Mason Donates to Fulop

Last April

GA heard from a source the Mason checkbook flipped open in Jersey City- again.

What a difference an election makes.

From dumping a loaded Brinks truck into Mayor Jerry Healy's campaign coffers a month ago- at least $46K, Mason skulked back into hostile territory last week with a $5,000 check for Mayor-elect Fulop reportedly for Jersey City's June 11 run-off .

Is $5K enough to smooth ruffled feathers on the Fulop campaign?  Better yet, is any amount enough? 

Because GA heard from several sources that the smear campaign to tarnish the reputation of a top Fulop aide (false rumors spread to the media and a hate-flier) in the homestretch of the campaign came from Mason herself.  More precisely, from Mason's fishy political operative. And Finboy's smear victim was a former associate and mentor.  Nice.

A classic, politically tone-deaf Mason-Finboy smear job.

They did it to me in the BoE election-  attacked me on thousands of  midnight fliers and on a Nazi Truck, though I wasn't a candidate, and had no involvement with any campaign.   Finboy forgot his job was to win elections, not nurse vendettas. Did the Mason-Finboy smear strategy get them one vote?

No.  It galvanized Reform and lost the election.

This time, the Mason-Finboy smear was as gratuitous and counterproductive.  Not to mention vicious; the attack was designed to wreck the guy's reputation and career. It really had no other aim, no political benefit.  GA bets the Mason-Finboy savaging of their former ally didn't get Healy a single vote.  

But it may have gotten them something else- enemies.  Powerful ones.    Hence the $5K Mason peace offering?

Given her generosity to Healy, and her wealth, that is a paltry amount.  Did The Checkbook contract anemia all of a sudden?   $5K seems kind of insulting, after Healy got a shower of Benjamins.

Well Jersey City people, $5K can get you a LOT of t-shirts at GA's Recall Beth Mason 2013 Gift Shop.  A LOT.  And buttons, too.

Let this be a lesson to anyone in the political world about how Mason will try to destroy you if you are on the 'other' side; today's allies are tomorrow's targets.   If you still 'take' her and her rotten fish, you have no one to blame but yourself.


  1. unbelievable. that's almost MORE insulting to fulop than them giving nothing post-election.

    politics aside, i'm sure there are many good, decent hearted rich people in the world. hopefully. because lord knows there are some, like this woman and her enabler of a husband, who are so morally blinded by their wealth. their money could do so much good for the world, and this is what they end up doing with it. pitiful, really.

    1. Money doesn't buy sense or class.

      I hope the Fulop people give her filthy money back or use her filthy money at GA's Recall Mason 2013 Gift Shop- do not be fooled by cheap imitations. GA's Recall Mason 2013 has the original, unofficial logo of the Beth Mason 2013 Recall movement on assorted tchochkes and t-shirts for you at bargain prices.

      Do not spend your filthy money anywhere else!


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