Timmy vs. Ruben: ELEC Wars

GA took a looksy at mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos' ELECs...

Ramos opened up his Vision for Hoboken Committee on February 27, 2013. Vision for Hoboken is Ramos, and at-Large City Council Candidates Joe Mindak, Laura Miani and Eduardo Gonzales.

The election is on November 5, 2013, about 8 months away.

As of the April 12 filing, Ramos raised a modest amount; $9,166.99. Only $350 came from 'small' contributions ($300 or less)- that's 4%.  The rest of Ruben's money came from large contributions; Edmond Drishti, President of the Hoboken Police Superior Officer’s Association gave $1,000 and Former Mayor Dave Roberts gave the odd amount of $1,316.99.  (GA wonders why he didn't throw in another penny for an uneven $1,317.  How come, Dave?)

Dave Roberts loves GA, and the feeling is mutual.
Out of that $9,166.99,  the Ramos campaign spent $1,052.75 or 11% of it's contributions.

The trend for Ramos appears to be  few 'small' contributors, tapping political friends for bigger bucks. 

But it's still early, and that can change.

On the other hand, Councilman Tim Occhipinti who has stated  he'd "love" to run for mayor, seems to have no trouble with small donors- nor with large ones. 

Timmy opened up his Occhipinti for Council  Committee on April 20, 2012 for an election that's 43 months away, on November 12, 2015 and raised a total of $13,673.03!  How much of that came from 'small' donors?  $8098.03 or 60%.

What's even MORE amazing than that? According to Timmy's ELEC, he has received $13,673.03 and spent $13,399.56- that's 98% of contributions received.  Wow.

Timmy has spent 98% of his contributions for a municipal election 43 months away!

WOW.  So, as Ruben may struggle to raise money, Tim is a veritable money-making machine, and is spending it as fast as it's coming in. 

What's Timmy got that Assemblyman Ramos doesn't?

Beth Mason.  That's the difference.

But now that she's adrift politically- all bets are off since her $46K losing gamble in Jersey City, where Mason double-crossed longtime ally Steve Fulop for incumbent HCDO-candidate Healy. 

So what's the point of pouring cash into the Occhipinti money-hole?  Now that Fulop's got the HCDO, Mason is in Siberia and buying Timmy an election does nothing for her.  So, will Timmy continue to float on Mason-moola River?

Timmy's bad bet


  1. i can't make out the small print, what the hell has timmy spent $13k on????

    1. I wrote about some of Timmy's more, um... curious 'campaign expenses' here:


      or you can read his ELEC reports, type his name in here:


  2. David Roberts giving over $1000 to Ruben Ramos is the best political ad that Reform can have.

  3. Small donors are people with limited funds to spend but who want to see the right outcome in an election. They give what they can when the urgency of the situation overcomes whatever reluctance they have to part with their spare dollars.


    Occhipinti's ELECs continue to scream for a criminal investigation. They did in 2010, they do now.

    1. good point, so true, that's a MAJOR red flag.


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