Cruel Waters

GA with Mom and Dad in Boca Raton, Florida
GA knows so many of you went through this already; taking inventory of what survived Hurricane Sandy's cruel waters. My sympathies to you.  I kept my treasured photographs and LA's artwork neatly boxed in plastic cartons and stored in my basement, sure they were safe in hermetic containers. No...

After the basement got pumped,  the boxes were carried up and put in the yard to go through later.  And I kept procrastinating,  putting off the job, preferring not to confront the loss.  

Today I finally went through the boxes of old photos, drawings...  My Dad went to Heaven (or the hot place) in 2000, so feel lucky a few photos of him survived. 

Goofing at a NARAL rally in D.C., there with 1,000,000 of my best friends- 1994, I think

The 1990 International Flower and Greenery Expo in Osaka, Japan- that's me!
My best friends wedding- GA cast the bride and groom's face in rubber and made jello molds- yum, yum!