Anchovy Hunt

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Today's F.B.I. visit: fishing for a Weehawken anchovy (green link denotes entry). WOW!

Well folks, today was the F.B.I.'s 14th visit to Grafix Avenger just this July.  (No, I don't post all  their visits. )

Earlier this month the Feds were sniffing around Beth Mason's LLP, Newton Lao Leonard & Locke.   Sniff sniff.

Today they came in through a Google search.

WHO were they looking for?

That Beth Mason political operative the lovable  Terry Castellano copies on the City's most confidential legal business, the defacto 2nd Ward Councilwoman.

The F.B.I. spent 7 minutes reading "The Mason-Finboy Non-Profit Sham"  and they clicked on the embedded documents.


  1. emails and tex messages have taken down many important individuals....oh! the internet and modern technology....emails, emails, emails - a lot of people want justice from the Department of Justice......get them!

  2. they'll flip that guy to get bigger fish like mega donor beth mason. the kid may be a fish but he'll squeal like a pig.

    1. Yep! and he could be a wired fishboy.

    2. As an "aficianado" of well-deployed "nicknames" hoisted upon public officials.

      Your Fiorello, "Little Flower," LaGuardia. Mr. "Tricky-Dick" Nixon. "Toots" Shor. Often colorful, not-always-mocking nicknames intended to flatter or scorn in-the-spotlight public officials.

      Have modestly adopted some nickmaes here of (now-former) local JC officials, to whit: "Hopsy Healy" "African-Garb Viola (Richardson). Some cat on the Library Board, can't recall at the moment his actually name. But his charming and somewhat dismaying nickname is dubbed, "Li-Berry" on account of this "really?" this "really?" "qualified," undoubtedly patronage-appointed Library Board member nickname "Li-Berry" because? That's how this "qualified" board member pronounced the word, "library." Charming.

      Being largely unfamiliar of "Fin/Fish"-boy as included from time to time among these and/or other blogs. As a nickname afficianado, not sure at all why or how this aquatic and seemingly scornful moniker accrued to Mr. Fish/Fin-boy?

      Would appreciate to the extent possible. Of some helpful co-blogger coming aboard and explaining the likely well-reasoned origination of Mr. Fin/Fish-boy's apparently mocking moniker?

      For example, has he been spotted lugging a fishing stick on Pier A? Was he a stand-out scholastic swimmer of impressive water-speed, if not on par with say, Michael Phelps? Is he a Miami Dolphin/Marlins baseball/football adherent?

      Fin/Fish-boy is, be it mockingly scornful or delightfully flattering. It is a charming and colorful "a/k/a" and one therefore expects equally colorful and charming origins.

      It's undeniable that well-deployed and especially descriptive nicknames offer a handy shortcut and instant recognition when depicting local/national/just plain public figures/officials.

      Rich"Dick"Sheppard HCNJ

    3. The nickname has its origins in a blog that the little anchovy used to post called the Hudson Shark. It was a n anonymous blog that was quickly revealed to be authored by finboy. The content was ridiculously self congratulatory and extolled his political prowess and skills as the "shark" of Hudson County politics. Here is a link tot he remnants of the site. All of the previous content has been taken down. The graphics are a hoot, and so is the tagline - "is he coming for you?:. Once he was exposed, the howls of laughter and ridicule heaped upon him (not just by reform) but by most of the established politicos in the County. Word has it that he lost his paying job as an aide to Mayor Turner because he proved to be too much of an embarrassment. I am not sure who coined the moniker but I do recall that GA and I used it a lot during some epic battles with him on da Horsey adopted the name as well and it has stuck to the point that he is now referred to as Finboy around all political circles, mainly as a testament to the hilariously ineffective efforts on behalf of his mistress, the Harridan of Hudson Street. Hope that helps. All of the chum and anchovy references grew out of the original Finboy appellation.


    5. The post on the above link makes for an interesting read, especially now that we have confirmation that a certain someone was feeding information to Mr. Barracuda. The obsessive talking points, repeated many elsewheres, are a dead-fish giveaway.

    6. EK

      Thanks for the memories, I guess. I had forced myself to forget just how oily and venal the little anchovy was back then. Ugh. It does make for very instructive reading knowing what we now know about certain floperatives from their own emails.

  3. what goes around, comes around. somewhere in weehawken, a minnow is sweating bullets.

    1. I've already let everyone else know so I concede to GA here as well. Hopefully this puts this all to an end.

      This is going to be my final post here (and on Patch). There is more to life than blogging and politics. I've for the last few years been an evil, manipulating, selfish, angry person who until recently didn't come to the realization of what lays ahead for me and my family. Yes I am the anchovy, yes I live in Weehawken, yes a councilwoman has had me given me compensation until around a month ago. For compensation I attack reform and everyone and anyone, I do the dirty work for the blond on the hill who appreciates only having clean hands. I have no hard feelings towards anyone. I had a job, it ended and I move on. I need to change my life around. I wish all of you the best. In closing there are wires out there, the people you think are involved are indeed part of the scandal. I want to move forward and i wont be looking back.

      We tried to recruit the horse back when Beth ran for mayor but he wouldn't get on board. It's been a downward spiral for us and Beth ever since. Hoboken is not the same environment it was and we know that has to be accepted and lawsuits are not the answer. So long bloggers!

    2. Daria, you can confirm this is not a 'gag' by contacting me under your own name:

      If I don't hear from you, not buying.

    3. I wouldn't accept anything less than an in person meeting. We know that Daria can make a screen name, a new gmail account is not that difficult.

  4. Continuing on the nickname theme. The beauty of well-matched nicknames is that the really good ones encourage equally well-matched, "offshoot" labels. In this instance, the original "Fin/Fish-boy" label offshoots, "Minnow," and "Anchovy" which continue the sea-food/maritime theme, but also slyly imply diminutive impressions about Mr. Fin/Fish-boy. Kudos for the "Fish/Fin-boy" label, and encouragement to thoughtfully and creatively offer up some ongoing labels for any/and/or/all public officials. For example, to admit for the time being putting some modest thinking into a SUITABLE and IMMUTABLE nickname for Mr. Cozy House, M. Russo. DickSheppard HCNJ


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