BOMBSHELL: Castellano BUSTED Copying Political Operative on Doc Request -UPDATE**

Update-  GA's gotten more details on the growing Wine-Gate scandal... It appears that sensitive City documents were NOT released to the political operative; but Castellano made an email request to Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo for internal City documents and copied an unauthorized person- a political operative on the email.  The unfamiliar name alerted Longo, who then discovered that Castellano had put a political operative on the document request.

The video is not available on U-Stream due to a 'technical glitch' but GA expects that the video (and clip) will be made available.

(Orignal post- edits for update noted **)

Holy cow.  GA always falls asleep before the real 'juice' explodes from the City Council dais.

In last night's case, the juice was fermented grape- as told by First Ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano to Corporation Council Melisa Longo, when she (Terry) explained that she was so juiced up on "two glasses" of fermented grape (White Lightening? Night Train? Thunderbird?) that she put a political operative on a sensitive document request!**

Perfectly understandable. GA always shares confidential internal City document requests with political operatives whenever I get juiced on the juice.  Don't you?

And do we know the identity of the political operative?

Is it someone in Ruben's camp?  Someone in Mason's camp?  Someone in neither camp?  Someone working for a developer?  Or working for someone who does business with the city currently or wants to? 

It couldn't possibly be a political operative steeped in anonymous blogging with numerous press contacts at The Hoboken Reporter, with dozens of screen names and a longtime employee of Beth Mason... could it?

I mean, given Castellano's outspoken allegations about pro-Zimmer bloggers, such as her recent letter in the Hoboken Reporter:
"Zimmer’s propaganda machine: a small group of zealots charged with maintaining misleading blogs, send unfounded spin throughout mainstream media." 

Nah, that would make Terry Castellano completely duplicitous and position herself as a propaganda machine for zealot 'Terry-Bloggers' with contacts at the local press, feeding them confidential City documents so they can traffic them into the Hoboken Reporter and online on blogs like Hoboken411com!

We know THAT doesn't happen, never has.

Or does it? 

GA doesn't have time now to look for the juicy, juiced-up Castellano confession to Melisa Longo, but judging from the emails I got last night it must be off-the-hook.  Here's one:
WTF???? what info?? which political operative? why didn't someone file ethic charges against her??

did this just come to light?? did reform council seemed surprised? did the 4 Aholes come to her defense??
Here's another: 
 Omg! What CONFIDENTIAL legal info did terry give to a "political operative"???
So, GA will leave you with this question. 

Patrick Ricciardi is facing sentencing for 'diverting' the mayor's emails to unauthorized others, for political purposes.

Terry Castellano was caught emailing an unauthorized person (political operative) on an internal document request for political purposes.**

What is the about the Dark Side's penchant for 'sharing' emails with unauthorized persons?**

GA will get the transcript up when I get the time and opportunity. Stay tuned.


  1. The old I was drunk e-mailing excuse.

    Yeah I buy that.

    More likely she was tipped that she was going to be named and she wanted to set up an excuse to cover herself.

    I hear those Russo are good at covering their butts.

  2. Castellano was in full scale retreat on the exposure of her leaking legal documents from Corporation Counsel to a political operative. Who could it be? Terry Castellano doesn't hire political operatives, she may benefit from them but who would pay for them and include them on sensitive legal materials?

    This really reeks and it must involve Beth Mason. She's the one who spends all her time plotting with paid staff to harm Hoboken. Castellano must be piggybacking off of Beth Mason or rather the Russo clan leaches off Beth Mason.

    This coming right on the heels of the sentencing for the huge heist of emails in the mayor's office where Patrick Ricciardi got busted and is sentenced later this month.

    So now they don't steal the emails they request them and then distribute them to political operatives to come up with methods to undermine the city.

    Wow! Great job Terry. It's been cleared up!

  3. of course castellano is in cahoots with mason's operatives. who do you think wrote all "her" recent letters to the HR, Patch, etc.? there is no way she wrote those, except for maybe inserting a couple of snide comments.

  4. A bottle of white, a bottle of red
    Perhaps a confidential document instead.

    1. Excellent! We need the rest of the lyrics... Oracle or Reformerus G in da house?

      What about a video? I'd love to see piano man RG in a Billy Joel wig.

    2. Scenes from (one of those) Italian Restaurants

      A box full of white, a box full of red,
      Mix ‘em up and have rosé instead.
      We'll get a hacker more discreet
      In an uptown basement space
      Pressing send, while shit-faced hm, hm
      A box full of red, a box full of white
      It all depends what kind of crimes you like
      We’ll take on any laws to flaunt
      In our Italian Restaurant.

  5. I thought Terry said she had a Riccardi and coke.

  6. we have to get the video tape on this, oh boy. terry castellano doesn't make innocent mistakes. ain't much innocent about her.

  7. also, can you imagine the immediate screaming headlines in the reporter/patch/ if one of the reform council people had blurted this out at a meeting?? none of them have even covered voting down legal expenses to fight the monarch project yet. but they IMMEDIATELY covered the vastly more important story about that old ferry boat getting kicked out!

  8. Well, the reporter/patch/ screams about reform mistakes. The GA does the same for Old Guard mistakes. We have some balance in getting the word out.

  9. This is a pattern of behavior, not a one-time lapse. Nobody sends one document to an operative.

  10. Hopefully, the whole email hacking caper will be concluded with many held accountable and being punished as necessary.

  11. Corporation Council Longo also said that Hoboken's confidential legal documents have shown up on lawsuits against the City.

    1. I would like Longo to produce copies of all such documents, present them to the city at the next city council meeting and for her to rip into whomever is sabotaging the city's position in these disputes.

    2. Yes, what use was made by the recipients of the confidential email documents and information. Did they, their friends,followers, associates or family receive some benefit from the unfair advantage of having this inside confidential information. That's why the Mayor wants all involved to be held accountable. Former BA Liston mentioned names and former city lawer Tabakin [sp.] testified that these specific individuals should be investigated.

  12. If you're too sauced to properly handle sensitive documents via email it may cause one to ask how often this goes on.


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