Pillow Cases! KKK! Snake Oil! Bloggers!


That'll teach GA for going to bed before the 1AM showing of "City Council Drama Queen Theater" STARRING:
  • Mike  'Lives in all-white publicly subsidized housingRusso 
  • Tim  'I Bark for Dollars'  Occhipinti
  • Terry  'I'm not sucking lemons, it's my face'  Castellano 
  • Beth  'I dropped $46K in Jersey City and all I got is this lousy-shirt'  Mason

GA woke up to 192 emails about the meeting (yes!), then read MSV's re-cap. 

Apparently, the fireworks started in the final 2 hours. If you missed them, the KKK attack (launched by Russo) is at the END of Part 3 of 4: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/32886193

Here is how a reader described it:
Russo said something like:

why don't you just go home, get a pillow case , cut 2 holes in it and put it over your head so everyone can see who you really are...that's right you are a member of the klu klux klan
Statesman Russo calls CC President a Ku Klux Klan member

The exchange resumes at the start of  Part 4 of 4: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/32891279 with Ravi Bhalla angrily challenging Russo that "as the only person of color" on the Council, was he accusing him of being a member of the Klu Klux Klan!  So Russo clarifies that no, he'd fired the Klan-missile at Council President Cunningham!


Not only is the suggestion that Cunningham ruin a pillowcase conduct unbecoming of a City Council member, but does Mrs. Russo let him cut up their pillowcases?  No?  Then why suggest it to Peter?  Why not suggest Cunningham  throw a bucket of paint over his living room furniture?  Or shrink his wife's wool sweaters?  Or take a piss on their dinner table? (Please let Timmy read that excerpt at your next meeting).

There is really something wrong with a City Council member inviting another to cut up his wife's pillowcases.

And folks, if you think the discourse got all high-brow after that, guess again!

In just the first few minutes of Part 4,  Russo reads 3 comments posted on MSV (one was mine; naturally I'm the only one mentioned by screen name) and calls Council President Peter Cunningham "a joke".   Then, when Mello starts talking about how no one on the Council "gives more time to people who are impoverished..."  (Mello is a public school teacher in the Bronx), Russo lights up like a Roman candle: KABOOM! Prompting this 3-bagger exchange: (3 bags of popcorn)
Russo: Move into a unit (HHA), move into a unit then we'll talk!

Mello: Let somebody move into your unit (Church Towers), let somebody move into your unit!  Desegregate your building!   (addressing HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia) You want to talk about the conversations... who do you think burned out people's families?   Director, why don't  you talk about who burned down peoples families 20 years ago? Why don't we have those comments?

Russo: Let's have them, Councilman!

Mello: Be my guest, Director!

 Russo: Where were you when the shootings were going on?  Where were you when the stabbings were going on?

 Mello: Director, why don't you talk about whose funeral you refused to go to because you because you blame him for the burnings?

Russo: You're a joke!

Mello: You're a joke in a segregated complex!
WOW!  And that was just the first 10 minutes!

All the fuss was about 2 resolutions pulled out after midnight: a 'Resolution of need' and one for a  30-year PILOT.

GA will reserve specific comment until after I've heard it all but one thing is clear: the strident desperation displayed with cries of  "Klu Klux Klan!" led by Russo, the urgency to shove an UNEXAMINED massive redevelopment of our City through in the wee hours of the morning-- with a 30-year developer tax break, raises enough red flags for reasonable, responsible people to ask: what's that smell?

Cause it really stinks.

Martha says: "Don't cut my pillowcases, motherf*cker."


  1. Church Towers even the bricks are white

  2. The Russo's can't move to the Project because Convicted Felons are not allowed.
    :) And they would have no place to park their Mercedes

  3. Garcia, Russo, Castellano, Mason and Occhipinti's 20/20 Vision plan is what is truly racist: Constructing out-moded,large, subsidized housing to warehouse low-income African-Americans so that they may be exploited for their votes. Then with no public policy rationale behind it, stick it to the rest of us by demanding this unnecessary project receive a Payment in Lieu of Taxes designation while the rest of us are facing a significant property tax increase because it wasn't done under Mayor Russo, who pays no property taxes as felon-in resident of Church Towers, when it should have been done.

  4. never heard anything more shameless ....living for free in housing for 40 years???? 40 years....tax payer money....in stead of being thankful for free rent.... and the rest of us cant find affordable housing at least 1400.00 a month to live in town....

    hearing cursing ....talking down to our representatives.... downright shanty.

    Again, anonymous forms should be given to all the people in only the projects.....find out whats going on in those buildings.....

  5. Vision 20/20 is the last great grifting opportunity for the Russo Crime gang. If you think that they are giving up all of the opportunities to collect money from the various components of this construction bonanza from a private developer on a public project, you are seriously delusional. But the reality is that the big money on this one has already been promised. Mikey and Carmelo Lover Boy need to deliver or they are in rouble - and the folks expecting the money (besides Mommie Dearest) dont play. Seems their loud mouths may have written checks that their dumb asses may not be able to cash. That is why you see the level of hysteria coming from Mikey and Carmelo. Cornered rats act like they do. Not politicians, even in Hudson County. But why is Betty Boopless behind this mess? Because she has NOWHERE ELSE TO GO! And she has exposed herself to be absolutely devoid of any ethical or moral compass and is only guided by her checkbook. November should be easy if they keep this shit up. TIMMAY!? Well, he just does what he is told to do. As I have said before, Betty has her hand so far up his ass that she flosses his teeth. But it seems that on this issue, Mikey Babes has lubed up and replaced Betty. Hope that dental floss didnt get lost in the hand off.

    1. agreed, this is the sound of people who overreached, and now they are scared verging on desperate. they managed to keep 20/20 -- and all it's promised under-the-table profits and expanded "campaign worker" base -- hush hush for a long time, and when they are THIS CLOSE, cooler heads step in and say "hey, hold on. what's this? let's take a closer look." basically, the OG had the scam about 90% of the way there and then got exposed. anthony and michelle must be shaking their heads, can't trust kids to do the job nowadays, LOL!

  6. Solution: Instead of Russo et all getting payola, let Bethie Boo pay them instead and join the good guys. We'd like her (well not like, but not hate her as much) and it'd shut the Russo clan up. For a bit.

  7. I just loved Ravi's snake oil salesman reference to Carmelo Garcia. Carmelo truly believes anyone, and I mean ANYONE, will believe the shit he is shoveling.

    Carmelo Garcia is a walking, talking, two-timing, slimy weasel. Just seeing him makes my skin crawl.

    Someone needs to do a video of him at the podium dancing around like he has a load in his pants while PASSIONATELY delivering his compelling arguments about nothin'.

    1. It's been a bad week and we really hate you reformer creeps. Bad enough the HCDO lost Jersey City but we all chuckled about Beth Mason's squandering tens of thousands on the lost cause. Last laugh and last call for Mark in Bayonne.

      Well this one really hurts, lot of coin was earmarked for the crew and you guys have to go and foul it up. That cursed Mello had to dig out the developer gets a million clean on the one building. Carmelo Garcia will need to answer to the masters for his failure. Russo didn't help with his antics either. Garcia was trying to get something and we would be happy with less greenbacks but no, Russo had to go and blow it all up because he's bitter the family is losing out not going to get their nut. Fuck him.

      Hoboken just ain't what it used to be. Back in the day, we'd get a 20-30 year PILOT passed in ten minutes and go out celebrate and get hammered. Those were the days. This town just won't ever be the same.


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