Hiding in the back room: Beth Mason at Healy headquarters last night

So, which Hoboken politicos were at Healy headquarters in Jersey City yesterday?

According to a witness, they were Councilwoman Beth Mason, her Chief of Staff Matt Calicchio, Hudson County Freeholder Anthony Romano, Mason political operative Ryan Yacco, Mason political operative Adam Alonso, and Russo-loyalist Mike Holmes.  

Conspicuously absent: Mason's Weekhawken fish stick.  Doing damage control?


  1. You got it all wrong. She paid 46 large. She's in the VIP area. Alone.


  2. Were the Hispanic girls present to do 'peek-a-boo' with the losing candidate?

  3. 'Stick' Anthony Romano was there as required by the HCDO and not as part of the Mason cabal. Fulop will now be embraced by the HCDO...and Fulop has targeted to improve public safety [Romano has a Police Backgrond and credentials]...Interesting who will fill certain roles in JC and what ripple affect could it have in Hoboken?

  4. Heard she was a mess last night. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


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