Red Flag: Occhipinti 2015 Took $8K from 'Small Donors'

Occhipinti's 2015 Municipal campaign 'raised' $8,098.03 in small contributions- Tim spent 98% to-date

Hoboken is abuzz with yesterday's breaking news that Tim Occhipinti, Peter Cammarano, and the 'Students United' BoE slate were discovered on the 'list' of politicians who received 'secret cash payments' from Birdswell Engineering, in what some in law enforcement call "one of the most expansive and sophisticated criminal pay-to-play conspiracies in recent history."

GA is asking around about contracts that Birdswell had with Hoboken around the time of the 'secret check' to the Occhipinti campaign. So far:
In 2010 Birdsall had a contract with Hoboken to remediate 1600 park - likely approved 5-4 (have to check). 

If Tim won, they would have needed an additional vote to retain the contract or to get more business: 

The payment to Tim was likely an attempt to start building a "relationship" to secure that vote
Does anyone think since Birdswell gave the $299, that Timmy STOPPED taking "relationship-building" donations from vendors, consultants, businesses who have contracts with Hoboken or want them?

Just take a LOOK at Timmy 2015 ELECs.  There's your answer.  GA wrote last month:
Timmy opened up his Occhipinti for Council  Committee on April 20, 2012 for an election that's 43 months away, on November 12, 2015 and raised a total of $13,673.03!  How much of that came from 'small' donors?  $8098.03 or 60%.What's even MORE amazing than that? According to Timmy's ELEC, he has received $13,673.03 and spent $13,399.56- that's 98% of contributions received.
It appears to GA Timmy opened his 2015 campaign 3 years early to 'wash' small donations that he's spent as fast as the money's come in. 98% GONE.

Until we know WHO these donors are, EVERY OCCHIPINTI VOTE on vendor, consulting, business contracts with Hoboken is SUSPECT.  Occhipinti appears to be operating a slush fund while voting on awarding or denying contracts with Hoboken.  If so, he is ethically compromised.

GA believes Tim Occhipinti should tender his resignation immediately.  Of course he won't.  But he should.

How about it, Hoboken Reporter? Ask Occhipinti some hard questions. Ask him for a list of small donors. His Treasurer, Anthony Poulin, surely has records. Aside from  the internet, how else is he fundraising?  And, if you use my research, please credit the source.

Well folks, now you know why Dirty Timmy's City Council ally, Terry Castellano wrote this in The Reporter this week:  "Zimmer’s propaganda machine: a small group of zealots charged with maintaining misleading blogs, send unfounded spin throughout mainstream media."

Terry's got issues with the truth, and with the Mayor.  Remember how she accused Zimmer of "exploiting" the flood and "making recovery much  more difficult"? 

 So,  are we "zealots" or truth-tellers?   Are Timmy's ELEC reports "propaganda"?

Has Timmy taken and spent enormous amounts of money from undisclosed sources while voting on contracts for Hoboken or is that "propaganda"?


  1. another obvious question the reporter needs to ask timmy (but probably won't): what exactly did he spend 98% of his 2015 campaign money on? where did that money go?

    1. Timmy did account for at least some of his 'expenses' which appear to be freebie meals at fundraisers, political contributions, and Hurricane Sandy donations (he actually reimbursed himself for a nominal expense on supplies for flood victims).


      It appears that he used these contributions as a piggy bank or slush fund or whatever you wish to call it because the cheapskate didn't want to spend his own $$$. All of the Reform Council members and Kids First BoE spend their own money on such things.

      WHO is giving him all this $$$ is very concerning. A major red flag. The HR should demand to know. And see 'evidence' to back it up, such as deposited checks or PayPal receipts. WHO, WHO, WHO are these donors? What would motivate them to contribute to an election 3 years away?

      Once we know WHO it's easy to figure out what they wanted in exchange. And whether Timmy gave it to them.

  2. Birdswell's secret campaign contributions would not make any sense at all, if the reason the money was given was a secret to those who accepted the money.

    They had to know.


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