Earwitness Rumor: Mason Recall Replacement Found

Well, folks.  GA's picked up a lot of skepticism from folks on this 'rumored' 2nd Ward Recall.  Even Al Sullivan, who broke the recall story is starting to treat it with skepticism, calling it a 'scheme':
Some Zimmer supporters are being lured into a scheme to recall Mason in a November election, feeding the Zimmer camp’s anti-Mason frenzy, while behind the scenes the recall could actually help Ramos’s bid against Zimmer by keeping Mason’s money busy so she can’t spend it supporting the third ticket.
Al honey, I'd say you've put the recall-cart before the recall-horse, because disgusted 2nd ward constituents have been itching for a recall since Mason tried to kill the hospital sale.  That is what sent them over the edge, so to speak.  No recall's been done because it is a massive and time-consuming effort- costly, labor-intensive, and one that I am told, is unsupported by the mayor.  But, it is supported by the plurality of 2nd Ward residents with open eyes.

So if the Dark Side comes to the rescue with cash and boots on the ground, we should ask "what's in it for them?" then decide if it's worth it to us.  

Al's theory about the benefits of a recall (to Dark Siders Russo/Ramos):
Fulop people are angry at Mason for backing outgoing Mayor Jerramiah Healy in the Jersey City municipal election which Fulop won decisively. Their backing of a Mason recall would serve as revenge. Russo attended Fulop’s victory celebration, and Russo’s support for the Mason recall could help get Ramos elected, thus enabling Vision 20/20 to go forward, which would add more dependable votes to Russo’s ward. But any move to unseat Mason will need registered voters in the 2nd Ward on the recall committee, and thus Zimmer supporters will have to be fully engaged in recruiting them.
A theory is all it is.  

GA disagrees with the premise that a recall will "keep Mason's money busy".  It's silly, actually.  With bonus, hubby Ricky Mason may gross $1M in a month, or more.  What do you think he'd do to counter a recall? All Mr. Moneybags needs to do is drop $50K on Timmy and he's out of the gate running; Beth Mason doesn't have to do a thing. That's if  the Masons want to.   Maybe they won't.   And maybe pigs fly.

So, the bottom line is that the Dark Side believes a recall will help Ruben, and Russo is salivating at all the development he and Ruben will green-light if Ruben wins. Including Vision 20-20.  They'll 'take back' the HHA, and the high-density Vision 20/20 plan will make a comeback.  The one that had more than 1,800 units. (current number of existing units is about 800).

If Reform loses the City Council, they'll stack the Zoning Board with 'friends'.  And we have 5 empty seats.

That's if Ruben wins, and we lose the City Council.  A lot of ifs.  Which all holds true whether or not the 2nd Ward recalls Beth Mason.   But a recall will do enormous good for Hoboken by removing a scorpion from our body politic. She has used her money for personal vendettas, to waste taxpayer money defending frivolous lawsuits, she tried to kill the hospital sale, and so on and on.

Well, Al's column was interesting. So far we know Brian Stack is supporting Ruben, but Al thinks Weehawken's Turner, Rep. Albio Sires, and North Bergen's Sacco have not 'endorsed' Ramos- yet.    GA thought Fulop was behind Zimmer but am wondering if he flipped to Ramos. 

All of that outsider-junk bores Hoboken's Reformers, who underestimate the power and organization of the Dark Side.  We think we can win elections because we have better ideas.  Tell that to Councilman Pinchevsky. Just imagine a city-wide VBM harvest.  That's what serious money flowing into Hoboken can do.  Thumbs down for GA!

Well, onto the Earwitness Rumor, which came from multiple sources in the 2nd Ward.  It is that the Dark Side has found 'their' replacement for Beth Mason in a recall election.  It is this gal:

She's purty and polished
the lovely, dancing Carla Katz!

Yup, that Carla Katz.  That's an unsubstantiated rumor, but I've heard it from no less than three 2nd Ward residents.

According to rumor when BoE Trustee Peter Biancamano didn't pan out as a recall replacement candidate, they moved on to Katz.  I'll say this about her; she's brainy.  A lawyer and teacher at Rutgers University, her specialization is labor law. 

GA knows little about her.  She's an interesting pick, that's for sure.

Stay tuned, this is going to be a wild ride.
(Update, 7:50 PM)
GA received some info which makes it appear the rumor about  Ms. Katz is just that, a rumor.  Is this being floated for any reason?


  1. Mason's quoted on Patch as saying we should get behind the historic moment of electing Cory Booker as the first African American senator. Nope. That distinction belongs to Hiram Revels who accomplished this in 1870, from Mississippi no less! Troublesome things, facts are. Similarly placed obstacles like truth, honesty and ethics keep getting in the way of Mason's attempts at relevance

    1. Maybe Beth is a birther and left Obama out of the equation as a non-citizen.

  2. It's good to see interest in the 2nd Ward. Recalls are difficult and often do not wind up as intended. For example in WNY they once recalled the Mayor and re-elected him at the same time. Even with enlightened voters it is confusing and labor intensive. For example, approx. 1100 verified signatures will be necessary to have one. It's interesting to see how this rumor or action enfolds.

  3. probably not many typical OGs in the 2nd ward who could run, so in order to appeal to young newcomers they had to pick a young newcomer (i rule out franz, as he didn't appeal to many people when he ran).

    interesting choice, something weird about it. whereas timmy is too dumb (or willing to be bought-and-paid for) to question anything, i wonder if this woman might be a little too smart/accomplished/independent to simply fall into line on everything. i don't know her at all but after spending time in the governor's social circles, i can't imagine her associating with most OG knuckleheads. she could be more dangerous than mason in that she appears to have a brain in her head, however that will be true of anyone who runs.

  4. The 2nd ward has the highest concentration of registered Republicans in Hoboken and because of her connection to Corzine, they most likely won't vote for Katz (or Mason). Honest Democrats won't either because of the whiff of corruption. It also appears that she only lives here part time. If / when a viable reform candidate emerges, then it's "game on".

    1. how does someone have time to teach full time, work at a law firm full time AND be an elected official. Unless she's Carmelo Garcia, it just doesn't seem like she can do it all. ;-p

    2. The cc is a part time position with full time responsibilities. Patience is the key. IMO, the courts will solve the short term problem and allow Doyle to be seated. The 2nd Ward deserves a change. There is time for a leader to emerge. Hoboken deserves a brighter future. Let's not rush the wine.

    3. The most expensive neighborhood in Hoboken has the most registered Republicans. Go Figure.


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