Russo Fashions

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Admit it, no one works a pillow case like Mike Russo! 


  1. crafting pillow cases with Mikey

    I can't stop wondering how Mikey knows that you could make a KKK hood from a pillow case. Did the idea just spring to mind or did some one instruct Mikey? A hood crafting course perhaps? I guess the first step is not to get caught by the your wife but after that hurdle it would take serious planning. You'll need a white pillow case so floral, stripes, hearts or cowboy patterned pillow cases are out! Layout is critical - cut those holes the wrong way in the pillow case and you've got a cute ghost cat hood or a goofy wedge head hood. Now to get the KKK hood without destroying every pillowcase in the house you'd have to be pretty experienced. I know I'll never look at my innocent pillowcases or Mikey the same way again!

  2. I'm sure when Mikey was about 7 or 8 Momma Russo had to take the plastic bag off his head and give him a pillow case so he could play "ghost."

  3. i'm thinking of placing "boycott hoboken411" (with some nice grafix) stickers around town. it worked well with the "stop russolini" campaign in the '90's. any thoughts, input...etc

    1. Anon, I just responded to your post on MSV.

      It's a bad idea, the main reasons:

      (1) it involves defacing public/private property
      (2) it's abusive, like midnight fliers- while he and his ilk are despicable and destructive to our city, we must not emulate them
      (3) it would bring publicity to a site that's already dead and it might even invoke sympathy for the 'victim'. Why would you want to create buzz about a graveyard? That would be doing him a favor.

      Hoboken411 is not a player in Hoboken politics any more. He gets most of his traffic through search engines- 'drive- bys.' He's lost his Hoboken audience, except for a handful of misanthropes. While I agree that site should be boycotted, it should be organized by the business community, not blogs.

      My 2 cents!

    2. Agreed, boycott the site, never mention the site and never ever give them free advertising by posting flyers or stickers anywhere in town. The sooner you and everyone else pretends it doesn't exist, the sooner Perry has to go get a real job.

    3. ok. advice taken

  4. When making a stylish KKK hood as Mike Russo has advised, since he clearly knows so much about this simple, easy way to keep one's neighbors in line through the use of a fashion statement, it isn't necessary to use a high-quality white pillow case. You could, for example, choose one with a very, very low thread-count. Significantly lower than the counts on threads at H8411.

    Six threads per square inch = six hits per square mile.


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