Mason's MisFortune Cookie

Well, Al Sullivan's breaking news about  a recall of Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason started a brush-fire online.  Surprisingly, some reformers expressed trepidation ("it can't succeed"), called it a "distraction" and were suspicious about the motives of the recall's organizers, the Old Guard.

Okay, fair enough Reform-gang.  We don't have to agree on everything.

Here are my two cents on these arguments.
1. "It can't succeed" 
So what?  The fact that a 'real' recall is being mounted with all its attendant publicity will make it less likely Hoboken ever sees a Beth Mason in office again.  And don't put it past her to try another run.   Her prominence as a failed politician may give others the 'willies' about taking her money, which neutralizes her influence politically.  Politically weakened, she's got little reason to keep her misfit menagerie- the ones that do nasty things to people:  harass them in front of their children, attack them in midnight fliers, put them on Nazi Trucks, file lawsuits, spread rumors, plant nasty stories in the press... the list goes on.  Yes, some low-rent politicians will still take her cash.  Ho's will be ho's.  But she'll be embraced by the bottom-of-the barrel gang, not the 'A-listers' she covets.  Buh-bye, Sires' seat.

2. "It's a distraction"
No, a recall will be an attraction.   It will attract the attention of the tuned-out majority; they'll tune in, at least long enough to find out why a Hoboken Councilwoman is being recalled.  That's when they'll learn how the City was brought to the  brink of bankruptcy by Mason (and her cohorts) trying to kill the hospital sale, how they have repeatedly voted against infrastructure improvements like repaving Washington Street,  how they have squandered taxpayer money time and time again by forcing the City to spend the surplus, how they voted down repairs to Pier C park,etc. etc. etc.   This 'attraction' will only benefit Reform; it's an opportunity to register new voters, and pull some of our neighbors out of their walking-comas.

3. "The Old Guard is behind this"
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  If a surgeon wants to remove your cancer for free, are you going to say, "No!" because he's Old Guard?  If so, I think you're nuts.  Of course, there's something in it for them.  GA could venture a guess, but I won't.  It doesn't matter.  Yes, they'll try to run some doofus who will vote how they want it to.  Will it be a petulant, yappy doofus like Timmy?  Maybe it'll be a scowling, bitter hag like... oh, never mind. Reform has to find a good person to run in the 2nd Ward be it 2015 or now.  A recall only forces the issue sooner.  Look people, just think of how much poison has been injected into Hoboken's body politic by this one individual.    How she continues to hurt the City with her poison checkbook. If you don't know what I  mean, just ask Councilman Doyle.  Oh, right... there is no Councilman Doyle.  Mason is spending more taxpayer money on a lawsuit to punish Hoboken for twice rejecting her for mayor.  
Okay, peeps.  I know there are many opinions on the matter.  The bottom line is that recall is an American legal process, the publics' recourse to  'undo' an election when an elected official works against the interests of her constituents, is destructive toward those she was elected to serve.

So unless you live in the 2nd Ward, it's nothing you will hear or see for yourself.  You won't know whether anything is happening or it isn't.  If it is happening, word will get around.  That's how you'll know.  Like the title of the poem/song by Gil Scott-Heron, the revolution will not be televised:

¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!


  1. So it would seem that there are few if any down-sides to getting behind this recall. Happy to have them do all the work. Have at it. You deserve the hassle; she deserves the grief and we all deserve the benefit. Count us in, so that we may soon sing: "Let the joyous news be spread, the wicked old witch at last is.."- neutralized. Ding. Dong.

  2. And now for a triple-gainer into the punchbowl....

    Who will represent reform in the election to replace Mason?

    I too am ABM. But let's do the math.

    Assume the 1st, 3rd, and 4th wards remain out of reach. Nothing in the last election suggests otherwise.

    We therefore need the 2nd ward and the three at large seats so we can have a 6-3 majority and do little things like accept federal grants, put in traffic lights, pay our bills, etc.

    It will be great to be rid of the cancer queen. But make no mistake - that council seat is not a nice-to-have. It is part of the only, repeat only, viable formula for a supramajority.

    Leave that seat to the OGs and we are still looking at 4 years of obstruction on all financial matters where a 6th vote is needed.


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