Earwitness Rumor: $46K Dish

GA's report that Beth and Ricky Mason gave $46,000 to Jersey City Mayor Healy's campaign is burning up the blogosphere...  a reader dishes:
If the joint committee is for all 10 candidates the Masons can each legally give $26,000, so they are pretty close to maxing out.

"Word on the street" was that when Stack picked Carmelo Garcia, Mason demanded that Healy return all her contributions.  Some kind of deal must have been struck to get her to resume contributing.  It seems likely that she and Ricky agreed to max out ($52,000).  I also heard that $10,000 was given by someone who lives a couple of doors down from the Masons with no history of political contributions.  That smells like an illegal Mason wheel but no actual proof.
Hmmm.. a fellow a few doors down from the Masons did give $7,500 on 4/25/13.   Well, who knows.

'Team Healy Forward 2013' is a joint committee so , incredibly, the $46,000 is still under the wire. Yes, folks.  It's legal. $6,000 more to go.


  1. Well that is what you get for giving them your money first! You get nada b/c they just don't need you any more.

  2. This bears some analysis. He/she cares $7500 worth who is mayor of JC but not a dime's worth who is mayor of their own city?


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