Earwitness Rumor: The Third Ticket

Dark Side grumbling about Ruben Ramos has grown to a dull roar and various Earwitness reports coming in to GA are making the third ticket look like an inevitability.

In fact, one Earwitness told me today, "There will be a third ticket".

No equivocation there.

So who is at the top of this (rumored) third ticket?     

GA's Earwitnesses forecast it will most likely be....(drumroll, please) First Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano.

Not exactly a surprise.   Castellano is on the record stating that she believes that Zimmer is "beatable".   Earwitnesses say that she really believes this, and it is known that she"hates" Zimmer as much as Mason and her band of crazies.

But, it's interesting given her son, John Castellano, reportedly works for Ruben Ramos, and her cousin, Michael Russo is hardcore Ramos.  Would Russo dump Ruben for his cousin?   Castellano has been siding with Cousin Mike and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia on Vision 20/20 at the City Council. 

And the third ticket's At-Large slate?  Earwitnesses say it's Jamie Cryan, Frank 'Pupie' Raia and a TBD (to be determined), but they're looking for a woman.

If this comes to pass, expect Masons' Brinks truck to deliver bags of dough, her political strategist to be the grossly immature and unsuccessful political operative James Barracato (who is already being copied on the City's most sensitive legal information), her media  platform the ghost town  Hoboken411.com,  and perhaps the Mason Civic League, Inc will loan their space to the campaign.  

Speaking of Hoboken411- they finally wrote a story about Ruben Ramos. Published at 7:00 AM yesterday morning, it's only gotten 3 comments.  THREE! And GA hears they came in via Ouija Board.  (Either that or one of the Mason crazies with Multiple Web-Personalities Disorder (MPWD).)

Ordinarily that would be a signal that Mason has caved and hopped on the Ramos bandwagon, but...

GA hears there is daylight between her and Hoboken411 'researcher' Finboy Barracato, who has been pulling out all stops for Ramos, including a score of pop-up screen names on Patch who bully Jake Stuiver with threats of "mailers" and bus trips to his home in Havertown, Pa.

But Finboy, the defacto 2nd Ward Councilwoman, and will follow The Checkbook.  And with those fins at the helm, expect (another) moronic, internet-obsessed campaign- unless Raia can control him.  Good luck!

Of course, if this Earwitness Rumor of a Third Way comes to pass.


  1. 411 is totally irrelevant...Three comments? What a joke, that Klaussen character should just pack it in and save himself the embarrassment.

  2. When is the deadline to get into the race? The election is not too far away.

  3. Third ticket could be mis-direction. Mayor Zimmer is in whomever runs...trying to win council seats??? IMO,too little too late for all so-called non-reformers.

  4. agree. adding to the top of the ticket splits the vote and saves them the embaressment of losing. Adding to the coucil race actually increases the odds they get one in. All they need is ONE to own CC, Planning, Zoning, HHA and Vision 20/20.

    1. As we saw when Beth Mason ran for mayor with the help of Russo's the ticket split and the Russo Friends and Family voted only for the running mates Russo picked and not Mason.

      Castellano wants to put her son John on the City Council so I would expect her to make a try for City Council at Large and then put her son in her Ward seat.

      Russo's always take care of Russos.

  5. Maybe it's finally Franks big chance. Ruben and Carmelo will make a deal with him eventally too. Too much at stake to chance it on the fresh faced place holders Ruben put on the ticket.

  6. Is this why Beth finally caved and let Ruben be mentioned (5 months and a day into his campaign) on 411?

  7. Ruben is using the newbies to give him cred for Mayor. Terry will sacrifice a loss as Mayor so that her son and/or Frank can be At-large. What is more fun than taking it all back with Dawn powerless in the big chair.

  8. In the end, they will all get behind one maybe two council candidates. Full force VBM and whisper galore. All they need is one more vote. The rest are just dressing.

    Poor Joe and Laura won't know what hit them. When will they wake up?


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