Blowing His Stack

What if you had reason to believe a person you'd confided in over a period of months, a person you'd trusted, a person you'd gone out on a limb for, had been wired and taping you?

Now imagine you are the mayor of a city- powerful, influential and under scrutiny of the F.B.I.... and you discover that many unguarded moments where you spoke openly on confidential matters may exist on tapes which could be subpoenaed.

Imagine on top of all of those things you are (allegedly) paranoid about being under F.B.I. surveillance and have a hair-trigger temper.

Enter the psyche of Union City Mayor Brian Stack. 

 For the purpose of this post, we'll call Stack's trusted ally, 'Rat'.

GA hears Stack was livid when he heard that Rat had been (allegedly) taping conversations with "everyone".  Not only had Stack extended a helping hand to Rat, he had been completely unguarded in their talks, and now has no idea what he may have said or what Rat was planning to do with the tapes.  

One insider called Rat 'dead politically'... no one will ever trust him again; Stack won't talk to him, won't do more for his career.  GA imagines the mayor feels he was made a fool of and is afraid of what he may have said on those tapes...

GA hears another person not thrilled with Rat is Freeholder Anthony Romano.  Don't be surprised if he cuts ties with him.

On another note... GA hears the media is "close" to getting a look at the transcript.


  1. WOW, you weren't kidding about explosive! let's say, just suppose, a rat were on a ticket for a november election. is there any way the head of the ticket could kick the rat off? well, if he can technically do it, something tells me he could possibly find a way to gently persuade said rat to step down.

    but then, what happens to all the cheese the rat was in charge of procuring and distributing?

    so many questions.

  2. Let's say a certain guy has his people bullet that would be karma.

  3. "Down with Corruption - or at least let me participate in it." What the hell is going on? By the way, I noticed the saying on a T shirt recently.

  4. Hah!! Another example of "Hudson County's Exemplary, Ethical Officials!!! Yah-right!!! Another self-impressed, "Big Dog" lifting his leg and streaming all over taxpayers? And boo-hoo, if as described he has something to worry about from a tape-recording RAT?

    It always seemed that Mr Mayor Stack sincerely loved his town; and while he had good name recognition and apparently state-wide allies. He comes across as a "Union City guy," happy to run the town instead of vaulting & striving for higher-office ambition.

    Then there was that dicey issue with his wife's employment situation and car-usage issues? That kind of menial petty hackery so beloved and exemplified by "old-school" craven-fingered Hudson pols. Of the type a true "man of the people" wouldn't imagine engaging; tawdry and venal, "beneath the dignity" of more ambitious boodling scenarios?

    One wonders what motivates these so-called, "I LOVE my city!!!" self-proclaimed, "man of the people," types. I.E. the Hoboken Russos, who claim a "populist" mantle but act contrary to public interests, but quite notably in SELF-interest? Subsidized apartments, scoffed-off legal decisions. "You talkin' to ME, sucker? Those rules don't apply HERE!!" Sucker taxpayers have to play by the rules, but not the undoubtedly politically-savvy Stacky-baby? Taxpayers who TRULY love their towns enough to endure the ceaseless, remorseless petty and grand schemes and scams, instead of being treated as the "working class taxpayer" "heros" they truly exemplify. Catching that streak-of-dawn first bus outta the depot to a 12-14 hour day and then having their hours culled for a truly Grand Scam Larceny play called, "Obamacare." Sharnado with a stethescope.

    And if as recently reported he had some kind of physical altercation with a law enforcement officer, some poor schlub just trying to do his job, and having to encounter hot-headed (albeit well-barbered) "Union City guy," Stacksy-baby?

    Stack, Russo, presenting the well-manicured frontal impression as Mr. Joe-Union-City; otherwise an apparent puppet-master; a notional counterpart to a similar scene-stealing string-yanker in Bayonne, Gallo whats-his-name.

    A shame, a hard-working, great county, nicely situated to the planetary Big Apple capital city, airports, trains, excellent water-proximity, increasingly fun and enlivening socialization/night-life aspects.

    Such potential, and really, it's just plain geographical good-luck of being next-door to the planetary-capital city, NYC. That as craven and self-interested and grub-fingeredly dastardly as Hudson and various locality pols can be. Such the geographical, transportation, and overall "as-is" comes with the territory advantages.

    Even the grub-fisted hacks can't scrw it up; it's a testament to Hudson's hard-working but increasingly crushed (for declining services and safety, esp.) Only proximity to NYC maintains Hudson County's economic appeal and vitality. Absent that proximity, it wouldn't be long before Hudson County alarmingly transformed to Detroit-a-la-Hudson.

    The most troubling aspect is the alleged altercation with a law enforcement officer - as described an FBI AGENT.

    Ordinary citizens would be looking at FELONY charges and a well-deserved interval in the hoose-gow? But for self-impressed "above the law" officials, "hey, I'm a Union City guy, party big-shot, powerful statewide allies. Go pound sand, deal with it!!"

    Yeah, Joe Citizen, go try that scenario next time you even THINK of engaging a law enforcement officer with physical intent?

    What a shame, like Hoboken, Union City comprised of hard-working, striving folks, keeping the town and too many parasite public paycheck grime-fingered hacks increasingly crushing and discouraging their striving efforts. DickSheppard HCNJ

  5. WTF is going on in the Rat's mind? He has always been a slick successful used-car salesman getting away with his questionable dealings. Has he hung himself?

    1. it appears success breeds cockiness, the downfall of many a rat.

  6. Rats are amongst the few species who survive,as disgusting and botoom feeding as they are.

    1. Yes, they are tough - many survived the atom bomb tests in the desert. In human behavior, their cockiness can do them in. The individuals involved in the email theft ring have the same bad qualities, especially the fire official mentioned in the FBI complaint. Additionally, will Mr. Riccardi be sentenced tomorrow or will the beat go on???


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