Mason's Brief Senate Race

Wow!  That was quick.

Jarrett Renshaw, of the Star Ledger wrote on Thursday:
Wealthy Democratic activist Beth Mason is weighing a run to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated after the death of Frank Lautenberg, The Star-Ledger has learned.
Matt Friedman, with the Ledger wrote on Friday:
Cross Beth Mason off the list of politicians considering a run for U.S. Senate.
Mason told Friedman: “Over the past several days several Democratic leaders and Democratic strategists reached out to me to encourage me to consider running for United States Senate,”

Over the past several days?   When Lautenberg was ALIVE?

So, when she wrote her press release for the Star Ledger on Wednesday (Thursday at the latest) she'd already been getting calls for "several days"?

Let me guess: Lautenberg contacted her via Ouija Board and spelled: R-U-N-B-E-T-H-R-U-N.

The woman just can't hep making a jackass out of herself.  She cannot gracefully withdraw her name from consideration for U.S. Senate, she must invent a scenario of being important and wanted by powerful people as absurd as it may be: Democratic leaders begging her to run within minutes of Lautenberg's death. Never mind that Cory Booker is the choice of real (not imaginary) Democratic leaders.  Mason's  spin simply draws attention to her opportunistic grab for a dead man's Senate seat before his body is cold.

Nobody's buying.

Mason must be the center of attention at all times, and if she's not getting it she creates it; chaos surrounds her and her paid entourage of thugs and political operatives.  The rest of us just shake our heads and wait for the next stunt.

Hey 2nd Ward, hows that recall going?


  1. it was interesting to read the hoboken reporter this weekend and see that a vote to recall beth mason might be a vote to allow mike russo to gain more power? gosh, if that is true, i guess beth might be the lessor of two evils but I still would have a hard time not signing a recall petition. on a side note, no recall petition sightings so far in the 2nd ward...

    1. the reporter is in full election OG BS mode. even a cursory look at today's edition finds at least a half-dozen examples of anti-zimmer bias. for example, the article about the new parking director says "past directors have had their problems", and goes on to basically equate a guy who plead guilty to stealing $600,000 and "ian sacs, who was also arrested". unbelievable.

    2. Anon @ 3PM- Russo gains no more power if the Dark Side replaces Mason with another Dark Sider. And no, Mason is not the lesser of any two evils I can think of.

      Russo gains power if Ruben wins, under any scenario. Russo may feel that a recall will tie up Mason sufficiently to keep out a third candidate. Please keep us apprised of any action on the ground in the 2nd. Thanks.

  2. al sullivan got swept away in mason spin again this week, the newest talking point to defend against her recall is that silly/naive reform is being "lured" into doing it and that a mason recall effort would give the election to ramos because it would distract beth and tie up money that she would otherwise spend to support a third candidate.

    once again, total BS. mason might be an idiot but believe me, she's got enough money and operatives to do both at the same time.

    1. You've got that right! Just posted and said the same.


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