Tim REFUSES to Answer the $8K QUESTION

He sure takes the cake.

Big props to Da Horsey!

 MSV attended last night's budget hearing and as the meeting ended, asked Councilman Tim Occhipinti the question the public deserves to know:
"You spent approximately $8,000 in small donations for your 2015 campaign...  do you want to tell us where the campaign monies were spent?"
Nope, Tim's does NOT want to tell us about how he spent $8,098.03 in small campaign contributions for his 2015 campaign.  Instead Occhipinti tells  MSV, "You're not a reporter!"  then seeks police intervention.

Does this mean Occhipinti will answer this question from a "reporter" ?  Okay, heads up to the mainstream media that Tim will answer that question.

Media folk, keep this in mind.  Tim filed his 2015 campaign 3 YEARS and 7 MONTHS before the 2015 election.

And, mainstream media folk. Here are some questions to ask.  Look at 2015 campaign disbursements from Timmy's July 15, 2012 Quarterly ELEC, page 6:

Okay, two questions arise from this one page.

QUESTION (1) Why did Timmy host a private political fundraiser for his 2015 campaign in a public park, announce it to the press as a "party" and tap Hoboken City workers and resources?

Here's the Jersey Journal announcement of Occhpinti's  April 28, 2012  "family-friendly party" to celebrate the opening of the renovated Jackson and Jefferson Street parks.

 On April 26, 2012 GA asked the question "who is paying for Tim's party?" 

And now we know- sort of.  

Tim financed the "party" from 2015 campaign contributions, calling it a fundraiser.  60% of Timmy's total 2015 contributions come from "small donors".

Now that we know it wasn't a '"party" but a political event ("fundraiser") for his 2015 campaign, shouldn't Timmy PAY HOBOKEN TAXPAYERS BACK for use of HFD fire trucks and personnel?

Timmy enlists HFD for his 2015 campaign fundraiser held on April 28, 2012- credit: MSV

I think so.

GA hopes that at the next City Council meeting, one of the Council members will REQUEST Timmy refund the taxxpayers for using the City's resources for his 2015 political campaign fundraiser.

I am a taxpayer, and I want my money back.  Let Timmy pay for his own fundraisers.

QUESTION (2) Why is Timmy paying his Treasurer from campaign funds?  

Is that even legal?  It certainly is a conflict of interest.  GA is NOT saying this applies to the Occhipinti campaign, it applies to general appearances; paying one's Treasurer could be interpreted as hush money or a quid pro quo if funds have been improperly gathered or spent.  Or even when no wrongdoing has occurred. It simply < looks bad.  

A lawyer friend thought it may be illegal, but his expertise is not election law.  In any event, GA thinks Timmy should repay his campaign for monies disbursed to his Treasurer.  My opinion.

Well, clearly Timmy spent his 2015 campaign funds like a drunken sailor.

GA believes the public has a right to know WHO has been providing this revenue stream while Occhipinti is the deciding vote on a 4-4 Council on who gets contracts with the City and who does not.

Now take a look at Timmy's reaction to being asked the $8K question:


  1. I cant believe that TIMMAY knew that he was being recorded. He comes across as such an arrogant douche bag. BTW, the hysterical maniacal laughing of the flying monkeys in the background when he says "I'm sorry" as he pokes his face into Roman's clearly means that the Wicked Bitch of Hudson Street was close by. Her assortment of fools, floperatives and miscreants are never far from her side, especially at council meetings. You and da Horsey clearly have foudn a really sore button to push on the TIMMAY doll! Unfortunately for him (and for shits and giggle for us) he appears to have no canned response prepared. As DU noted in your post a year ago, even the OG thinks that TO is a disaster on his feet. Pretty great stuff. Keep it up. Push that button. Again. Again. Again. I like seeing TIMMAY doll's head explode.

  2. Hey I posted a few questions on your June 18 entry that I think deserve some answers. Wondering what your take is. Meant to get to it earlier sorry.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Johnny Action! It illustrates a true story. Click on the caption... you won't believe it.


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