Ruben's Recall HOAX

It appears the Beth Mason recall was a hoax perpetrated by the Ramos campaign to push Beth Mason's checkbook away from a third candidate into the Ramos camp. 

The Mason recall wasn't simply rumor; GA was told point-blank "(recall) papers were taken out."

No, they weren't.

GA's found out that papers were not taken out and can see this as no more than a scheme to frighten Mason, where she's been 'comforted' by the very same people who engineered the recall hoax (rhymes with who-so).

Beth Mason was PLAYED by Ruben Ramos.  Was Finboy (employed by Ruben-supporter Stack) in on the hoax? Did he betray his long-time boss?

In any event, Ruben's camp pulled the recall-hoax for (at least) 2 very obvious reasons:
  1. Fear Mason would fund a 3rd candidate (Tim Occhipinti, Anthony Romano, Jamie Cryan)
  2. Ramos needs CASH. Ramos has a machine, but needs cash to sustain it.  His next ELEC should hold some surprises.

GA laughed at Al Sullivan's column about how Reform was being "tricked" into a Mason recall.  Al honey, you turned out to be right so I apologize for all of those expletives in my thought-bubble.

Well, it looks like the Ramos-con worked.

The Mason endorsement of Garcia's Vision 20/20 Concept Plan is a clear sign she's opened her checkbook to Ramos, and taken the third candidate off the table.  Sorry, Timmy!

Jeez, the Ramos people have manipulated Mason with the threat of a recall they had no intention to carry out. They've made a fool out of her.

Hey Pupie, the Ramos people don't like you very much.  You'd make a fine third candidate.

Meanwhile, it's never too soon to shop at GA's Recall Beth Mason 2013 Gift Shop, because ya never know.


  1. You know why this was such an effective hoax? Everyone hates her and nobody really supports her so she knows the threat of a recall is credible.

  2. You have to tip your hat to Ruben. He doesn't have the money and backing of the Old Guard or Old Hoboken but he ran a beautiful hoax on Beth Mason to keep his campaign from being squashed.

    Also love the way Michael Russo who is backing Ramos for mayor stayed behind the scenes orchestrating everything while he and Terry were cuddling up to Beth Mason at the previous council meeting. It was obvious they were manipulating her like the fools Ricky and Beth Mason have been taken for since they were jacked in the 2009 spring mayoral race.

    Where did those Church Towers votes go again?

    History really does repeat itself.

  3. The Ramos and Stack cash cow is through the approval of 20/20. Which is why the Garcia/Ramos side are so hysterical about the City Council not approving 20/20.

    Talk of a recall serves two purposes; to remind Mason that they hold her voters and to make the reformers look unreliable by buying into something that has no foundation, using it later to cast doubt on the facts presented by those who believed in the "recall effort".

  4. Double Trouble - 1. Mason can't pick her nose. 2. Buono & Ramos will suffer the same fate.

  5. Roberts is another Ramos kiss of disaster. Hey Mason, Bernie Kenny worked for Fulop and is on his transition team - did pro-bono work on his campaign. Too bad you went for Healy. lol

  6. so basically, team russo/ramos threatened mason with the recall and she folded like a house of cards, scared that they could take her out whenever they wanted. reminds me of the racehorse-head-in-bed scene from "the godfather", just a little subtle warning for her to fall into line or else. and now everyone, including beth and ricky, knows the russo's lied to her face and played her like a fiddle. how can she sit across from them at the council?? man, i actually feel a little sorry for mason, she's really lost her way.

    1. Don't ever feel a smidgen of sympathy for that bitch. She has absolutely no sympathy whatsoever to the tsunami of viciousness that she and her hired band of terrorists have heaped on many members of the reform community in an effort to "grind them into dust". She deserves nothing but scorn and should be shunned. She is an absolutely vile and disgusting human being, devoid of any empathy for the effects of her narcissistic and unquenchable thirst for personal political gain. Other than that, she is a fine upstanding citizen. Not.

    2. Mason Family True Crime DiaryJune 21, 2013 at 8:30 PM

      What Beth Mason has done for power is so craven and bloodthirsty she with her husband's checkbook has overtaken the Russo Crime Family as the most despised family in town.

      That takes some doing but she's worked hard for it.

      Ask the people in the hospital what they think of her after she so callously interfered with the only buyer to kill the institution and over a thousand jobs with it? If she ever showed up there with as much as a hangnail someone might go Kevorkian on her - and get a promotion.

      If it happened there won't be any tears in Hoboken. There could however be spontaneous celebrations breaking out all over town.

  7. when people see Beth and Ricky on the street everyone should just boo them
    Ricky struts around thinking he' s prince Charles and his wife is Lady Di

    they're more like Bonnie and Clyde!

  8. Beth Mason you suck


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