Source: Timmy Threatened with Recall

City Council Dumb-inatrix
Holy cow... Hoboken has truly become Hudson County's Ground Zero in the coming November  election.

GA hears there is serious strong-arming of Hudson County 'bosses' to support Ruben Ramos; we may be calling this election cycle: Invasion of the Carpetbaggers.

We've already got Union City's Brian Stack on the Ruben train and GA hears that North Bergen's Mayor Sacco is being pressured to support Ruben, which brings Paul Swibinski into Hoboken's election... 

The Carpetbaggers will bring troops, cash and Hoboken will see voter fraud the likes of which we've never seen.  The Carpetbaggers believe they can beat Zimmer by suppressing her vote.  Dirty tricks galore. 

No where is the heat more intense than inside of Hoboken.

GA hears that "everyone" is being strong-armed to get behind Ruben, and that people are even being "threatened". According to my source, one of them is 4th Ward City Councilman Tim Occhipinti.   

Occhipinti was threatened with a recall election if he doesn't support Ruben Ramos.

GA hears Tim told "them" to go to Hell.

Good work, Timmy!  I'd tell them to go to Hell too.

In fact, I'd run for Mayor just to teach those jerks a lesson.

Of course Timmy may be worried, so GA expects him to fall in line and follow orders.  In fact, we may see signs that he's caved to the threat.

Or he might be pissed enough to ask Beth Mason, threatened with her own recall, to back him for mayor.

Then what would The Carpetbaggers do?


  1. The fact that Timmy seems to honestly feel that he has some order of political mandate and was rightfully elected makes this very interesting.

  2. The question is - can outside sources control the majority of Hoboken voters? IMO the answer is no! There is no run-off; therefore, no fun-off [lol]. Additionally, there is a difference between BnR and Old Guard.

    1. Poor Timmy, no one will give him money to run for mayor. Boo-hoo, he's soooo accomplished. Dunce doesn't even know enough to realize how dopey stupid the idea of him running for mayor would be. Sure Ruben Ramos has a bad record but he does have a real record, unlike Timmay.

      When you are a complete bought and sold puppet, there's nothing of value in an empty suit when it matches with an empty head. I saw that on Grafix Avenger recently and it's true!

      Thank you very much Grafix Avenger!

  3. It doesn't seem to me that "outside forces" control any votes whatsoever in Hoboken. All they can do is provide financing to buy votes like Mason did with TimO. The voter fraud is done by the local guys - all the outsiders will do is pay for it. I suppose Stack or Sacco could also send in out of town goons (I mean "workers") on election day (isn't that what Sacco's public works director got indicted for?) but that doesn't actually create any votes either.

    Isn't Swibinsky the guy who did all those horrible mailers for Mason? If that's the guy then I think his involvement would be a net positive for Zimmer.

    1. The Carpetbaggers will pump money and manpower the likes of what Hoboken's never seen for a city-wide vote harvest, at the same time using every possible trick to suppress reform turnout.

      Underestimating them is a mistake. The Carpetbaggers are coming and they're with Ruben's Hoboken supporters- including the Russos. Think of anything they can do to suppress our vote, and they will try. Including spreading rumors about how far ahead Zimmer is, so our people stay home.

      Yes, Swibinski is the creator of that hilarious dud "Dual Job Dawn", which inspired GA's alternative "Dual Cob Dawn". Watch out, she'll eat your cob, too!

  4. You may need to add some new tshirts to the shop for the fall campaign. Something like "Ask yourself who is paying all these non-residents to get you to vote for Ruben Ramos. And why."

    1. I like "only a politician you know is up to no good needs to pay you to vote for them".

      Or how about "an honest vote is a free vote and an honest politician only wants honest votes".

  5. This just in: Beth just out. It's so hard to run for office when you're running from the law.


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