Memorial Day

GA's not sure how America's Day of Mourning it's dead sons and daughters morphed into a fun-fest of parades, barbecues and parties at the beach, but over time it's meaning has become so obscured that even an elected official doesn't know why he's marched in the Memorial Day parade, he just knows he "loved it".

Granted, Tim is a doofus.  Perhaps the biggest doofus to hold elected office in the history of Hudson County.  Perhaps the biggest doofus to hold elected office in the history of the State of New Jersey.

For Timmy, Memorial Day is a "favorite event", a day to play with fire trucks.  A doofus of his magnitude may not be expected to understand the solemnity of his "favorite event".

But sadly, too many non-doofuses don't know that Memorial Day is not the day to honor Veterans.  It is the day to preserve the  memory of our men and women who never came home, who never lived to see their children grow up, who never got to experience the rest of the things we all can and do because of THEM.  And we go on as a Republic thanks to THEM.

That is Memorial Day. 

Today we reflect, remember, mourn, feel deeply, deeply thankful to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice- for US.   And pray for the families who go on living with holes in their lives, pain that is there on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and every day. 

GA honors, remembers and prays for their souls and for those who loved them and miss them.


  1. Thank you Grafix Avenger for putting the emphasis on the Memorial of the this day and respecting those in our nation's history who have preserved our nation and given their lives for it.

    Last year it was Ruben Ramos who showed he had no clue about what Memorial Day is and this time it's Tim Occhipinti. No surprise with either.

    Here's some detail about today:

    The National Moment of Remembrance - "Memorial Day"

    In December 2000, Congress passed a law that “requires” Americans to pause at 3 PM on Memorial Day and take a moment of silence to honor the fallen. The time was designated as the National Moment of Remembrance and serves as an act of national unity in remembering all of the men and women who have given their lives in service of the United States.

    The time 3 PM was chosen because that is when most Americans are enjoying their freedoms during the holiday.

    1. Thank you for this info. I was not aware and would have paused my run at 3pm to observe. I'll make this part of next year's Memorial Mile...

  2. tim's a knucklehead. his consultants are probably away for the long weekend and he's on his own, what do you expect from a child left unattended?

  3. Thanks for those pictures. They're very private moments full of sadness and longing. Today should hurt a little. Those young people were split forever for us. I wish like anything I could fix that.

  4. Twit
    Memorial Day honors the fallen
    Veteran's Day honors the living who have served

  5. I understand what you are saying but because of those that "gave the last full measure of devotion" we can have these fun-fests of parades, barbecues and parties at the beach. I appreciate you bringing attention to the issue and hope we can continue to have these freedoms of Honoring those that sacrificed for us.

    “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.”
    ― George S. Patton Jr.


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