Pass Rob the 'Jaws of Life'

How can the HHA Board get Carmelo Garcia to release basic information about the HHA?

Congratulations, Rob Davis on becoming the Chairman of the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) last night!

It will be an exciting and challenging year ahead, leading the HHA Commissioners who supervise HUD employee, Executive Director, Carmelo Garcia.  

GA understands the Board has been operating 'in the dark', without the 'tools' you need for oversight of the Executive Director and his staff.

So here you  go, an HHA 'starter kit'- a list of some basic items you'll need to perform your duties as Board commissioners.

Best of luck in prying these from ED Carmelo Garcia without the Jaws of Life.
  1. The Wait List of applicants for HHA residency.
  2. A list of all HHA employees with full name, address, job title, work location (if applicable) and salary.
  3. A list of tenants in all HHA buildings with all current vacancies.
  4. A list of all law enforcement tenants living in the HHA under the "police next door" entitlement program
  5. All professional service contracts.
  6. A full budget. (not a smattering of pages)
  7. An audit with a corrective action plan.
  8. The full contract with RPM, developer of the Vision 20/20 project.
Next, GA is worried about the tenants of 501 Marshall- adults and children- with respect to exposure to contaminants from the production of methamphetamine on the fifth floor.

Rob, please make sure you get answers from ED Garcia for the following:
  1. Has 501 Marshall been tested for toxins related to the production of meth in one apartment for an indeterminate period of time?
  2. What was the result?
  3. Has the building been remediated and tested for safety?
  4. Is the building safe enough that ED Garcia and his family would live in the vacated meth lab (hypothetical)?
GA hears Garcia said the apartment only needed to be 'cleaned'.  Really?   Does the Board accept that when the health and safety of HHA residents are at stake?  Ask Garcia for the lab results for air, drywall, floor, ceiling, etc. testing; get a copy of the lab report. 

Thanks, Rob.  

All the best,


  1. Rob won't do spit. Carmelo's pet board members will roll over and do absolutely nothing just like they have done nothing the entire time they have been on the board. The city should demand they do a complete audit of the HHA until they approve anything the HHA asks for. No forensic audit released to the public, no 20/20 plan.

    1. I agree. Vision 20/20 should not move without a full forensic audit. Why does the proposal increase the HHA population by 25% when we've no idea who is there now?

  2. so many questions, so many problems, so many things fallen through the's almost as if there's no functioning executive director. hmm.

    1. It's absolutely stunning that the HHA Board doesn't even have an employee list. I hear they've asked for it time and time again.

      The Board has no idea who is living over there. No idea who has contracts and what/where they are.

      The ED should not be on the dais running meetings, but he does. The place is topsy turvy.

    2. in the business world (and other organization in general), the WHOLE PURPOSE of having a board is to have impartial, outside advisors who keep management on their toes and ask the hard questions that an internal manager or employee wouldn't. a board is supposed to be part of the checks-and-balances that keep management on track and on the up-and-up. sure, there are examples of pushover corporate boards who don't tow the line, but there are also many examples of boards that have ousted CEOs for the good of the company.

      the hha board has a choice: tow the line or be a pushover.

    3. Yes, and HUD is hands-off as far as micro-managing local Housing Authorities. So there is no higher authority that has our back when it comes to oversight. The fact the Executive Director keeps our Board in the dark by withholding the most basic information about HHA operations is a BIG red flag.

  3. Looks like Dawn has a big battle for this election. The people are coming out in force to support the Old school gang. Even with tenants not happy down there they all seem to not want Dawn from what I see.

    1. How'd that fantasy work out for you in the last school board election. Ooooooh, that's right.

  4. Complete forensic operational audit is in order. Don't worry, the FBI is primed to strike again in Hoboken. Soon in June?

  5. also an anonymous survey given to all housing tenants in regards to conditions. Also, those electrical power plant right next to the housing has to go or be covered.


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