All Aboard the Bus to Jake's House

Come on, Joe.  You can do better than that. 

Is that the kind of bus you would drive your own family across state lines to protest at another family's house in?  Yikes.

Don't you have any respect for the people of the Hoboken Housing Authority, than to rent that piece of crap to bring them to Jake's house in Pennsylvania?

Try renting a nice bus complete with snacks, food and beverages for the 3-hour ride- one that's got the little TVs in the back of each seat,  full state-of-the-art entertainment system including DVD player, video monitor, CD player and public address (PA) system, advanced climate control (air conditioning and heat) , GPS (Global Positioning System), luxurious reclining seats with armrests, footrest and overhead reading lights,  Wi-Fi  and an onboard Lavatory.  Then after the protest is over, you can bring everyone for a fun-filled outing at nearby Dutch Wonderland theme park- unless of course, you're a racist.

This is the bus Branco should rent:

It's like a Room 84 on wheels!

Here's a little protest ditty GA wrote for the sing-a-long on the ride to Jake's house:



  1. That's our boy. Drive that Nazi Truck, I mean bus Joe!

    1. Don't you want to know what Garcia's stated "reasons to believe" that the protest could get out of hand ARE?

      What are those reasons? The protest sponsor is his BFF, Joe Branco.

      Did he get the reasons from his BFF or someone else?

      Clearly Garcia is telling Jake he cant guaranty his safety/the safety of his property if he doesn't resign his post. Someone I spoke with in law enforcement suggested this call was "interstate extortion of a steward of federal money", a federal crime. I hope Jake recorded the conversation.

    2. Crime shmime, this is Hoboken.

      Wait,they won't be in Hoboken, will they?

      Whoopsie! Joe better bring some serious cash.


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