Nudie-Healy Goes National!

So GA just took a look at the Huffington Post and, holy cow: Nudie-Gate's gone national!

The HuffPo article: "Mayor Jerramiah Healy Blames Nude Photo On Hispanic Girls, Angering Latino Community" features their own webcast about blowback from the Jersey City mayor's remarks to the Star Ledger about "three Hispanic girls" luring him out of the house, naked except for a towel.

Here's a clip of HuffPo's webcast- for the full version click here. 

Wow... now that he's gone national, maybe $46K Healy-donor Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason can buy him a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame?

The comments below are a hoot, 277 so far.

Well, who knows what effect- if any, Nudie-gate will have on tomorrow's election results and if it has softened support among Hispanic voters.  We shall see.

Hey, did you know that Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason gave Jersey City Mayor Healy 50% more than FBI informant Solomon Dwek offered him?

Generous pair


  1. First, tighten up your diapers cuz you will be pissing a lot when Beth Mason, Solomon Dwek celebrate the Mayor Healy victory!

    Then you will marvel at the generosity of Beth. For every dollar she donates to charity, she gives three to NJ politicians. She does it for the love.

  2. I love that team Healy has always tried to make the issue about who took the picture. Naked, drunk on the porch in a vacation town on the shore? Who doesn't do that? But WHO took the picture????


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