Uvula's Crystal Ball Meets Pay-to-Play

Graphic from one year ago.

Thanks to puzzledone for reminding me of the one year anniversary of this post Deep Uvula: Below the Radar Deep Uvula is a longtime GA informant deeply ensconced on the Dark Side.

One year later, not only have Deep Uvula's predictions been shown to be true, but who could have forseen that Tim Occhipinti would be caught by the Star Ledger taking ''secret donations' from a firm that does business with Hoboken and caught by GA for taking $8,098.03 in donations too small to be itemized on his ELEC for his 2015 campaign.  Donations he has spent.

Now see how this fits into what we know now about the Garcia-Russo-Occhipinti urgency to shove  Vision 20/20 past the HHA Board and City Council without any public scrutiny or input.

Timmy opened up his 2015 campaign with ELEC on April 20, 2012.  Here is a timeline of how his 2015 war-chest went from $0 to $8,098.03 back to $0.
  • On 5/1/2012 he reported $2688.03 in small donations
  • On 6/19/2012 Timmy posted this on Facebook 
  • On 6/20/2012 Timmy exploded over Camporeale's removal at the City Council, stormed off the dais when it was time to vote for her replacement, and got physical with Dave Mello in an altercation so ugly the police came to the dais
  • On 7/17/2012 he reported another $2530.00 in small donations
  • On 1/8/2013 he reported another $200 in small donations
  • On 1/16/2013 he reported another $2700 in small donations 
  • On 4/5/2013 GA busted Timmy- see Occhi-Shady ELECs 
  • On 5/1/2013 he reported $0.00 in small donations
  • On 5/1/2013 he reported 98% of total contributions spent
Were you wondering back then WHY Timmy got so apoplectic over an HHA appointment?  I was.

Were you wondering WHY he demonstrated so publicly for an HHA Board controlled by Carmelo Garcia?  I did.

Are you wondering WHERE all of these 'small donations' in 2012 came from?  I do.

And now, one year later Vision 20/20 has become an election issue, with those who are calling for a public review process with community input "racists" and "KKK".  Councilmen Russo and Occhipinti have been barking race and class accusations like circus clowns; they've become caricatures of shyster politicians.

Meanwhile GA has noted how the Vision 20/20 plan HHA Executive Director Garcia, Russo and Occhipinti scream about is a Vision of Asphalt, with parking lots surrounding building blocks, a total subversion of the intent and purpose of  Hoboken's Master Plan.

Vision of Asphalt 20/20: areas in red are parking lots.

Based on this plan and the effort to hide it, GA wonders if the asphalt contract has already been awarded. GA bets the contracts have already been divvied up like a pie.

Which explains WHY the braying bullies are trying to intimidate Reformers on the City Council, HHA Board and as always, the blogs.

It's not working.  A measure of their frustration is the revival of the year-old complaints about the removal of Commissioner Marianne Camporeale and the appointment of Greg Lincoln to replace her on June 20, 2012. 

Now let's revisit the Uvula prognostication.  Was that fleshy little fella "on the money" or what?

Things seemed to be going okay, with folks making plans for what to do after the Feds get done with this mess. Most thought that the HAA was safe and under the radar for a while and would let things get done without too much notice.

But then Camporeale had to screw things up by getting bounced off the HHA. Nobody gets how Carmelo could have fucked up so bad on this one. Just get her to the damn classes – we all remember what happened to Ruben. She had one job to do and screwed it up big time.

For a bunch of reasons I’m not in line to get anything out if it, so I could give a rat’s ass about it now. She was supposed to keep the HHA seat to allow Carmelo time to push through the plan to rebuild the HHA, or at least get it so far along that it couldn’t be stopped. Bet you haven’t heard or seen those plans. You don’t have to look too hard.

This was supposed to be the last big grab for money in town before all you Yuppies take over and shut everything down. Hundreds of millions in construction fees, real estate commissions, insurance premiums, points – everyone has been slobbering over all the dough to be made. 

The trick was to get the plans so far down the road to approval that Zimmer can’t do nothing about it. That is why it has been under wraps. But now that idiot old bat blew it. 


 You wondered why everyone was screaming and yelling last Wednesday – had nothing to do with that old bat – she is as tough as nails. Always was. It’s all about jeopardizing the money that everyone plans to be making.

Occhipinti acted like a fool. Even Mike realized he was out of control and had to step in. He and the old bat forget that this stuff is now on video and they just made a bunch of commercials for the Mayor’s re-election campaign. 

Hear that folks are starting to think he has some serious limitations and that he is believing that he really is the whole bag of tricks. But the kid can’t think on his feet for nothing. 

Nobody is too happy about what happened Wednesday. They lost the seat and acted like morons. The whole lot of them. There are plenty of pissed off folks behind the scenes. That is why you saw the ones that are out in front so desperate – this could get ugly. Gotta love the excuses about her being a poor old disabled lady. And Russo said that crap with a straight face. Pretty impressive. 

You thought 300k for new floors in the elevators was wild, that is peanuts compared to what people are planning to take out of the tear down of the HHA. That is what last Wednesday was all about. 

Now you know why 'they' scream about blogs.  Too much truth.


  1. Woohoo, my name in lights. Too bad I can't figure out how to set up an account to post with my name in blogspot. Anyways, thanks for the hard work you do. Just a coincidence that I was looking for this yesterday and found the date strange, and what can I say, I love puzzles!

    --The eternally confused one.

    1. Thank you, dear. I checked- I've got 1,745 posts since I opened this blog... too much (for me) to remember! Thank you for the reminder.

      To post under a name, you really just need a Google gmail account, and when you post here it will show your "Display name" or "nickname"- whatever it is, which you will create when you set up your account. Otherwise, stick to Anon. Enjoy the day!

  2. GA, thanks for the (easy to verify) timeline of shenanigans by the Old Guard & Occhipinti, and to the PuzzledOne for reminding us of last years post that's proved clairvoyant. I think the OG will make Vision 20/20 the major issue in the fall mayoral campaign, though they may not call it that. To paraphrase Willie Sutton - It's where the money is...

  3. A one issue election won't work.....it will be the record that counts!

  4. Time for an OG status update from Uvula. Just think of all the dirty he/she can spill on vision 20/20, Mason recall hoax, Timmy getting nailed for illegal donations, Russo's KKK comments, Carmelo's general sleaziness, etc. Please drop him a line to say hi!

  5. Batman off his medsJune 26, 2013 at 9:56 PM

    We need the douche to come back and tell us how Jake driving to HHA meetings from PA where he cares for ailing family members is somehow worse.


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