Romano in the Ring

Who wants pizza?  Councilwoman Mason and Freeholder Romano!

Zimmer vs. Ruben vs. Romano?

It could be.

Politickernj is reporting that Freeholder Anthony Romano may be dipping his toe in Hoboken mayoral waters (polling), and if he likes the temperature (won't split the BnR vote) he may jump right in.
“I haven’t ruled it out,” said Freeholder Anthony Romano, amid buzz of the local brand putting out his feelers.
Well, GA sure hopes Romano takes a dive!  Why not?

I don't think he's the nasty kind of politician who wants to hurt their opponent- GA sees him as more the laid-back sort... he might even sleep through the entire campaign, then wake up in the Mayor's office!  To congratulate her on her victory.

Of course, someone may remind folks about Romano's $120K/year pension plus a Freeholder's salary plus a lucrative Washington Street bar business... all that and he's living in subsidized housing (MarineView Plaza). 

Someone may bring that up. Someone... like me!

But Romano doesn't read the blogs, doesn't read GA or so I hear.

What will Ruben think about a Romano run?  I can't imagine he'd like it.  Especially when (I hear) he's having trouble staffing his campaign.  The Russos support Ramos now, but don't you think Romano could peel them off?   The scuttlebutt is the Russos want to run a slate.  So... how about Romano and a trio of Russo picks? Edmond Drishti, PSOA President, gave $1,000 to Ramos.  But  future checks would more than likely go to Romano.

Well, who knows...

GA is still rooting for Timmy to jump in.   Can you imagine all of those letters he'll be writing to his constituents in the Kingdom of the 4th Ward in Jersey City?


  1. IMO a poll would indicate he cuts into the B & R vote...if he runs, he will help Mayor Zimmer remain on the throne. Politics, politics, politics.....

  2. If he runs and wins does that mean that Spook the Goose replaces baseball as the official sport of Hoboken?

    1. He has the same odds of winning as Barbara Buono.

  3. How many people does a person need to staff a campaign in a town of 50K? He has more than a few people already. A competent person running for office shouldn't need more than that plus a bunch of unpaid volunteers. Or is the real problem that he can't find any true believers who work for free?

  4. GA - On your statement: "Edmond Drishti, PSOA President, gave $1,000 to Ramos. But future checks would more than likely go to Romano."

    Not so fast, Stick was not well liked by many cops and I don't think Drishti was a big Romano fan to put it lightly. Behind the big blue shield of silence there is a lot of political infighting at the HPD. Mostly because it is a culture of favoritism rather than merit.

  5. By the way, I think Sgt. John Petrosino is the current Pres. of
    the PD Superiors unit.


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