Healy Picks Up the Check

Oh Jeez, not again... 
Star-Ledger columnist Tom Moran reports today that Healy has offered new details about the photos that comes, in Moran's words, "with a bizarre sexual twist."

According to the version offered to Moran, Healy said three young women woke him up by banging trash cans outside his house, so he rose from bed, wrapped a towel around himself, and went to investigate.

“Three Hispanic girls, young kids,” Healy is quoted as saying. “So I go out on the porch and they pulled the towel off me. Now I start laughing, and then they started doing other stuff. I said, ‘I’m old enough to be your grandfather.’ ”

“It was filthy,” he says. “I chased them away, and I just sat down.”
Don't you hate when that happens?


  1. Hoboken QuestionerMay 7, 2013 at 12:58 PM

    I do not like seeing Beth Mason spend time with this person in such a state. She needs to spend sexy time with me. Not one penny for sexy time either.

  2. What will a few beers and a touch of 'sugar' do- blind your vision so that you could not tell if the women were good looking, just that they were Hispanic. LOL

  3. I'm no insider (tho every few days someone tells me I'm GA) but I have long felt Beth's achilles was what your source says: she has to pay everyone.

    She has gone from using the likes of Lane and Kim, who at least had some talent for the game warts and all, to Matt Calicchio who intimidates shopkeepers into giving him their pro-reform signs. And Jimmy Barracato. Who could not tie Bertoli's shoes.

    That money creates a barrier between the candidate and the people. That barrier fairly drips from every saccharine and battery acid publicity shot of Mason.

    She has, rather stupidly, posted dozens of pictures where she is pretending to care about strangers with with the same creepy theatricality with which she pretends to care about us.

    Here she is as the very embodiment of smarmy with one of the many, many African-Americans who live on upper Hudson Street.

    Here she is running an imaginary boardroom meeting during her largely fabricated professional career.

    The photographer didn't think to outfit any of the models with an electronic device. Whatever. He knew, as all of the people on Beth's payroll know, that she isn't capable of gauging reality any more so there's no use killing yourself to simulate it for her.

    These pictures have the opposite of their intended effect. Instead of showing that Beth can relate to anyone, they make it clear that she can't really relate to anyone. We look at those pictures and see, not a vibrant leader, but someone so bizarrely out of touch that, for starters, she can't grasp how offensive these images are.

    No doubt, it is equally lost on her what average people think of her completely buying off the mayor one town over. Pretty much like buying off the councilman one seat over.

    The common denominator is money. Lots of it. Money to buy off people to pretend to listen to her and be cared for by her. Money to buy off politicians to do her bidding.

    But not one real human connection in the lot. Count on Beth to address the problem with, what else, more money. Better photographer, better actors. Which is good news for the parallel universe in which Beth matters and cares about a group of imaginary citizens, but meaningless to the people she is supposed to serve.

  4. To be sure, Beth's judgement is suspect. Most observers still thought she was a supporter of Fulop. To expend this amount of money on Healy when he is the one fighting the uphill battle....well any hopes sure went downhill with the bizarre tale about the Hispanic women. Even the real reformers will come out now rather than keep this man in for another four years.

    1. I don't think any observers ever thought Beth was a supporter of anyone but Beth. The real question out there for Fulop is why Steve's "chief advisor" Tom Bertoli lied to him about Mason's contributions to Healy which every HC "insider" knew about all along.

      Making noises about recalling Beth is a classic Bertoli ploy to divert Steve's attention from Tommy's own role. Steve's likely to wind up in a run-off. Steve's real poll numbers, unlike the fake ones Bertoli has invented as he did in the Mason campaign, make that clear. It's time for Steve to seriously consider his "chief advisor's" abysmal track record of failure and dishonesty as he considers his best route to success in the run-off.

    2. Anon,

      Beth Mason gave $12.5K to Healy on March 21 which was reported on the 29-day ELEC.

      The mother-lode of the $46K contributions (and the appearance of Ricky Mason as Healy donor) popped up on the just released 11-Day ELEC. So, not "every insider" knew that Mason was contributing 7% of Healy's campaign funds- those donations rolled in at the end of April.

      I heard the polling on the Mason campaign showed she was in trouble, and everyone except for the delusional Mason knew the trouncing was coming.

    3. Everyone knew that the deal Mason was trying to make to get the Assembly seat involved big contributions to Healy and that Mason had already made some. Tommy told Steve this wasn't true, that the money was going to Stack. Tommy lied. Now he's trying to divert attention by being the most outraged guy around. Case closed.

    4. Mason gave $12.5K before Garcia was picked. She wasn't picked and the cash tsunami came at the end of April. Sounds like a surprise to me.


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