous coupling. Without any doubt, you have shaken the timbers of a few floperatives today.

  4. I was out of town and could not make this event. I wish the new Mayor the best of health and success and I believe he will really
    'work at the job' in the city's best interest. There is much improvement needed.

  5. I heard lothario Stick Romano was eyeing GA until he realized who she was. Can you you say awkward?

    1. Oh, Jeez.

      I introduced myself and he was a gentleman.

      I like the fact that Romano could give a crap about the internet.

    2. Why you protecting Stick? You know he was skeeving on you. That is what he does.

    3. Protecting? No, I didn't notice I was being skeeved.

      I did see him looking at me, is that the same? Anyway, finding out I was GA must have worked like a cold shower.


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