The Zimmer Atrocities

Someone mentioned that Hoboken politico David Liebler had posted photos of garbage on the Mayor's Facebook 'wall' (see above).  What a great idea!

The mayor must be held accountable for her failures, like leaving your beer cans on the park bench and your gnawed cigarette butts on the curb and your dog's shit where you left it on the sidewalk.

That's what the mayor should be doing- cleaning up after you!

Not wasting her time doing this:  

GA agrees with Mr. Liebler...  Zimmer needs to STOP and get to work!   Someone's dog took a dump on the corner of 5th and Bloomfield...


GA was so inspired by Mr. Liebler's photo-journalism, I shot some photos this morning of  Mayor Zimmer's many failures which I call The Zimmer Atrocities.   You will agree, the mayor is responsible for these and many, many others.  Like Mr. Liebler, I will continue to document her failures and present them to you on these pages.

(WARNING-  GRAPHIC images)  You may wish to send your youngsters out of the room.

I call this one The Zimmer Weed.

Tripping Hazard

Meet The Zimmer Stump.

What did she do with the rest of the tree?
The Zimmer Footprint.

Dawn Zimmer is Big Foot.
Another Zimmer Weed.

She tried to hide it underground.
Zimmer Can't Park.

No wonder she rides a bike.
More Zimmer Weeds.

She cracked the sidewalk, too.
Zimmer Can't Spell
Rug Store

GA invites readers to become Hoboken photo-journalists and like David Liebler, document the signs of Zimmer failures around us and I will post them. 

Send your atrocities to


  1. You forgot to mention the huge waste of time in saving our hospital and all those jobs, for what? So that people had a place to go in an emergency? So that people had jobs? So that the Hoboken taxpayer didn't have to pay off a 50 million dollar bond inside of 10 weeks or less? Sheesh! What was she thinking!

    We're so lucky to have Mason save us the cost of someone's train ticket and thank god for Occhipinti saving us ten thousand on the hospital garage so we could lose four million. And we owe a debt of gratitude to the council minority for keeping every 2nd rate ambulance-chasing attorney in business this side of the Mississippi by suing all of us all the time. Now that takes commitment. We should return the favor by committing them.

    They are the gifts that keep on misgiving.

  2. DL has the emotional maturity of a gnat. And the intellectual firepower and wattage of a dim appliance bulb. Can you just imagine how he is snorting and giggling about how clever he is to fuck up the Mayor's Facebook wall? Hey, maybe next he will wrap up a dog turd in some newspaper, place it at her front door, right the doorbell, light it on fire and then run. What a great prankster! And these assholes want to be taken seriously about running government in Hoboken.

  3. The more you write about Dave and the more you bash him, the more he will fight back, if you were to simply ignore him he would stop what he does. He is looking for negative reactions, it's his drug. You give him an eBashing, you're only making him want to talk and post more and more. If you would all simply stop giving him negative credit he would simply vanish. Unless of course you want him to speak negatively because you think it makes him look bad.

    1. Nobody is " bashing" or "eBashing" Dave. You don't understand the post, do you?

      The post is about Zimmer and her inattention to the problems that plague our city and its residents: weed growth in sidewalk cracks, missing tree tops, bad parking, misspelled words.

      I've already gotten a couple of reader submissions. When I get a few more I'll do a "Zimmer Atrocities- The Sequel".

      Lighten up, fella.

    2. If he wanted negative reactions, why did he completely censor his FB page so no one could disagree with him?

    3. He wants to say what he wants, have everyone read what he says but is incapable of defending himself against his intellectual betters so he locks down the comments. Deep down inside I suppose he knows he is in the wrong on many issues and doesn't want to admit it or see proof positive of the error of his ways on his page. His loss.

  4. Thanks you GA Zimmer needs to be exposed. Before Zimmer (BZ) there was no garbage, no weeds, no flooding rains at high tide, the streets were paved with gold and there were chocolate fountains in every park with unicorns. True story.

  5. No drunks passed out in my foyer in celebration of a saint. Damn you Dawn.

  6. Sweet Polly Purebred is really Simon Bar Sinister? I had no idea she was such an evildoer.

    1. It's always the innocent-looking ones, Johnny Action.


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