Anatomy of an HR Hatchet Job

In hindsight, the disclosure at the tail end of yesterday's post deserved a post of it's own.

This is the post, and here's the disclosure:

The Hoboken Reporter used the Plaintiff in the 'blogger lawsuit' as a media contact for the Mason for Mayor campaign, and in the words of a former reporter there knew him to be "an operative" yet....

...on August 19, 2012 The Hoboken Reporter wrote a lengthy article (3-pages) on the 'blogger lawsuit', a complaint predicated on claims that Plaintiff "is not a political operative"and omission of all political activities in Hoboken and all work for Councilwoman Beth Mason.  The Plaintiffs' claim "not a political operative" is repeated 12 times (¶ 27, 34, 43, 49, 55, 58, 80, 83, 89, 92, 112, 120) and yet, The Hoboken Reporter did NOT question the veracity of what they knew to be false.

Instead, The Hoboken Reporter published excerpts of the Complaint that were allegations only.  Multiple allegations.  At that time, I had no legal representation nor the ability to effectively respond to the allegations which the paper disseminated citywide in print and online.  Of course The Hoboken Reporter would have  known that. 

Oh, did I mention that my comments were buried on page THREE?  But look who got a star turn on page TWO:

At the end of the day, not only did The Hoboken Reporter's dishonest coverage promote the allegations of an un-litigated complaint, in doing so it has had a demonstrably harmful effect on at least one Defendant- me.


  1. The link to this GA post should be sent to:

    Hudson Reporter Assoc., L. P.
    1400 Washington Street
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
    Fax: 201-798-0018

    Lucha Malato, Co-Publisher, Ext: 216,
    David Unger, Co-Publisher, Ext: 601,
    Caren Matzner, editor, Ext: 403,

    They should be asked if this is in fact true and to clarify the situation. It is advised that you send the link to them via a dummy email account, lest they decide to target those who question their objectivity and complicity.

    1. By all means, thank you.

      I hope their Inboxes fill up.

  2. If anyone needs affirmation of any Lane Bajardi connection to Ms. Beth Mason.

    Being curious about Hoboken affairs, attended a Hoboken council meeting a few years back. Happened to arrive early.

    Wasn't too familiar with Hoboken's officials or any of those connected to them.

    But prior to the meeting, a nicely-groomed, nicely-suited and well-coiffed fellow strode up the center aisle of the council chamber. He casually passed behind the railing that separates the council members and officials from the public benches.

    Wasn't sure who this fellow was, but was curious what he was up to. Turns out, he had a very chic purple pillow in his hand. Thought, "what the heck is he doing with THAT?"

    What he did was very daintily place that purple pillow on a chair that was at the council table. A bit later, the council members entered, and who I knew at the time to be Beth Mason very self-pleasingly checked the chair, noticed the daintily-placed purple pillow, and sat down. She spent a few moments "wiggling her behind," in self-pleasing fashion as she settled in for the meeting.

    On seeing this, immediately turned to another member of the public who was attending the meeting. Spotted the well-coiffed pillow-carrier and asked the other person attending the meeting, "who's THAT?"

    That other member of the public chuckled and said, "HIM? THAT'S LANE BAJARDI." I said, "could you believe he just daintily placed a pillow on HER - (pointing at wiggling Beth Mason) - that Lane fellow just placed a purple pillow on that lady's chair!!!"

    What could either of us do but GUFFAW at the rank display of obsequious subservience exhibited by the Lane fellow? DickShepHCNJ

    1. ha! i've always heard allusions to the purple pillow but never knew the origins of the story. lane is more than an operative...he's kind of a weirdo.

    2. Oh my goodness, Mr. Shep. PRICELESS.

    3. Between the pajamas email and the purple pillow episode, you just can't make this stuff up.

    4. I bet it was a hemorrhoid pilllow

  3. It was quite startling because Mr. Bajardi carries himself as if HE'S in charge. He seems to have some kind of "broadcasting" career and evidently adores hearing his "stentorian" council podium utterances? Yet for all of his self-impressed impressions. Seems he can't convince even a modest amount of citizens that he's worthy of any public office?

    Some describe Mr. Bajardi as condescending and dismissive of any who disagree with him. That HE'D be the one expecting and demanding the "pillow-treatment?" Not only would he expect the pillow coddling, this presumptive mirror-adoring GQ-subscriber would NEVER EVER undertake such a publicly demeaning display?

    Instead, Mr. Bajardi's deed and impression was quite the opposite: an unintentionally hilarious example of toadying fealty; some might suppose that his imperious darty-eyed boss receiving the pillow treatment shivers to the display of a three-piece toady bowing-n-scraping for whatever political scraps she deigns to demure?

    1. Absolute stitches! Oh, my goodness.

      Do you recall the subject of his oratory? Could you describe it? In as much detail as possible.

      And, could you click here to find a replica of the purple pillow that you witnessed at the City Council being served to Beth Mason's rump? What was it's approximate dimensions?

      If you were presented a line-up of purple pillows in Court, would you be able to pick out the one you witnessed placed "daintily" on Councilwoman Mason's seat?

      Please contact me:

      Thank you, Mr. Shep!

  4. I noticed that too. He seemed very assured and confident unless around someone in "power", then he would be all a quiver. Amlost gushing. He's a wannbe.

    1. submit this as a affidavit! Please? It's priceless

  5. Lane the "Purple People Seater"


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