Mason Campaigning for Healy

You take the money, you get the crazy.

Got this earlier:
Just saw Mason walking Central Avenue with the whole Healy crew. She had her puppy dog Adam Alonso on a leash.

It's no surprise that she'd double-down on a $46K investment. Was she wearing her nurse costume?   Was Alonso dressed like Gumby?  I forgot to ask.

If Healy prevails, Mason's spent well over 1 million dollars (including those 2 failed mayoral campaigns and an estimated $250K in political donations this year) to reach the pinnacle of her political success: County-level office. Ka-ching.

If he doesn't, do you suppose Mayor Fulop will support the politician who double-crossed him when he needed her (moola) most?  Do you?


  1. May Fulop win and bury her ambitions in the compost heap of vile things she has done over the years. And if Healy wins, I do hope he double-crosses her and picks anyone but her for everything. She deserves it.

  2. Dumb question - just because nothing ($46k shank in the back of ex-friend Fulop, Nazi trucks, closing the hospital) seems to be off the table with these loons and money is no object - is the continual misspelling of Bertoli in the Hoboken Reporter a favor to perennial half-page ad consumer Mason?

    I wish you could say 'no way, not even Beth'. But can you really??

  3. Many observers think that Healy's latest bizarre account of his 'naked' photo has done him in and secured a Fulop victory. However, in the event he prevails, Healy is know to keep promises - even those made when he was drinking.

  4. Beth still has Fulop listed as a 'friend' in facebook. That tells you how little is meant by the word 'friend' in social media.

  5. al sullivan's reference to this in this week's column puzzles me, that the "$40k" healy donation was told to him from a pair of mason operatives (no it wasn't, al, you read about it HERE!) and that it was $10k less than what fulop asked her for, wtf??

  6. Mason's "operatives" (read Alonzo and Barracato") tried to flip the story into how Beth is so important that both sides desperately wanted her support which is, of course actually true since support = money but Al didn't write it right. The trouble with using a drug addled low functioning individual like Sullivan as a shill is he often doesn't understand the nuance that Alonzo and Barracato are trying to get across and he winds up making Mason look even worse (to the extent that's possible).

    1. ah, ok. although alonzo and barracato are such hacks that i doubt they can do nuance.


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