(Another) GA Screenshot Hoax

photograph courtesy of MSV
Folks, you can't teach an old fish new tricks.

In April 2012, 2nd Ward Councilwoman James Barracato doctored a screenshot from this blog and gave it to The Hoboken Reporter.  His scheme was to pitch them a story that GA had written about Nazi gas chambers.  Only the hapless dope left his electronic fingerprints on the doctored screenshot, so there it was in plain sight:"Author: James Barracato".

Councilwoman Barracato Hoax #1
Of course, the  GA piece had nothing to do with "Nazi gas chambers".  It was about the irony of Beth Mason hosting a gathering for new  HUMC administrators after she'd tried everything to kill the sale of their hospital; it was titled   "Nurse Kevorkian to Meet and Greet Victims". Once GA exposed the hoax, The Hoboken Reporter killed the story.  Yet the paper still talks to him, go figure.

Fast forward to now.

Something is in the air.  Most summers are slow and lazy, even dull.  Not this one.  Check out what popped up on Patch yesterday- a number of times.

 Councilwoman Barracato Hoax #2

No electronic fingerprints this time, but his Nazi obsession is his fingerprint. Or should I say 'fin print'.

I don't think AOL is laughing. This matter has been taken up with their legal department who may not be chuckling over theft of their intellectual property and modifying it for libelous purposes.  And they don't need to subpoena themselves to get his IP and the IPs of those sharing screen names. Of course, Patch can ban an IP, but how do we ban Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti from sharing the City's most sensitive business with this vindictive and immature political operative?

The evidence that Finboy is functioning in lieu of his boss, Beth Mason as defacto 2nd Ward Councilwoman is right at the top of Castellano's email. 


  1. Of additional note...Daria and Dov both posted what appeared to be original copies of the parking lot flyer about the kid's first graphic designer. Given that this was distributed illegally, I think it makes an interesting lead into who actually designed and distributed these.

    1. Yes, and Daria-Dov removed the bottom portion of the flyer about the lawsuit, which is another 'Tell'.

      2 weeks ago, 'they' started to publicize the lawsuit again with postings on Patch containing libelous statements about my alleged actions. Because I am not discussing the case, I responded by posting my court documents online. Then... dead silence from the other side.

      The overwhelming evidence that the Plaintiffs filed a frivolous complaint in bad faith is all there in my meticulously crafted Motion for Summary Judgment... and Beth and Ricky Mason bear witness to it in their own emails- which are all posted online (attached to my Affidavit), as they are public documents. Can't wait to get those two under oath.

      All documents are on ScribD, my account is njpincus.

      I heard from several people that Finboy was pitching a lawsuit-update story to the Hoboken Reporter. Well, it's a very different story now, and I will respond with documentary evidence about the Plaintiffs inside relationship with the Hoboken Reporter which dates back years.

      That's another reason Jake is being harassed; he is the source of dozens of the most damaging emails to Plaintiffs- not my only source, but one of them.

  2. Today Carmelo Garcia's latest scam to hold "public meetings" in the HHA with an emphasis on the least accessible locations on the weekends is getting utterly pulverized by the public on Hoboken Patch.

    There's nary a sign of Dov Aronson, Cindy Goldberg or Daria Gluck - the imprinteur of FinBoy's screen names defending Vision Money Money or making personal attacks.

    It's like something bad has come out on FinBoy and he's gone the way of prosbus and curious gal. Beth Mason must be so sad.

    Where will she go for her internet blogging strategy when her team has been grounded?

    But you have to say, FinBoy the second ward councilwoman is very busy so maybe he's just running behind today.

    Or maybe AOL Legal has banished FinBoy's IP.

    1. I noticed that. I'll ask the rep from AOL's legal department when they call me later.

  3. Suspension confirmed.

    When he pops up from another IP that one will be hosed too.


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