Purple Haze in Hudson County

Could it be?

It looks that way...

The Titans of Hudson County not only appear to be passing the 'peace pipe' to Hoboken's Mayor Zimmer  (it's NOT a bong- it may look like one but it's NOT), but are treating her well.

According to sources at a recent fundraiser, Zimmer was attended to by Hudson County Titan State Senator Nick Sacco, who was seen bringing her to over to Paul Swibinski.  Rumors have Swibinski on Ramos' short list... is that likely to happen now that Sacco and Zimmer are smoking the peace pipe? (it's NOT a bong- it may look like one but it's NOT)

And tomorrow, Zimmer attends the inaugural of another Titan, Jersey City's Steve Fulop. Did you know Fulop quit a lucrative financial services job at Goldman Sachs after 9-11 to join the Marine Corps.?  What a patriot.  I guess that's why his t-shirt is dyed red, white and blue.  So when he passes the peace pipe (it's NOT a bong- it may look like one but it's NOT) he does it for our country.

God Bless America.  God Bless Hudson County.
Anyway, GA's friend Al Sullivan dropped something of a bomb this weekend:
Peter Biancamano, who won his seat to the school board with the help of Carmelo Garcia, is apparently meeting with Ramos and Councilman Michael Russo in hopes to help in the upcoming election. Biancamano already has plans to run against Councilwoman Beth Mason in the 2nd Ward in 2015.
If that's true, Peter Biancamano and Beth Mason are NOT smoking a peace pipe any time soon.  Now, Peter B. 's mentor is Frank Raia. Who opposes Ramos.  So what does this say about the Pupie- Biancamano- Mason relationship?   GA believes this is all spin to scare Mason to the Ramos side.

First Ruben floated a recall, now they're floating a Biancamano.

Sources say that Mason's fishy operative wants to be on Team Ramos, but they don't want that 3-time loser (2 mayoral flops and a BoE Nazi Truck disaster) without the Mason checkbook.  Mason's not on board yet, doesn't care for Ramos and would prefer a third candidate.  Without Mason's Brinks truck, the Ramos people are in deep doo doo.

Meanwhile the hapless sardine has been pestering folks everywhere to support Ruben's campaign to the point where "people are getting pissed off."  

Hit it, Jimi...


  1. Maybe Al's public humiliation of Betty's aspirations contributed to Finboy's melt down on Patch yesterday. The sheer amount of vitriol and venom that he unleashed yesterday is certainly indicative of someone on the verge of an emotional crisis. AT various times, I have heard friends at the County remark that Finboy is immature, believes he has political skills and abilities that he does not possess. They have further observed that Finboy really has nothing else in his life except being Betty's floperative (with a hideous track record) and that his sense of self worth is directly tied up in his success as a floperative. (Well not so eloquently said, but that is the gist of the conversations). Given his failures of epic proportions of late, one could understand how erratic and and out of control he has become with his world crumbling around him. T top it off, the Disreporter, the one outlet for disinformaiton that he could rely upon to point to as evidence of his brilliant meassageing skills, printed Al's column, which essentially spelled doom for Betty's political career. Unless Finboy can convince Getty and her checkbook to back the losing campaign of RR. If so, then Finboy hopes to claim a top spot on the campaign and then unleash his venom on Hoboken and force the populace to bow down to his messaging greatness and elect his patroness and then he will become the king of Hudson County, by knocking off the popular Mayor. If Betty does sign onto RR, then buckle your seat belts, because yesterday was merely a taste of what would come as there is no sign that there is anyone in Betty's camp that can put a leash on this dog.

  2. Well this certainly is interesting. So do you think the Biancamano v. Mason rumor is fake? Wonder who would outbid the other for Applied "campaign workers". I assume that voting block would naturally tend to go with Peter (especially with Pupie's harvesting skills) but Ricky has deep pockets, so might be up to the highest bidder. Peter might not have many supporters in the Shipyard/MaxwellPlace/Tea Building, but Beth may have lost much of her support there due to her inaction/ineffectiveness/rolling over on the Monarch.

    1. Yeah, I do think it's fake, most likely spread by a two-faced flounder in his self-serving effort to scare his boss's checkbook into the Ramos camp.

      I don't believe Biancamano wants the CC seat, but is going along with the ruse, being a good soldier for Ruben.

      And I don't know that the Peter B. 'threat' packs much of a punch, or that Mason wants another term on the City Council, she thinks she is better than that. She is not fond of Ruben- but not for him, she may have been Stack's pick for Assembly.

    2. I see Biancamano saying he is running for the 2nd Ward seat as a shot across Mason's bow.

      The OG is telling the Masons you may have the money but without us your gone. Cross us and your gone.

      The Masons will continue shop around for a position buy Beth an exit strategy out of Hoboken politics that feeds her ego and doesn't make her look too much like a humiliated loser.

  3. Has Stack officially endorsed Ramos ?

    I can see Stack not wanting to be seen backing a loser and keeping any backing on the down low.


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