Carmelo to Endorse Chris Christie Today

Gov. Christie wants virtual charters ('online schools') in New Jersey- Carmelo to follow?

Yep!  In yesterday's politickernj:
State. Sen. Brian Stack and his Assembly running mates are set to endorse Gov. Chris Christie tomorrow, according to a source familiar with the decision.
If Carmelo endorses Christie, is Ramos next?   

Oh no, the Dark Side's gone to the Elephants!

The Stack endorsement was expected, but Carmelo?   Hey, GA doesn't care who Carmelo endorses, it just proves he's Stack's puppet.  Anyone surprised?

How many registered Republicans live in the HHA?

How many HHA kids use the public schools vs. Charters, supported by Christie?  In fact, Christie's taken a hostile position toward public schools, trying to starve them of funding while promoting the 'big business' of virtual Charters (which suck, by the way).

In fact, if you support public education- whether or not your kids attend public schools, or you've even got kids, please take a moment to click on the Save Our Schools petition below to  tell Gov. Christie not to starve public education.  Carmelo Garcia has shown his true colors- he will abandon the children of the HHA- and every kid in the 33rd District to starve our schools of funding. That explains his chronic absence from BoE Committee meetings.  If he cared he'd show up.

I care- my daughter's in public school.  I'll bet you care, too.

Please sign this petition!  Save our Schools is a powerful public education advocacy group with over 9,000 members, including GA.
Save Our Schools NJ
Save Our Schools NJ

Please click here to ask your legislators to take action to protect our public schools!

Governor Christie’s proposed Fiscal Year 2014 State Budget would significantly underfund New Jersey public schools for the 2013-14 academic year and for future years. 

The Governor’s Budget also would force taxpayers to fund private and religious schools, through vouchers.
The Legislature has the power to protect our schools by removing the proposed funding cuts and the voucher program from the budget.  

Please click here to learn more and to ask your legislators to take action to protect our public schools!

Thank you for signing. Shame on School Board Trustee Carmelo for turning his back on public education.


  1. Everybody loves a winner; however, one should be on the train already to make it meaningful. Stay in line!

  2. Garcia Vision 20/20June 10, 2013 at 9:55 AM

    Looks like Carmelo Garcia can see clearly now. If you want over 200K in multiple taxpayer paid positions, you must heel to your master, in this case Union City Mayor Brian Stack and endorse the popular Gov. Christie.

    It will be probably the first and last time to agree with the guy. As for vouchers, those parents pay taxes too and why should their children be sacrificed at the altar of special education interests. Choice is not a dirty word. Too many choices can raise education costs but there's many families in NJ who deserve and NEED a choice.

  3. Winners - Christie - Booker - Zimmer - Charter Schools ...Private parochial schools are losing out...they don't get 90% funding by the state. Additionally, charter schools just about make-up their own rules and operate as private schools. As to the political predicts....they get good press for their activities and doing their jobs.

  4. Last I looked there's a large percentage of minorities in the Hoboken charter schools. Latest figures showed large percentages of Hispanic children on top in at least one if not more. So the idea these minority students aren't attending charter schools in Hoboken isn't actually true.

    Another charter in Hoboken is problematic from a cost standpoint but NJ is not only Hoboken.

    1. You missed the point. The vast majority of kids in the HHA use the public schools.

      I did not say charters were homogeneous. I know the charter demographics.

  5. Wouldn't it be interesting if Ruben and Carmelo etc. endorse Christie and he in turn endorses DAWN?!!!!

  6. To Hoboken charters. What exactly are the "figures" you speak of? Where are the "figures" from? Are they online or some other document that they can be verified. Charters do have a segregated effect over time. That's because siblings are almost always guaranteed admittance. If you were to look and compare class pictures of the charters and the public schools, you would see a big difference in the amount of "minority" students in each. Charters receive public funds, but their budgets are not open for discussion as the public schools are, their boards are not publicly elected.

    In the public schools, there are students on school choice and we received money from their home districts. There are quite a number of students at the charters who do not live in town. How is that being funded?

    1. Hoboken ChartersJune 10, 2013 at 7:53 PM

      The figures were online and saw them recently. Grafix Avenger knows and can print them. Charter Schools are not only about Hoboken issues. There are statewide and national issues. If your children are growing up among failing schools would you apply to a charter or not?

      Lots of kids from out of town in Hoboken. How many on the HS football team live in Hoboken? There's lots of funding issues to sort out in education in and outside of Hoboken.

    2. HC,

      Charters do not perform better than public schools, that is overly simplistic and ignores all of the socioeconomic factors that impact learning and performance. Many charters underperform and have been shut down. Throwing $2-3k vouchers at poor families does shit for them when private school tuition runs about $10k. Vouchers only help middle class and wealthy, so they abandon public education and leave schools to become education mills for the poor. What elitist bullshit. Starving public education is not the answer. Countries that kick our ass performance-wise have outstanding public school systems. That's what America should aspire to.

      Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.



    4. "For the fourth year in a row,the budget for public education seriously shortchanges New Jersey’s 1.3 million public school students. In fact, a staggering 467 school districts, out of a total of 580, will not see their state aid in 2013-14 return to 2009-10 levels.
      (while) attempting to divert $2 million in public funds to vouchers for religious and private schools, and to allocate $5 million for undefined “grants” at a time when districts are reeling from the impact of three years of State aid cuts."

      The problem with funding is that the state is underfunding the public schools, while planning to give public taxpayer monies to private religious colleges and private (for profit) schools.
      The state has already been reprimanded by the courts and told that they must fully fund the schools, but they ignored the order. They engage in and admitted using illegal tactics to garner money from districts to pay for other departments and to add insult , the state DOE insisted that districts use accounting methods that would be considered "bartering", as a way to account for their losses in state aid.

      While the charte issue is way off topic and not relevant to the funding issue-As HC has brought up charter schools, he is correct- there are charters across NJ and across the country. It should be interesting to note that only 2 charters were approved this year,both were professional management charters with failing records. Cerf's intention is to transfer public education to private corporations. This for profit privatization has not proven to be better for the kids nor the taxpayers. It has however proven to be better for wall street investors and those seeking high paying Management jobs.

    5. oh and better for candidates running for office, should they happen to see the "educational reformer" ways.
      an array of other donors will pop up. You can also search alec bills, broad and charter schools, along with cerf and get the whole enchalata!

      Btw, Christie was just the guest of honor at Zuckerman's California soire. Made a killing in campaign donations.

  7. The state is underfunding public schools, charters included. They are charging non abbot districts an illegal sda surcharge, taking an additional 38mil from the public schools, while they give 11mil to private religious institutions and want even more money to go to private corps. All while illegally underfunding the public schools.

    Not acceptable!

  8. Thanks you for posting this petition! Signed and so should you.

  9. If there are kids on the HS football team as you ask - well then they are on the school choice program and Hoboken receives funds from their home district.

  10. Didn't Ruben fall out with Stack and off his assembly ticket because Ruben refused to take orders to support Christie? If I'm not mistaken it was over an education vote .... maybe the teacher's pensions? Ruben stood his ground leaving Stack looking foolish and weak when he couldn't deliver Ruben's vote to Christie. It would be interesting to see Ruben endorse Christie now but if it buys Stack's support for his Hoboken mayoral bid anything is possible.

  11. "Jump Rope or Let's Make A Deal" Garcia jumps to Stack's orders -
    Ramos is confused on who to jump for - against Christie agenda -
    S. Oliver works for Tony D. Essex County Exec {Another Dem. Christie supporter], and will jump to his direction - will make a deal and drop out most likely - Norcross is in that mix - Booker a clear winner - Christie a clear winner - In Hudson county, the taxpayers are sure losers - Things will be better in Hoboken if Doyle is seated. By the way, former Mayoy Russo endorsed Whitman against the HCDO wishes. Have a great summer!


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