Bobble Boy

Bobble Boy

You've probably heard of Bubble Boy, and Balloon Boy, but did you know that Hoboken had it's very own Bobble Boy?

From the City Council dais, he fidgets, tortures the English language in a rat-a-tat tat sputter as his head bobs like it's loosely mounted on a spring.

Yep,  you may call him Tim Bobble-pinti or Occhi-bobble.
Occhi-bobble: " ... a lot of these cases come about because of the administration themselves, and the high 92 percent rate isn't exactly what um, you deem it to be because a lot of these cases are employee matters that should be settled... easily!

Terry 'Never guzzle-wine-while-BCCing a political operative' Castellano: That should have never happened

Occhi-bobble: They aren't even like, huge wins. They're part of litigation that all cities go through. So you're trying to say that you know all of this litigation that we have 92%... well, we should have a good winning percentage, we shouldn't have to pay 2 and a half... 2 million dollars to get it if you have good attorneys.  And you know,  competent in-house... no... I take that back... I'm sorry... that's not what I meant... if we had in-house atorneys that could do more work that we out-source.  That's what I meant... 

Ooops.  That's our Bobble Boy.

Well, at least according to Corporation Counsel that's all he's good at!



  1. I wonder how much incompetent city council members who pass out confidential legal memorandums have cost the city in terms of legal expenses?

  2. Tim-wit is part of the team of geniuses that cost the city 2 million when we could have refinanced the hospital garage for 50k.

    Collectively, we pay him and his cohorts 96k per year for the privilege of having them obstruct the business of city government, abuse our citizens, engage in character assassinations at our professionals, sue us constantly and leak confidential documents.

    1. Oracle dear, make that $4.5 million that Bobble-Head and the Dark Siders cost the City (us) for voting 'NO' on the garage re-finance.

      Yes, it's outrageous those 4 collect a paycheck from us.

  3. Thanks for the reminder, GA. 4.5 million down the toilet, thanks to Tim Occhipinti, Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Beth Mason. Their corruption, matched only by their incompetence, ignorance and vile natures, makes them uniquely unqualified to be councilmen.

    Hobokenites should look forward to voting them out of office or seeing them in a perp-parade, whichever comes first.


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