Dark Side Anger at Carmelo

Carmelo Garcia endorses Chris Christie yesterday.  credit: MSV

GA heard from several sources about drama at last night's Democratic Committee Reorganization Meeting, concerning dwellers of the Dark Side.  One noteworthy incident involved a Democratic Committeeman from the 3rd Ward who is a prominent Russo soldier.

You may know, the Russos are supporting Ruben Ramos for mayor.

What's in it for them is a potential grab bag of development projects: Vision 20/20, the NJ Transit development, the Rockefeller Group property,  If Ruben wins, it's believed he'll flip the HHA back to Old Guard control,  and if Russo takes back the City Council, he'll stack the Zoning Board.  ka-ching. 

 GA hears the Russos are working very hard to get others to buy into Ramos.

Ruben and Carmelo are thisclose; Ramos is believed to have engineered the Stack selection of Carmelo for Assembly with a Stack aide named Mark Albiez.  Last week, Stack came to Hoboken unannounced, for a private meeting with both Ruben and Carmelo.

And yesterday Carmelo and Stack endorsed Chris Christie for Governor.

You could say those three: Stack, Ruben and Carmelo are thick as thieves.

Well...  it appears some on the Dark Side are not at all pleased with Carmelo's "betrayal" of the Democratic party.  And that anger overcame one Russo soldier last night during the Democratic Committee nominations, he interrupted the proceedings and nominated Dawn Zimmer for Democratic party Chair (Jamie Cryan was nominated and won), with complaints about Stack and Garcia's endorsement of Christie. The pissed-off fellow appeared to blame Cryan- without naming him.

Then GA heard Michael Russo tried to calm his people, but was interrupted by others on his side who wanted to know how to address the concerns raised about Carmelo and Stack's betrayal of the Democratic Party!

Uh-oh... trouble in Paradise!

It looks like the Dark Side may be open to a THIRD CANDIDATE! 

Frank Raia, what do you think?  Timmy? Stick?  How about it?  Any real Dems ready to take on the Mayor?

GA picks FrankRun Frank, run!

You know, many Dark Siders consider themselves loyal Democrats, and they feel Garcia and (Ramos-supporter) Stack stepped over the line by endorsing Chris Christie.  These folks are pissed, they are offended.  To act out publicly like that, to berate their own in front of us, well... Houston, we've got a problem.

So, GA hears Mike Russo was taken aback, and said that issue should be discussed privately not in the room.

Nah, it's much more interesting if we all can hear!


  1. I guess that Mikey Babes should have stayed at HOLMES!

  2. Again, Christie, Zimmer and Booker are the winners. They will do their thing. Raia the real estate player will survive. Garcia will have rough times. Ramos will fade away. Buono gets the Peter Shapiro award. Peter was Essex county Exec. who lost big for Gov. Momma Russo better not get Stack angry.

  3. Mickie wants this discussed quietly amongst his peeps because as word would have it, he himself is a member of the young republicans.

  4. What's entertaining about this is that the "word on the street" was that the OG believed that Zimmer was vulnerable because of her cooperative relationship with Governor Christie.

    Ramos was going to be the "real democrat" running against the racist, elitest, closet republican Zimmer and since Hoboken typically votes 75%-25% for dems (at least in national elections), the low local information dem voters would flock to Ruben.

    This was absolutely key to the Ramos victory strategy.


    But all is not lost. Ruben can still count on the swarms of non-voters who love Joe Mindak's Hmag parties and the political wizardry of David Liebler.


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