What Misnomer?

GA had an emergency last night: a jellyfish ate Sponge Bob's spatula and for a while it was touch-and-go at the Krusty Krab.

So I missed the City Council meeting, but from what I see on MSV, HHA Director Carmelo Garcia stepped up his lobbying effort for Phase 1 of Vision 20/20.  

He brought kids with scripts. 

Garcia brought HHA kids to scold the City Council meanies who want them to live in safe new buildings with working fire suppression systems, clean of meth lab contamination and hazardous ground floor parking.

Mean, mean, mean!  GA thinks that the political exploitation of children is really the bottom of the deck.

So I would ask HHA Director Carmelo Garcia a couple of questions about the kids he brought.

Notice of Violation to HHA Director Carmelo Garcia, 501 Marshall- site of meth lab

Do any of these kids live in 501 Marshall, 665 6th Street, 311 13th Street, the buildings that had NO working fire suppression systems due to Garcia's failure to provide them with working generators?

Do any of the these kids live in 320 Jackson Street, 400 Marshall Drive, or 311 Harrison Street, where generators started but did not work properly?

Do any of these kids live at 501 Marshall, site of the meth labWhat was done to test for contamination?  Did a licensed bio-hazard environmental clean-up service do the decontamination?  Has the building been tested following the clean-up?  Can you prove it's safe for  kids to live there?

Why do you want hazardous ground floor parking where these kids play?

Why wouldn't you put parking inside the buildings, reduce density and make the parking area green space for the children to play if you care about them?

Do any of these kids ride in elevators wearing urine-soaked rubber diapers?  Why haven't you installed cameras in the elevators and instituted a ZERO-tolerance pee-pee policy: One Squirt and You're OUT?

Why don't you let the City Council and public see your proposal and have input?  Calling everyone a "racist" who asks for transparency and oversight won't fly in Trenton.  And you won't fare better in Hoboken.


Now, Garcia made yet another attack on the blogs, who seem to be the only 'media' covering what's really going on with respect to the Vision 20/20 proposal.

That's called shooting the messenger: bang bang bang!

Zzzzzzz... wake me up when it's over.

Garcia cited "misnomers" on the blogs.  Fair enough, what are they?  I will correct any on mine.

The problem with HIDING the actual site plans and drawings is it forces bloggers to make projections and estimates.  The Executive Director can clear up the "misnomers" by providing the City Council and public with the hard information he is hiding.

And that the biggest 'tell' of all.  Instead of bringing children to the city coucil, he should bring his plans, numbers and facts in his proposal.  

Calling elected officials "racists" and invoking the "KKK" won't cut it.


  1. Wait... Ground floor parking?? You mean this place has a parking garage???


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