BREAKING: Hoboken's 2nd Ward to Recall Beth Mason

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This is BIG news, folks.

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If you don't believe me, read my friend Al Sullivan's column in today's Hoboken Reporter.

Yep, Sullivan has broken the Mason recall news but very, very softly... saying it "may" happen. 

That's not what I've heard. 

Sully says the recall effort is a coalition of Zimmer supporters and disgruntled Jersey City operatives.

That's not what I know.

The recall is being initiated in Hoboken, by a coalition of Old Guard, Reformers and disgusted non-partisan constituents. 

Certainly GA doubts any help from outside Hoboken will be rebuffed.  But make no mistake, this recall is an ORGANIC, HOMEGROWN effort of Old Guard, Reformers and everyone in between who is sick and tired of this bitter woman using her MONEY to settle political and personal scores, in and outside of the court room, to the detriment of our entire City.

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Yep, GA has actually heard some very interesting Old Guard Hoboken names in connection with this effort.  Based on who is allegedly on board, the substantial cost of mounting a recall should be no problem.

Frankly, it appears her political allies are turning on her- no one is raising an objection nor trying to contain this recall effort.  Wait and see which of them publicly support her.  GA expects Timmy will.  GA heard some buzz about Russo looking for a suitable 2nd Ward replacement.

Et tu, Mikey?

Except for an entourage of low-functioning political operative  misfits and the few outsiders who will take her money, she is quite alone.  No doubt she can self-fund an opposition.

But GA sees her biggest problem as the fact that the recall is powered by the Old Guard, not Zimmer supporters.  I will tell you it is no secret that discussions have been going on for some time amongst Reformers about mounting a recall.  Those never got anywhere.  The fact that the movement to recall Mason has gone BEYOND Reform is why it has gotten off the ground.

You see, Reform and the Old Guard CAN work together for the common good.  Kumbaya.

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I hope you do.

GOOD LUCK 2nd Ward, and thank you.


  1. So are you confirming the rumor I heard that Biancamano was approached to run against Betty Boopless is true?

    1. No, I didn't get any names- yet. All I heard was that the Old Guard was actively trying to recruit a 2nd Ward replacement.

      The following will not please my Reform peeps, but GA is pretty much ABM- Anyone But Mason.

      Of course I want a Reformer. But Mason with her poisonous checkbook, her lunatic political operatives, her cyber-rag Hoboken411's smear campaigns on citizens and Hoboken businesses, her lawsuits, her never-ending scheming and self-promotion to undercut actual progress in Hoboken, her vicious vendettas- has been such a pox on this city I am ABM.

      I can't imagine a single individual who could cause more grief and chaos than this woman has.

    2. ABM is fine by me. Plus ABM is also easier to beat in future elections b/c only Mason has that bottomless checkbook and the OG turning on her means they are turning her back on her and her checkbook.

    3. Exactly, Anon 3:01PM.

      I think the Old Guard FINALLY recognizes she is a menace and her money is not worth swallowing the poison it comes with. I have no problem being on the same side of this issue with the OG. None at all. I will work with the Old Guard to get rid of this menace through a recall election.

      Hear that Old Guard? Let's get it done.

  2. Best news I've heard all day!

  3. If the OGs are looking for someone who can be counted on to behave to their liking, would it be Mr Mom Jeans, Franz P? He's a fixture at thug soirees and seldom more than 3 feet from Chief of Staff Calicchio (which appointment tells you more than all you need to know about why Mason should be recalled).

  4. Well this is the juice over a lovely summer weekend. Da Horsey has a detailed story and its sources confirm much of the information but there's shades of variance. For some reason, Al Sullivan put the Reform movement in the mix which is not true as they don't even have a candidate in line.

    The Old Guard absolutely has a candidate in mind and it's detailed on MSV.

    Story is getting pounded on a beautiful Saturday saying this is most definitely real and known - to all sides!

  5. So how does a recall work? Maybe GA can provide a recall for dummies information post. Hint, hint....

    1. Hee hee! That's a great idea. All I can tell you so far is the paperwork has been done to get it started. I will look into it.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. So here is the sad bitch’s reality. After blowing through an obscene amount of money and NOT being elected mayor, after allowing Mikey R to “select” her council slate, after selling her reform soul for the Church Towers PILOT, after voting lock step with Axis of No, when her paid for political floperative convince her to bank roll Healy in a play for Sire’s seat but winds up double crossing the new HCDO powers that be, who then launch the recall initiative (and from what I hear will not stop until she is eviscerated) Betty Boopless suddenly finds herself adrift at sea, with no life boat in sight. There is no Mikey R offering a life jacket or even an encouraging word. Nope. Instead, he is out looking for a cement block to sink the bitch. And it is not just Mikey. No one. Nada, zippo. Zero, zilch, is coming to her defense. She has literally become the TURD IN THE PUNCH BOWL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  7. I believe that Biancamano resides in the 5th Ward. Franz P. took the reform stance about the use of the surplus and on the bond issue. He is an auditor/attorney. Interesting!

    1. Your belief is wrong. Peter Biancamano is a resident in the 2nd Ward. Franz is also in the ward but he's not the candidate the Russo family reached out to replace Beth Mason.

      This is a beautiful double cross by the Russo clan. This is a double betrayal. Michael Russo has turned his back on Fiore's and is in with Biancamano's mutz. Oh yeah, he's also stuck a dagger into Beth Mason's eye and cut off Ricky Mason's ear.

      To this one can only say, Go Mikey!

    2. Biancamano doesn't want it. They'll get someone else. Reform better start looking around if they want that seat. The petitions are getting done.

    3. Turning it down after all the petition work is all that counts so saying anything now with zero petitions is meaningless. You say the petitions are getting done. How so? I'm in the second ward and see nothing going on today.

      Can't get more mutz today either, it's closed.

  8. It's a beautiful morning!

    1. Yes indeed!

      Hoboken's got Recall Fever- I have never seen this kind of traffic on a summery Saturday. My unofficial logo's been downloaded a dozen times.

      Peeps, no commercial use, OK?

  9. PB may live in the 2nd, his family in the 5th??? However, it is a fact that Franz P. took an public stance to keep the budget surplus and spoke in favor of the bond issue which would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money. This was opposite to Beth's and Mickey D's views. Does he qualify as a ABM?

    1. GA is endorsing the Beth Mason recall. That's it.

      The 2nd Ward doesn't pick my 6th Ward City Council candidate, and I won't pick theirs. The 2nd Ward will decide who best can replace their failed representative. That's how it works.

      GA believes Mason's checkbook has been so poisonous, her politics so destructive to ALL of Hoboken's taxpayers- and I am one- that ABM can do no worse.

  10. ABM will be a much stronger candidate than mason in two years so this effort done wrong could be a major step back for reform since the seat is likely reforms in two years against Mason or as an open seat. A Peter biancamano or Franz paezold as an incumbent would be formidable candidates - much more formidable than mason. Hopefully a strong dependable reform candidate will step up soon and say I support this effort and am running full steam for the seat with full reform support so this effort can make sense for reforms long term interests. Half a loaf is not necessarily better than none and a full loaf is what is needed here. Let's recall away but we need to get our ducks in a row and fast not hop onto a train that may be headed to the wrong station.

    1. What makes you say that? Have you ever watched a BoE meeting? And the other guy is not clinically insane nor employs thugs to harass and sue members of our community. Formidable? Without the formidable checkbook you may wish to think about how formidable the two you named really are.

      You do make some good points, but the greater good is cleansing Hoboken of the pox that ails it NOW, not obsessing about what may or may not happen 2 years hence.

      The 2nd Ward needs to find a good reform replacement for Mason. We can all throw our opinions out there, but it's a 2nd Ward decision.

    2. We need a council that votes for the people and not always in a block. This 4 to 4 war has to stop! Hopefully, the court will solve this in the near future, but the voters can help to elect those who have Hoboken's longer range goals in mind and not their own short-sighted gains.

    3. Hysteria over any candidate now is kinda pointless other than that someone in the OG is already working to move its candidate ahead. Without the petition drive, it means little. No drive, no recall, simple as that.

  11. If masons checkbook was as politically formidable as you say she'd be governor by now - not a council woman unlikely to be reelected. If mason is recalled and replaced with anybody but a true reformer we will have been suckered. I support recall in theory lets do it right - if 2nd ward reformers really want this a reformer will step up declare their candidacy and lead the effort from the reform side. I hope that happens and soon so this can be both real and productive.

    1. I didn't say her checkbook was politically formidable.

      I said it was formidable. Ask Timmy. All the money in the world cannot make her governor.

      I won't tell 2nd Ward folks what to do. I don't believe the recall movement should have 'sides'- I think it requires all unhappy 2nd ward constituents to work together. Those will naturally fall into all political factions- reform, OG and non-partisans.

      Disagree. An ABM placeholder can be no worse than Mason. This will be decided in the 2nd Ward.


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